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*Looks on as the clay footed

*Looks on as the clay footed figures of myth and inaccuracy are exploded one by one*

Reaches for the 10,000 agrees button..."William Lane Craig"...hahahahahahhahahahaha. Imbecile.

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Well here is prophecy.

Well here is prophecy.

At 23:59:59 Monday 31 December 2018, the year will end, and in the next second at 00:00:00 Tuesday 01 January 2019, the next year shall begin.

Mark my words for it shall come to be.


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Arakish, please understand

[plagiarized material removed by moderator, read it here- Nyarlathotep]

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Science doesn't evidence any

Science doesn't evidence any deity, that is axiomatic. You are using an argument from ignorance fallacy again, having no explanation for the origins of life does not valid anything.

"Based on this, I am forced to conclude that Darwinism requires a blind leap of faith"

Your list of assumptions is mainly about the origins of life, and evolution is only about the origins of species, it makes no claims about the origins of life. Why do theists keep making this most basic error?

"In addition, the overall fossil record has stubbornly refused to confirm the grand claim of Darwinian transitions."

All fossils represent transitions, that's axiomatic. The most complete we have is for the evolution of the modern horse, and the fossil record spans 55 million years of evolution. This cliche apologists use is based on their ignorance of evolution and the risible expectation that the fossil record should somehow produce examples of current species mixed together like Frankenstein monster. try talkorigins website, it has a massive database of the evidence for evolution, and also contains a long list of debunked creationist claims.

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Sun, 09/16/2018 - 14:39

Arakish, please understand that is not prophecy in a biblical sense, all you have done is count seconds of a known measure of time.

In reference to this post I made...

Mon, 06/11/2018 - 12:25

Well here is prophecy.

At 23:59:59 Monday 31 December 2018, the year will end, and in the next second at 00:00:00 Tuesday 01 January 2019, the next year shall begin.

Mark my words for it shall come to be.

Now, now, little child. That is pure prophecy. I guarantee it WILL happen. Just wait and see.

You know, it is getting tiresome jumping into these rank, stank ass cesspools of nonsense you Religious Absolutists write. Oh well. Guess someone has to do the dirty work. Let's shread your bullshit apart piece by piece.

"If you apply the scientific method, and consider the evidence afresh, honestly weigh which hypothesis—Darwinism or Design—best accounts for the most current data of science."

However, remember this, the scientific method only takes OBJECTIVE HARD EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE. Not bullshit philosophy.

Only problem is that there is no such thing as the Darwinism Hypothesis. You have just rendered your entire post as bullshit! Horse hoowhee! Mind diarrhea! Mental vomit! Basically, from this point on, everything you wrote is pure lies, pure bullshit. You have already proved yourself a Homo inscius. However, I'll continue playing since I have already dived into this shit.

And remember, I said I am going to "play."

"Looking at the doctrine of Darwinism, which under-girded my atheism for so many years, it didn’t take me long to conclude that it was simply too far-fetched to be credible."

What is so far-fetched about it? Perhaps it is your intelligence level that prevents you from grasping the Theory of Evolution.

"I would have to believe that:"

Actually, you don't have to believe anything. Follow the facts and evidence. Everything I hold to be true is true because of the, sometimes, monumental amounts of evidence making them the true truth. Just for example: The sky appears blue.

"• Nothing produces everything"

Another stupid, idiotic, moronic, and retarded Religious Absolutist failed fallacy of "Something from Nothing." There never has been "nothing." Just to prove it, describe "nothing." You cannot do it.

"• Non-life produces life"

Yep. It is known as chemistry.

"• Randomness produces fine-tuning"

There is no "fine tuning" of anything. Life tuned itself to the conditions.

"• Chaos produces information"

Are you sure you did not mean "chaos produces order"? Talk about thick.

"• Unconsciousness produces consciousness"

Nope. Completely wrong. Consciousness is an emergent quality of intelligence.

"• Non-reason produces reason"

Wrong again. Reason is produced by cogitative intelligence.

"Based on this, I am forced to conclude that Darwinism requires a blind leap of faith that I am not willing to make. The central pillars of evolutionary theory quickly rotted away when exposed to scrutiny. For example, naturalistic processes have utterly failed to explain how non-living chemicals could somehow self-assemble into the first living cell."

The Theory of Evolution does not require anything. It is either understood, or it is beyond your intelligence level.

The central pillars of evolutionary theory quickly rotted away when exposed to scrutiny. Please provide OBJECTIVE HARD EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE to back this claim. Else, Hitchens' Razor.

Naturalistic processes have utterly failed to explain how non-living chemicals could somehow self-assemble into the first living cell. I know a secret. I know a secret. You failed Biology 101 and Chemistry 101 the four times you took them in high school, in each grade 9 thru 12.

"In addition, the overall fossil record has stubbornly refused to confirm the grand claim of Darwinian transitions. The majority—or, according to some experts, all—of the world’s forty phyla, the highest in the animal kingdom, virtually sprang forth with unique body plans more than five hundred million years ago. The sudden appearance of these radically new life forms, devoid of prior transitions, has turned Darwin’s Tree of Life on its head."

And where did you plagiarise this statement? I notice you at least quoted it which means you plagiarised it. I have already proven you are just as bad a plagiarizer as all those megalomaniacal psychotic sociopaths that originally plagiarized the Bible.

You really need to watch Aron Ra's Phylogeny Challenge: Systematic Classification of Life.

Another prophecy.

If you watch this series of videos with an OPEN-MIND, you will learn something. If you do not watch the Phylogeny Challenge: Systematic Classification of Life series, you shall remain the same closed-minded retard you are now.


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@ Arakish

@ Arakish

*Boom* *watches punctured blimp slowly recede over the horizon..."mighty sharp arrows ya'll got there Maister!"

100 likes, and Bradbury Award for the slam dunk.

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Lucian in his True History -

Lucian in his True History - a work of fiction written in the 2nd century - mentions space travel.

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"...mentions space travel."

Did you know that the Bible says that an angel can grab you by your hair and fly you from city to city? Maybe that why women had to cover their heads.

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"I told him that as the New Testament was written well after the Old and the supposed date of Jesus death, everything in it could have been crafted to fit the so-called prophesies,"

If you were going to write a fairy tale to sell an idea wouldn't it be logical to include everything that people have previously accepted as true to make it seem more credible?

Since the Old Testament prophecies didn't come true during the lifetime of the prophets who said them then they are fakes.

Deuteronomy 18:22 (NOG) = "If a prophet speaks in Yahweh’s name and what he says doesn’t happen or come true, then it didn’t come from Yahweh. That prophet has spoken on his own authority. Never be afraid of him."

As it says in Ecclesiastes 10:14 (CEB) = "Fools talk too much! No one knows what will happen; no one can say what will happen in the future."

Remember what the Bible says about Jewish fairy tales =

Titus 1:14 (CEV) = (CEV) = "Don’t pay any attention to any of those senseless Jewish stories and human commands. These are made up by people who won’t obey the truth."

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I don't like to brag, but I

I don't like to brag, but I am an expert at predicting the past. And if I happen to have records for a certain event, then I can usually nail my predictions down to exact details. I like to call my gift "Post-Psychic Abilities." (PPA, for short.)

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So the guys who wrote or

So the guys who wrote or edited the holy babble book 2 managed to know what was in book 1, the OT. Not a bit surprising

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"So the guys who wrote or edited the holy babble book 2 managed to know what was in book 1, the OT. Not a bit surprising"

A lot of people claim that the various books were written centuries apart. I contend that a committee wrote all of them in the 680s-690s in England. Different writers wrote different books but they all followed the same format, all of their stories had to be based on one or more of the Ten Commandments found in Exodus 34:10-28. Verse 10 is the basis for the miracles.

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Biblical prophecies are as

Biblical prophecies are as impressive as personal Christian testimonies. Boring!

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Thanks for all the comments.

Thanks for all the comments. I have learned some interesting things. My friend's case is interesting and puzzling to me. He graduated as a biologist and had always been interested in science. A few years ago he joined the Adventist Church but we had never talked about it.

Recently he posted in Facebook photos of the two recent volcanic eruptions in Guatemala and Hawaii with some caption from the Bible about the end of the world. I made a comment telling him that these were natural phenomena that have always happened and were not at all out of the ordinary and that as a person with a scientific education it was not OK to scare ignorant people with these things. A discussion started and he told me about the prophecies. Then I kept asking him questions and found he is now a Bible literalist. He told me he believes the Earth was created in six 24-hour days 6000 years ago! (He specifies that the Universe though is much older) and that Noah's flood actually happened.

I asked him why there are no traces of a world flood in geology nor any signal in any terrestrial organism DNA of a genetic bottleneck at that time and also how come there are human remains, artifacts and cities ruins much much older than 6000 years.

He did not answer that but gave me a tirade about the Apocalipsis and how earthquakes are the signal for it.

He is an educated person. How can a person cope with such cognitive dissonance?

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"He told me he believes the

"He told me he believes the Earth was created in six 24-hour days 6000 years ago! (He specifies that the Universe though is much older) and that Noah's flood actually happened."

You can't dent that level of delusion, and I know secretly we all want to believe rational, cogent arguments will sway people. Sadly most people just coast along in the warm comfort blanket of delusional beliefs they were told are true as children, the rest are simply not bright enough to challenge the commonly held propaganda of those religions even after they have grown up.

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Selective perception and

Selective perception and cherry-picking. Educated does not mean intelligent or wise. I have known and worked with hundreds of Educated idiots. I had a Christian assert, just the other day, "Religion has always been ahead of science." I work at a university and this was a Christian peer. I think most of the professors are Christian. The HR director who is the boss of the foreign faculty 140 of us, is a devout Christian as are the next three people below him. He even has a Christian morning children's show. These people are dense and there is no getting around it.

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Prophets were speakers like

Prophets were speakers like the modern day talking heads on news channels. They were politically aware, and always on the lookout for political and military threats. Prophets were quite upset that the people were not paying attention to the threats and mindlessly going about everyday life as if doom was not around the corner.

Similarily, todays prophets, predict doom and gloom, while promoting their version of a saviour. Bill Maher's predictions, and those of his guests are an example of todays prophets. Of course there is the fox news prophets as well.

My view is that todays prophets are no better or worse than the prophets of old at predicting doom and gloom if this or that leader doesn't take charge.

In Biblical times, a messiah was a political and military leader who was capable of securing the nation from their enemies. When some wondered if Jesus was the messiah, they were wondering if he would lead them to victory over the Romans. Obviously Jesus declined the opportunity, so he wasn't the messiah they were looking for.

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1. the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.
Soooo, Hitchens's razor applied and into the bin go yet another raft of unevidenced claims from you, yaaawnnnn.

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Damn you Sheldon. You beat

Damn you Sheldon. You beat me. Again!

Yaawwwnnnn! Indeed.


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Nonsense, demonstrate a shred

Nonsense, demonstrate a shred of objective evidence for your bizarre claims.

I'm guessing not...

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Mark is generally recognised

Mark is generally recognised to be the oldest of the gospels. Scholars speak of the Paulinian and the Petrine "influences" in Mark ... two authors were involved in its production. The first author's work was altered (mainly by interpolation) and expanded by the second author ... who was opposed to what the first author was putting across The first author was someone of very sophisticated intellect ... the second author did not understand the details of what he was up to. The first author was not an overtly religious man ... the second author was.The original text was written around 136 AD ...the story being set a hundred years earlier. It has to do with the Samaritan "uprising" against Pontius Pilate in 36 AD. Simon of Cyrene is to be understood as being Simon bar Kokhba, the Messianic leader of the 132 AD Jewish revolt against the Romans. The Jewish concept of the Messiah at the time was of a warlord who would lead the Jews to victory over their enemies.The only historical person lauded as the Jewish Messiah was Simon bar Kokhba. Jesus is a fictional character. The earliest known Christian text is dated around 148 AD. Picture yourself as someone living in 136 AD ... looking back over the last 100 years.

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@ SC007

@ SC007

Just in case anyone takes your wild assertions as fact...

The writer of Mark is unknown. That is all. There are many interpolations in the various texts of varying antiquity.
The oldest surviving fragment of text is the Rylands Fragment, believed to be part of the Gospel of John. It is dated to between 125CE and 250CE.

Competing texts with substantial differences to the "approved" gospels were systematically destroyed after the turn of the 4th Century.The remainder of the orthodox texts were copied multiple times, with some interpolations. Interpolations and margin notes being included in orthodox text continued right up until the 20th century in various translations and biblical editions.

The translation of the Koine Greek Codex Sinaiticus continues, highlighting many differences in text compared against later copies.

That's FACT, not speculation. Please preface your opinions as speculation in future. There is no evidence for your opinions on the authorship of "mark"

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Mark 1,14 is usually

Mark 1,14 is usually translated as "After John was put in prison." ... that's NOT what the Greek word paradothenai means in this context. It is referring to the baptism of Jesus by John. It has the sense of a "handing over of authority from John to Jesus". (If it does mean "put in prison" then the reader would be left wondering why and when John was imprisoned). John has baptised "all the people of the Judaean countryside and of Jerusalem" ... then handed over to Jesus who came from Galilee and went back there. Why? One has to know about Jewish history and the varieties of Jewish belief to see what the author is on about. There was a Jewish "royalist" faction, approved of by the Romans, based in Gennesaret on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.One must realise that this is a PLAY, a work of fiction ... meant to be performed in a theatre in front of a sophisticated audience ... who would understand what its all about. There was no historical event in which ALL the Judaeans and ALL the people of Jerusalem were converted en masse! Jesus is merely the King of the Jews, not the Son of God. The voice from the heavens was his deceased father. Verses 12 and 13 ... where Jesus is tempted by Satan ... is an interpolation by the second (Petrine) author. On arriving at the Sea of Galilee he meets James and John. His meeting with Simon and Andrew is an interpolation. When he arrives in Capernaum the mother-in-law he heals is HIS OWN. As far as him preaching in synagogues is concerned he would not have been allowed to do so if he was an unmarried man! That was the custom at the time. The sequence of him dealing with a heckler in the synagogue, healing his mother-in-law, healing a leper, followed by healing a paralysed man is a progressive demonstration of his abilities. ALL references to Peter throughout the Gospel are interpolations. The original author structured his text ... it is composed of "scenes" of exactly 51 words ... and he used other devices to protect his work. I have experimented with this technique ... its easy to do. Another thing I discovered is that AFTER the second author altered and expanded the text it was subjected to damage ,,, cut up into pieces ... then incorrectly reassembled by someone. When the Jews called upon Pilate to crucify Jesus the text says that he resolved, as an act of his own will, to do "sufficient to satisfy them", released Barabbas ... and took Jesus "out of sight" into his palace. Simon of Cyrene is then recruited to "carry Jesus' cross" ... a slight "fiddling with the text" results in it being Simon on the cross! The Jews are led to believe its Jesus who has been crucified. Simon of Cyrene is Simon bar Kokhba ... the leader of the Jewish revolt in 132 ad ... who was heralded as the Jewish "Messiah" (the Jewish Messiah being a warlord who would lead the Jews to victory over their enemies) ... who has recently died. Simon of Cyrene had a son Rufus ... so did Simon bar Kokhba. Why Cyrene? In 116 AD there was a Jewish revolt there in which the Jews massacred tens of thousands of Romans and Greeks. The 132 AD revolt was a continuation of this. The original story may have been written shortly after the end of the 132 AD revolt ... around 136 AD. There is evidence that the original story may have been altered and expanded by someone residing in a Jewish religious community that was not destroyed by the Romans, sometime around 138 AD. The original story (play) may not have had very much in the way of publicity.

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@ SC007

@ SC007
And i response to historical fact we have a whole essay of speculation? Fine.. Please label it as such.

Viz: "Another thing I discovered is that AFTER the second author altered and expanded the text" so this is all just your opinion based on your analysis of the text. As I said speculation.

The identities you draw into your imaginative web are as valid as Harry Potters books naming actual streets in London. The streets exists but we all know the books are fiction. There is NO BASIS for your assertions.

*stands by and waits for another thousand words of irrelevant assertions*

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"Mark 1,14 is usually"

Very interesting analysis. Thanks for sharing a new pov.

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During the Communist era in

During the Communist era in Poland an author wrote a novel that appeared to support the regime. It was widely read and approved of by the authorities ... so much so that they trusted him and allowed him to visit the West. As soon as he was out of the country he identified various characters in his novel as prominent members of the Communist elite ... the story could then be read as very critical of the regime.

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As Yogi Berra said, ''Making

As Yogi Berra said, ''Making predictions can be really hard, especially about the future."

I have checked out some of the hundreds of online christian sites that claim 44 or 10,000 or whatever, absolutely true and inerrantly correct and unequivocally proven prophecies in the Old T about the birth, life, ministry, miracles, teachings, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension and return of Jesus.
Every so called prophecy is some vaguely worded portion of the OT, quoted out of context, referencing anything, regardless of how thinly connected it might be, to the myth of Jesus.
Isiah's "A virgin (maid) shall give birth to a child" prophecy seems to be the clear favourite and they all seem to ignore how a few verses later Isiah hires a temple prostitute for the very purpose of his original prophecy to King Azah.

A psalm about suffering atrocities at the hands of enemies and awaiting deliverance from god is another favourite one because it has a suggestion of crucifixion and tormentors gambling for the victim's possession and words like bones, blood, and dogs.

The prophecies of Jesus the Christ are simply like the rest of christianity, wishful thinking.

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@ Grinseed, but everyone else

@ Grinseed, but everyone else also, especially, JimM

Alright, me favorite verse, Isaiah 7:14. Also my birthdate. Also perhaps the reason me mom said my birthdate was "something special" all those many decades ago.

WEB: "Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin will conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel."

Now let's take a look at what this verse ACTUALLY said. I "stole" this from an Ancient Greek version of the Old Testament since it predates the oldest Hebrew version by 100 to 150 years. I wrote this down when me wife and I went and visited her grandparents (all four) in Greece. And I have long since forgotten which museum this was in. I asked the curator if he would please write down what it said in Isaiah 7:14. He asked for three days for them to handle the book and write it down for me. I even made a somewhat hefty donation to the museum.

In Ancient Greek:
άρκσοντας αποκαλύπτω να εμάς ένα οιωνός του νεαρός γυναίκα θα δίνω γέννησε να ένα υιός εμείς θα λένε αυτός είναι θεός με μας

Into Latin English letters:
árksontas apokalýpto na emás éna oionós tou nearós gynaíka tha díno génnise na éna yiós emeís tha léne aftós eínai theós me mas.

Into American English:
lord reveal to us an omen of young woman shall give birth to a son we shall say he is god with us.

So completely different from what those illiterate translators in 1604 to 1611 wrote. As far as I am concerned, all you need is only one verse like this to prove those Religious Absolutists have had a secret agenda to enslave all of humanity to their wills.

Many have said that "young woman" can also mean "virgin" and vice versa. To which I say bullshit. How can anyone confuse παρθένα (parthéna; virgin), or the adjective form παρθενικός (parthenikós; virginal), with νεαρός γυναίκα (nearós gynaíka; young woman). The only way is the hidden agenda to purposefully translate something to mean what they wish it to translate to.


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Thanks for your efforts

Thanks for your efforts Arakish, your info duly copied and pasted for future use and reference.

Oh and a belated "Happy Birthday" to you :)

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"Oh and a belated "Happy

"Oh and a belated "Happy Birthday" to you :)"

Well well, I'll add my own birthday wishes to that Arakish, many happy returns.


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