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Your answer was some

Your answer was some tangential about everything we know the truth about having a natural origin and nothing supernatural has ever occurred in history, driving the discussion towards something supernatural. I'm trying to ask questions, not press towards some supernatural conclusion.

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Ummmmmm ya. LOL.

Ummmmmm ya. LOL.

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Homer - What about

Homer - What about multiverses then?

It has the same definition.

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Homer - a long, but fun read

Homer - a long, but fun read...

Reading the various arguments, challenges and claims by scientists (part of the method) to each other.

Edited: re the multiverse (the link cut off)

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Great read! Thanks!

Great read! Thanks!

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Yes. Even stranger, the Milky Way carried the label "universe" at one time.

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It has everything to do with

It has everything to do with out "CLAIMS" about what the universe is. If you are going to make a claim, you have to provide evidence to support that claim. "God of the gaps is just as fallacious as space of the gaps or anything else you want to stick in our gaps of knowledge."

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Who is that all directed to,

Who is that all directed to, and can you rephrase that first sentence? I think autocorrect snuck up on you there.

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Homer "What evidence do you

Homer "What evidence do you have to back up that assertion?"

Epistemologically correct, but you owe me one fucking irony meter...

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Cough cough cough, (Walks out of a cloud of smoke.)

Of course space can't expand into itself, but it is expanding. Into where I don't know.
There's of course the multiverse theory which would mean that there's dimensions like bubbles which this exact scenario is happening at the same time I type this. In another dimension universe there could be another me, typing these same words at the same time.

Sound about right? It is in theory though, I am not sure they've ever proved the multiverse theory.

Getting back to writing nasty stories and getting high.

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Hahahahaha (doG’s laughter is

Hahahahaha (doG’s laughter is contagious)

Ah, fuck you’re funny....

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To back up the “assertion”...

To back up the “assertion”.... snicker, hahahahaha

I use the opposite reasoning (laughing)

God is “nothing” .... a hahahahaha

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The “universe”

The “universe”
...I can only explain so much, I’m not a scientist in any of the specific fields of research, so you may land up google searching.

Small - atoms (come together form elements and reactions)
Big - physical “things”, on earth and “out there”
Really big - groups of “things” (solar system, galaxy to ta da “universe”)

All of it is within this closed system called a universe (all of it, or “everything”).


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