Born Again Christians are aggressive

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Born Again Christians are aggressive

Usually their aggression is restricted to expressions of annoyance and anger ... but when one persists in challenging their beliefs they can become overtly physical if one doesn't keep ones distance from them when one is on their premises. I was told to leave ... as I opened the door to leave I was approached from behind and pushed hard ... nearly falling over. I'm 76 and not in good health.When I looked back there were several people who looked as if they wanted to do me injury.

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At your age and advanced

At your age and advanced level of wisdom you should know better than to associate with or even go near ruffian christian bullies...their predecessors were known to burn atheists at the stake, it satisfies their morbid obsession with punishments in hell.

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Did you interrupt a church service?

Just kidding, damn bad form, them obviously, not you. As Grinseed says, just be glad it's the 21st century, for most of human history, and right now in many places globally where theists have the "whip hand," a shove out the door was usually either straight onto a pyre, or into a ditch to be stoned.

FWIW the next time some theist on here is arrogantly telling you how aggressive atheists are, and how little respect they show for the juvenile fantasies theists like to try and pedal to us, you might ask them if they would prefer to have a slap.

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I typically avoid direct in person confrontation with highly religious people, especially on their grounds. If they even presented with evidence fail to see their religion is irrational, I assume it is likely they would be irrational about other things, like basic human decency towards others if they feel their religion is under attack. Another reason why I debate here, with 1000's of miles of communication equipment between them and me giving me near total anonymity.


I am an atheist that always likes a good debate
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Just to throw a little petrol

Just to throw a little petrol on the fire …….

"Christian mother, 76, and son, 56, accused of chanting 'death by fire' at six-year-old autistic girl they believe is a 'witch' tell judge it is a 'spiritual matter' and not 'for the courts"


Lovely people...… and apparently above the law too …..

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That "Christian mother" looks

That "Christian mother" looks like Reverend Henry Kane, the evil cult leader in the "Poltergeist" movies.

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watchman "Lovely people...…

watchman "Lovely people...… and apparently above the law too" …..

Oh I think they will be properly censured at some point, but as you say they're a charming example of what superstition can produce in the wilfully ignorant and terminally stupid.

"The mother and son were bailed unconditionally, they will return to trial on June 26 before District Judge Andrew Sweet."

"Leonora Joseph, 76, and her son Mark, 56, claim their upstairs neighbour Samantha Ginsburg, who has a six year-old autistic child, is possessed by the devil. "

"In a previous court hearing, Mrs Joseph previously said: 'We are born-again Christians. This witchcraft is not practised openly and in past times they were burned at the stake."

Hmm, I think they're both witches, can we burn them and save the cost of a trial?

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"Christian mother, 76, and

"Christian mother, 76, and son, 56, accused of chanting 'death by fire' at six-year-old autistic girl they believe is a 'witch' tell judge it is a 'spiritual matter' and not 'for the courts"

Cruel, ignorant shitheads.

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Yes, they are born again. But you should recognize above this label is that they are thugs. When dealing with thugs, the best thing to do is quietly slip away and not attract any attention.

it i snot about engaging in debate, it is avoiding being the target of thugs.

SeniorCitizen007 I feel for you, and sincerely hope you recover from this horrible act. But please, do not go into the lion's den and expect to walk out undamaged.

You have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

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Sounds like the religion of

Sounds like the religion of self righteousness aka Holier Than Thou. That's a dangerous bunch. Consider yourself lucky to have gotten away with a push. History has shown they can do much worse. They claim to believe in God but at times it seems like their descriptive devil is the one reacting. Remember, they believe in the existence of both. You never know which one will act out.

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Remember.... If you're a born again Christian you haven't behaved well by your own admission. Quite a few of them on death row... What does that tell you.

The next time someone pushes you from behind, say weeeeeee. That really annoys them.

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