Caesar estem: proclamation of Caesarean religion

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Caesar estem: proclamation of Caesarean religion

[deleted for racism, homophobia, and probably a lot of other reasons by Nyarlathotep]

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Holy fuck! Number 4. W.... T.

Holy fuck! Number 4. W.... T..... F....???

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One of Senta Christine's

One of Senta Christine's friends no doubt. Hopefully the whole family will not join in.

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Bloody hell...someone

Bloody hell...someone actually typed all this? And I echo you TM ...WTFF??

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What the holy fuck?

What the holy fuck?

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Hey, Dragonfly! All things

Hey, Dragonfly! All things considered, that should probably be, "What the UNholy fuck?" LOL

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Again. The great OverLord has

Again. The great OverLord has spoken. Cower in fear lest you may burn for an eternity in the lake of fires.

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@Tin-Man Unholy fucking is

@Tin-Man Unholy fucking is much better!


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Another #12 violation?

Another #12 violation?

Anybody actually read these?


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I read some of Julius Caesar

I read some of Julius Caesar's writings about his wars in Gaul when I was studying Latin in high school. He had a very clear and concise writing style. I don't think the man who said "Veni vidi vici" (I came, I saw, I conquered) and "iacta alea est" (the die is cast) would have approved of this verbose mess written in his name.

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You are saying you doubt

You are saying you doubt fdtwain was inspired by Great Caesar's Ghost? (apologies to Perry White, pbuh)

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