Can Islam Coexist Peacefully?

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Sushisnake - I'm not sure how

Sushisnake - I'm not sure how we all missed that post.

Oh I didn't miss it; and I was disturbed by it.

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I'd missed it and I'm very disturbed by it. Pretending to be an atheist is one thing, but something else. The thought of someone in the process of deconverting reading that- someone looking for a sense of community here, someone young who's feeling lost and alone and afraid- it chills me, Nyar.

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Re: The Universal - "I

Re: The Universal - "I apologize for the deception of my fellow Atheists who...." along with, "My Atheist community is lying and or ignorant of..."

Soooo.... Did I miss the meeting where we voted this, uh, individual as our Public Apologist? And aside from that, if I feel I have done anything that warrants an apology, then I am quite capable and willing to do my OWN (5 points for me. *grin*) apologizing.

Ladies and gentlemen, call me crazy, but I have a very strong suspicion we have a sheep in wolf's clothing among us.

Baaaah-baaaah-baaah, little sheepie. Nice try, though.

Edit to add: Hey, Universal, you can feel free to drop the whole "my fellow atheists" sham, dude. Far as I'm concerned, I am not one of your "fellow atheists". I venture a guess there are others here who feel the same. Toodles. *smooch*

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@universal, hi there fellow

@universal, hi there fellow atheist...more on this never.

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Universal be an atheist like we be gigantic hedgehogs called Spiny Norman, Dog :-)

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Bruva's just misunderstood.

Bruva's just misunderstood.

He an atheist that believers in yahew, ain't nuthin wrong with that....

To be honest all atheists believe in God but we choose to deny it so we can sin etc...ammirite?

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Oh yeah! I keep forgetting I

Oh yeah! I keep forgetting I just wanna sin! And roast babies- love me a baby kebab, I do. Sure, I'm not fussed on the noise when you stick the skewer in- such shrill cries, babies- but ear plugs take care of that.

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As someone from Britain, I

As someone from Britain, I would like to ask, where are these alleged "no go zones"?
I have yet to see a single shred of evidence for one and have never found myself in one either.

Likewise with this nonsense regarding Sharia Law, please provide a citation or genuine evidence to the proof of the claim.

Back on topic however, I do think in the more conservative muslim countries, a reformation is certainly required!
Not just so that it works with a western perspective, but for humanity too.

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Re: " Likewise with this nonsense regarding Sharia Law..."

It IS nonsense, isn't it? Anyone would think there is something new and unusual about religious laws and law courts, but we've actually had them here in the West forever. There's Jewish courts, Catholic courts, other Christian sects have them, too - as do other religions- and in no case does a religious court override the law of the land, anywhere. They can't, by law.

We have the same ridiculous abject terror of Sharia Law here in Australia, despite Muslims being only 3% of the population and the "nones" being the biggest religion group in the country. Religions don't get far when they try to impose their will in Australia- ask the silly Christians who tried to prevent marriage equality - yet here I am, being told to fear a measly 3% of the population succeeding where the biggest religion in the country, indeed the world, failed. It's stupid.

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You guys must be really

You guys must be really looking hard not to find Muslims wanting to impose Sharia law in western countries.

Don't worry when you see gays grown from buildings, women being stoned in public and atheists getting beheaded you won't miss have to look anymore.

The left really are basically suicidal and hell bent on having their own culture being replaced.

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Terminal Dogma - You guys

Terminal Dogma - You guys must be really looking hard not to find Muslims wanting to impose Sharia law in western countries.

The conspiracy claim we were poo-pooing was that Sharia law zones currently exist in Britain, France, and US (you know: the claim that Fox News retracted several times; good for them); not that religious nut-bags want those zones.

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No, we can just do basic math. Muslims are 1% of the US population, 5% in the UK, 3.2% in Canada, 8.8% in France and 3% in Australia.

The countries where you "see gays thrown from buildings, women being stoned in public and atheists getting beheaded" are Muslim MAJORITY countries, not Muslim minority countries - interestingly, one of the worst offenders are our good friends the Saudis. What's more, not all Muslim majority countries behave that way. Oh! And Australians were still throwing gay blokes off cliffs and killing them in Sydney in the 80s-90s- you know, the Australia that just made same sex marriage legal right across the country? Homophobia's not an exclusively Muslim trait.

Honestly, TDog, you need to be a little more sceptical of claims. Right don't make it right, mate. Whenever you hear claims made for entire groups of people - whether praise or demonisation- your first questions should always be "Who benefits from me believing these claims, and how?" It's Scepticism 101. You already apply this to religion and all kinds of pseudoscience- you have to apply it to EVERYTHING, especially things playing on your emotional responses. Never take anything at face value. Investigate it, think it through, then draw your conclusions from the data.

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Maybe you should be more

Maybe you should be more sceptical, those tiny percentages have already proven they have power and influence way out of proportion to their numbers, aggression and threat of terror will do that.

Go have a look at those countries you named then pick the most liberal and see how much negative influence they have made and how much power they have exerted.

The only way you can be educated evidently is to go live in those areas, I wouldn't recommend it tho

The scale of abuse here given the tiny minority sushi speaks of if it was scaled up to the time and percentages of Catholic perps would make the Catholic abuse not even register as significant.

The leftist apologists dismiss this as cultural misunderstanding I guess.

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And eighteen pieces of filth who will never see daylight outside of a prison proves Muslims "have power and influence way out of proportion to their numbers" how exactly? Where in the West has Sharia Law replaced the law of the land? Where are atheists being beheaded? Where are women being stoned to death?  Where in the West is this happening?

Incidentally, the Catholic sexual abuse cases uncovered in the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse totalled 4,444. A Perspective on Clergy Sexual Abuse by Catholic Dr. Thomas Plante of the Catholic Santa Clara University and volunteer clinical associate professor at Stanford University states that "approximately 4% of priests during the past half century (and mostly in the 1960s and 1970s) have had a sexual experience with a minor" which "is consistent with male clergy from other religious traditions and is significantly lower than the general adult male population which may double these numbers". There are 2,660,116 Muslims in the UK, so if I scale up the figures, the eighteen bits of filth are 0.000676% of the Muslim population, so no, scaling up doesn't  "make the Catholic abuse not even register as significant."

By the way, the overwhelming majority of sexual assaults happen in the victim's own homes and the perpetrators are family members, intimate partners, friends or acquaintances - people they know and trusted. I hate to break it to you, TermDog, but statistically the women and children you know have more to fear from you than random Muslims and/or Catholic priests.

Re: " threat of terror"

What threat would that be? You mean the one that was commonplace and deadly in the West in the 1970s-1980s and has been waning ever since?

And isn't it ironic that the very wing of politics responsible for the hysteria about Muslim terrorism are responsible for the bulk of the terrorist attacks in the US?

And they're a bit of a problem in the UK, too, apparently:

Re: " Go have a look at those countries you named then pick the most liberal and see how much negative influence they have made and how much power they have exerted.

I live in one of the countries I named and it is quite liberal. The negative influence the mere existence of Islam has caused here is quite noticeable: people utterly incapable of assessing threat risk realistically are so hysterical with fear they've given up all kinds of freedoms, wasted almost 20 years and pissed billions of public dollars up against the wall in the name of the War on Terror. Of course, it's worse in the US- they've blown $5.6 TRILLION since 9/11.

Re: "The leftist apologists dismiss this as cultural misunderstanding I guess."

I don't know any to ask, TermDog- but I call what those 18 Muslims did vile crime and I'm ecstatic the mongrels will be spending the next 30 years in prison. I have every expectation their parole applications will be refused for the next 30 years after that, too - IF they don't meet with fatal accidents inside, that is. I won't be surprised if they do. Prison inmates don't like rock spiders of any kind.


Attach Image/Video?: 

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Ok I thought you were saying

Ok I thought you were saying that there are no desire or attempts to impose Sharia law in the West which would be false.

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Yeah, the idea that there are

Yeah, the idea that there are groups of theists out there, trying to use the belief in an invisible man (who just happens to have the same exact moral viewpoint as themselves) to force their morals onto us (in the west) is just a fact of life. The novel part is these groups happen to be of the Islamic flavor instead of the Christian one we are accustom too.

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The Bible is, in fact, a book

The Bible is, in fact, a book that totally promotes family and a clean lifestyle of a disease-free and plague-free country. In a region surrounded by diseases plagues, sicknesses and also violent murdering people who were sacrificing their children by burning them in the fire.

The deity of the Bible did not allow a person to just go about spreading germs, diseases, and sickness to any person they wanted to. If a woman or man goes around committing BLOOD CRIMES endangering others lives by spreading diseases and germs the law says that the person who is endangering others lives is to be killed.

This put a stop to diseases and plagues and sicknesses for which there were no cures.

The law was clear. - Cleaning pots, pans, vessels, Washing, BATHING Every Single time after SEX, Washing after touching Dead People or animals. Keeping away from other people if You touch a Dead ROTTING Animal. Making sure to Mary a virgin or a widow. No sex with Animals. No gay sex. 'When any man has a discharge from his body, his discharge is unclean.

And whoever touches his bed shall wash his clothes and bathe in water, Whoever sits on anything that is unclean shall wash his clothes and bathe in water, and bathe his body in running water ...................... 'If any man has an emission of semen, then he shall wash all his body in water, and be unclean until evening. And any garment and any leather on which there is semen, it shall be washed with water. 'If a woman has a discharge, and the discharge from her body is blood - everything that she sits on shall be unclean ... the LAW was to --- ___ ** separate the children of Israel from their uncleanness, lest they die in their uncleanness. Don't Eat bats, Lions, Cats, Rats, Eel, stingray, and catfish fishes with no fins and scales) Snakes. Don't Eat Raw Blood.

I see that my fellow Atheists here simply have no Scriptures For their Claims. And are Leaving out the Point of punishment for BLOOD CRIMES . . >

The law of Moses Punished People for Committing BLOOD CRIMES against Others. Creating Diseases, Birth Defects, and Plagues. Today People Run Wild, INFECTING Millions.

The God of the Bible Did not put up With this.

And I do not need to have faith in the existence of a god or deity to represent the basic facts. Sadly all that many atheists seem to do- is lie - about the Bible ... Many atheists are simply deceivers and making things up. Many atheists are the most ignorant and destructive people to have ever existed. However, as an atheist, I do not need to support the lies and ignorance of my fellow atheists in order to be an atheist.

I do not believe in a god, however, I do not need to lie and pretend that the Bible says something that It does not. My fellow atheists here in the forum are simply lazy, shallow and probably spreading falsehoods for their entertainment. My discussion, however, is very serious and factual. This is a huge problem for the ignorant clowns promoting the billions of spread infections of every disease that exists by lying out the seriousness of the problem. My fellow atheists are literally promoting the spreading of diseases around the world and I am proving it.

putting a stop to the spread of diseases and plagues and sicknesses for which there were no cures, no treatments - is a very great achievement. My fellow atheists are the most ignorant people that history has created. I truly apologize on their behalf.

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@the universal:

@the universal:

You need to go back on your medication. I know you don't think you need it, but ya do.

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Re: The Universal

Re: The Universal

Ya know, if I didn't know any better, I would say this Universal bozo sounds a lot like our old pal FIG/Billy. But he has just refined his act a good bit. At the very least they share the same incredibly disturbed mentality. Just an observation....

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My thoughts exactly TM...

My thoughts exactly TM...

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@The Universal

@The Universal

Hey, Goldilocks. Perhaps you do not read so very well, so let's try this again. This time I will make it simple for you, just because I'm a really nice guy like that.

You.... Do Not....Speak... For....Me.

You.....Do Not.....Speak...For.....Anybody Else.... On.... This.... Site.

We.... Are Not....Your.... Fellow Atheists.

Simple, right? Okay, I apologize for having to use a couple of words with more than two syllables. Hopefully you have Google.

So, how about you stop trying to speak for me, and in return I might consider stopping my wisecracks about the ridiculous nonsense you post. Fair enough?

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What the hell is your problem

What the hell is your problem. How can you ask such a question. Islam is the religion of peace.

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