Cannabis use is getting out of hand

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Cannabis use is getting out of hand

I have known a few people who have destroyed their lives using drugs like marijuana and they seriously delude themselves into thinking this drug is not bad for them. You see ridiculous facebook posts from these useless potheads that claim that smoking weed makes them more creative and more peaceful human beings.

The reality of it is that it slows your brain down and causes accidents when driving too. The marijuana activists say "you should ban alcohol because it's way worse than weed" but that does not mean that weed is good for society either. Most people I know that smoke weed every single day are very forgetful. You ask them about things they did a few days ago and they can't remember any of it. It's really pathetic to see someone who smoke weed daily and how slow and forgetful they become and they do not realize this. If you smoke for recreational purposes every now and then I guess it could be tolerable, but doing it all day turns you into a mindless zombie and you don't even realize it.

Reality check for those that abuse cannabis. It also causes cancer and many memory problems, learning difficulties and loss of muscle activity to name a few. A truly productive and smart human being would never abuse anything. Be it alcohol, drugs or bad foods.

What is your view on this matter?

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While i do support the

While i do support the legalization of marijuana i do believe there has to be a limit.

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I am a supporter as well but

I am a supporter as well but i also agree it should be regulated, we cant get forget the fact its a drug with psychoactive and physiological effects when consumed.

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Weed is just as bad as

Weed is just as bad as nicotine and alters your state of mind much more. Sporadic use is alright.

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I'm against legalization of

I'm against legalization of marijuana. It will encourage users to use more and non-users to try it despite of the fact that it can do no good for our whole being so there no reason why anybody would use it unless they want to depreciate their lifespan.

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I Don't do heavy drugs and

I Don't do heavy drugs and keep myself in good shape but I smoke weed sometimes. I had to start doing it more sporadically because I was starting to become very unstable mentally, having strange dreams and difficulty concentrating on anything at all. As soon as I started to be more sporadic with the use of pot I started to feel better again.

So yes, it's definitely a dangerous drug when used daily.

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While everything we use whether it's coffee or pot must be used in moderation. Who are you to set the line for use? What makes the blunt every day, versus a blunt once in a while the better program?

I think It should be regulated like tobacco, and taxed the same but with funding going to schools. But I know those who do make regular use of pot and are better for it, and those who do the same and are a lump on a log. What we forget, is that ever substance effects people differently.

On the matter of how it effects driver's. I think we can all agree just about anything effects your ability to drive, whether it be smoking, drinking, texting, or talking. So I believe the point is mute. Frankly your not even suppose to drive while under the influence of aspirin because it may have negative effects on you.

I strongly support the legalization and taxation of the drug, I feel the country as a hole will benefit, and I think this will lessen our need on many pharmaceutics, because the drugs effect to help us cope with pain and other ailments.

But I guess to return to original question, how much is to much, and how do you draw that line. Then when you draw the line for yourself, how can you apply that to others?

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You can say the same things

You can say the same things about alcohol (or food, or prescription drugs, or insert vice here) as you can about cannabis, but in the end it all comes down to moderation.

I was in an accident a few years ago that left me with a pinched nerve in my neck and constant pain. My doctor had me on huge amounts of muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medications, which did nothing except try to destroy my liver (it certainly didn't do anything for the pain). Cannabis is the only drug I have found that allows me to function on a regular basis and not spend my time either as a drugged-out zombie or in continuous pain. Because of this, I completely support legalizing cannabis for those who truly need it. Like anything else, you will have the people who abuse it, but don't judge everyone who uses it by the same guidelines.

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Marijuana is not nearly as

Marijuana is not nearly as bad for you as most other drugs. That includes most prescription drugs, and it certainly covers the controlled substances. The endocannabinoids it contains degrade so slowly that if there *is* any addiction, it is generally attenuated before the drug has been metabolized. The caveats of course are in previous heroine users, and in cases where opioids are forcibly precipitated from the nervous system (which would never happen in real life, and is actually a pretty cruel thing to do to anyone).

There's plenty of research on the subject.

My personal view is that addiction has more to do with the addicted person than the substance of abuse... and there's plenty of research on that subject as well.

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I agree wholeheartedly with

I agree wholeheartedly with Sammy here, I know some brilliant, creative, healthy, productive people who smoke all the time and have done so for most their lives, I personally have not smoked anything in years not even cigarettes. I know of many drugs that harm people a lot and find marijuana does not fit in the same category and in moderation it had been proven like many other drugs to have medicinal qualities.

The problem is some people don't know when to much is to much and some people love to to smoke the weed just like some people love to hit the bottle. Abuse is abuse no matter how you cut it. I abuse the pantry from time to time. Booze, beer, alcohol whatever you want to call it, is actually much worse for you than Marijuana and inhibits your ability to drive much more than marijuana does. The withdrawal or even over-consumption of alcohol can kill you and this is unheard of with marijuana. Like weed it can bring out your personality traits to a point. For example, if your lazy or tend to procrastinate and would rather lay around this is more likely to show when you are intoxicated. Alcohol has killed many people both directly and indirectly in my life it is second in my life as killer only to heroin.

I have lost many friends to Heroin I have seen people get addicted to coke and I have been fortunate enough to stay away from people who became addicted to meth thus far But one thing I gotta say after having to deal with many addicts in my past, is also after seeing many people not get addicted to these substances while watching others be able to do more of these substances for longer periods of time regardless of body size, I agree that addiction has more to do with the addict rather than the substance. Of course some drugs are easier to get addicted to like heroin meth and cocaine or crack or even alcohol or cigarettes. But one thing is for sure, Marijuana has killed less people I know than cigarettes has killed my family members and thus far the tally for that is one. Unfortunately my aunt could not quit smoking cigarettes she never smoked weed and died a miserable death from lung cancer that resulted from her smoking habit. I know of 3 people who drank themselves to death and of about 10 people who have died from drinking related deaths 3 of those ten were not even drinking themselves, I also know scores of people who have died from heroin use which is why I have never done it. However not one person who has died directly or indirectly from use of marijuana and I know more potheads than I know of people in any of the other categories mentioned here.

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By virtue of the fact that

By virtue of the fact that lungs are designed entirely to provide the brain and body with oxygen, and expel carbon dioxide waste, smoking anything is bad for you. Because the pulmonary system is so efficient, smoking is also the fastest way to get high (or in the case of "therapeutic pharmaceuticals" the fastest way to deliver a needed medicine) and due to this sudden increase in blood concentration, it is the most addictive form of delivery. Some of the same chems and dosage are addictive when smoked, but non-addictive when paired with other delivery methods. Just info... we all make our own choices.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone suffer any ill effects from smoking weed, except for one chronological liar who could no longer remember which lies he told to whom. He stopped smoking when his life became to complicated (he could have just as easily quit lying, but I think that would have been harder) and he's completely back to his previous cognitive capabilities. I wish the same could be said for my friends with liver disease who have since quit drinking!

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I'm starting to feel

I'm starting to feel diferently about marihuana now. It seems to me that most users that smoke daily that I know are very undetermined and undriven people. I will not say that this is the case with all of them, but it seems to be the case with the majority. Like sammyshazaam said, it really depends on what kind of person you were before you started consuming.

If you had no goals and you spent most of your time getting by and procrastinating, it's very likely that you will do the same thing when you get high, but it will be amplified quite a bit more. If you are a determined and driven person, then you might experience some loss of that drive, but generally you will continue to be productive.

So I think lazy people should definitely avoid it.

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Marijuana is just a cover.

Marijuana is just a cover. Truth of the matter is, lazy people are addicted to couches. And bed. And uselessness in general.

There are workaholics too, you know. Marijuana would probably come in handy for them, but unsurprisingly, they don't seem drawn to it with the same intensity.

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Thank you! There are way too

Thank you! There are way too many people smoking weed and using the "medical" excuse for it. I see them using it while driving and acting like nobody can touch them for it. Out of hand is an understatement.

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Unfortunately there are going

Unfortunately there are going to be many people who will abuse weed, I think it should be regulated like drinking is but I feel as long as people don't put the lives or comfort of others in jeopardy then they should be allowed to do what they want with their own bodies.

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Personally the topic around

Personally the topic around this issue that many seem to overlook is how much harm the black markets that are created because of its illegality of drugs; gangs fighting constantly; the harm caused to people who use drugs not knowing purity of their substance of choice, leading to overdoses; difficulty getting clean paraphernalia, causing a giant public health crisis.

The other cost of locking people up as a punishment instead of treatment, creating a revolving door --this is also very expensive for us as tax payers.

Part of the problem around all drugs is that people don't bother to understand all the possible effects --you can notice this in google searches about adderall overdoses around collage finals.

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I really don't think that

I really don't think that marijuana makes people useless and lazy. I think the lazy potheads are just lazy people who smoke pot all the time because that's more fun than being useful. In other words, it isn't the smoking that causes the uselessness, but the other way around. There are plenty of people who are good, hardworking people and they also smoke pot. I think the correlation is caused by the type of person you are before you ever stay smoking.

ex-christian_atheist's picture
I really don't think that

I really don't think that marijuana makes people useless and lazy. I think the lazy potheads are just lazy people who smoke pot all the time because that's more fun than being useful. In other words, it isn't the smoking that causes the uselessness, but the other way around. There are plenty of people who are good, hardworking people and they also smoke pot. I think the correlation is caused by the type of person you are before you ever start smoking.

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I think you're absolutely

I think you're absolutely right about the fact that some people who like pot are lazy, not the other way around. The original post here is long on assertions (some of which are known to be debunked) and short on reliable support. Experts agree that marijuana consumption is unlikely to cause cancer and the other claims, traffic collisions, learning disabilities and loss of muscle activity(?) wither from lack of support. The author of the original post should really have done more research and written a post guided by facts, not four decades of drug control policy propaganda, which is the way this post reads.

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I agree with Ex-Christian, I

I agree with Ex-Christian, I don't think there is a causual factor between smoking pot and laziness. However, if it does inhibit your ability to drive, pass a law that makes such offenses illegal. I mean, most prescription dugs that are labeled "Effects an individuals ability to drive or operate heavy machinery" are covered under the sober driving laws. Why should marijuanna be any different? What drug use boils down to, and I say that including alchohol and most illegal narcotics, is an individuals ability to responsibley set some time aside and use such a chemical in a responsible manner and in safe doses. But then again, I use no drugs but don't see a problem with the recreational use of them, so maybe I'm a hypocrit.

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I wouldn't call you a

I wouldn't call you a hypocrite, Your saying it like it is. That being said the number of old people driving around on their medications scares the shit out of me, at least most offenders drive really slow though. People should be expected to act withing the guidelines of the law and if they get caught breaking laws they should should be punished accordingly. Diving under the influence of anything that effects a persons ability to drive should be regarded as driving under the influence. Marijuana should fall under the rule already set up and in existence for driving under the influence. Perhaps there is or can be made a test for testing how high somebody is in real time like a breathalyzer for pot heads.

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DarkLight, you say that no

DarkLight, you say that no truly productive or smart human would never abuse anything. I thing you're wrong there. There are scads of them. I'm sure a list of well-known ones could be put together rather quickly.

IMO, no drug use by an adult should be a violation of law. That is, of course, not to say that risking someone else while using them should be the same.

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All drugs should be legal.

All drugs should be legal. Lets be real, has the fact that a substance is illegal ever stopped anyone from doing it? The answer is a definitive no. On the contrary in fact, the whole idea of something not being not allowed actually only makes in more appealing to a young curious mind.

.. So what does cannabis do? Very basically, it makes you think. It is this deep thought that leads to the paranoia, through over-thinking things. It is this deep thought that actually CAN make you more creative, because your attention is focused stronger on a certain subject. It relaxes you and kicks up your appetite.
.. Heavy abuse of course will have reverse effects in the long run, so like with any "mind altering substance" moderation is advised.

"The reality is that it slows your brain down and causes driving accidents too" ... That is not the reality. Someone driving high will either be a better driver than before, or become too distracted by, well anything, and end up in an accident or just generally piss off other drivers by driving like it's their first time behind the wheel. To say "it causes driving accidents" is a sure sign of your lack of knowledge of the "drug" and how it effects the brain and body. It's quite right whats been said; a lazy and unmotivated person who smokes weed is not lazy and unmotivated because of the weed. The weed just makes it easier to be lazy and unmotivated. I know a guy who likes to get high to go to the gym, and smashes a pretty heavy session out. The weed helps him stay focused. He admits he wouldn't have the drive he does without the weed. Of course like it's also been said, it effects everyone a little differently, so to put everyone who smokes weed in the same box is naive and immature.
.. I know people who when they drink turn into complete idiotic animals, I don't know anyone who smokes weed and turns like that. But best to keep alcohol legal since it's a nice taxable drug, available in a wide variety of forms. So who cares how bad it is for you?! Corporate efficiency at it's best!
It's madness.. The more you understand drugs, the clearer the fact becomes how insane it is that alcohol is legal while others aren't.. I don't know what all this talk of "regulation" is about, is alcohol regulated? Sure they might not serve you at a bar if your wasted, but you can still go home n crack open a freh one from the fridge can you not? I could go out and legally buy me a cocktail of drugs, including alcohol, to kill myself in an hour or so.. Legally.. No matter how much weed I GROW and smoke, I could never smoke enough to kill myself. Its like Katt Williams says "aint nobody ever died from a cannabis overdose, why it's illegal I don't fuckin know, aspirin is perfectly legal, but if you take 13 of those motherfuckers it will be your last headache!"

.. Reality check.. "truly smart and productive people" abuse shit too. People who abuse substances like weed aren't dumb by any stretch of the imagination. Usually the use of any mind altering substance comes from a feeling of needing to escape. If people want to see a reduction in drug abuse, we need to help create a reality that so many people don't feel the need to escape from.

Here's a cool lil vid briefly explaining how it actually effects ya. Peace!

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Fack, typo!

Fack, typo!
.. something being not allowed - you get it right!

Zaphod's picture
LOL, yeah I get it... Just

LOL, yeah I get it... Just from pretty much everything you posted on here I bet we would have a good time chilling, where was it you said you were from again? If you ever around Boston hit me up. They won't let you edit anymore or delete your comments so we got to double check now before posting but honestly I have grown a little fond of it because it's made me less lazy and better at making less mistakes.

Danny Craft's picture
I'm English but currently in

I'm English but currently in New Zealand. No plans as of yet to head to the states I'm afraid.
.. Yea it will make us take more care aay :)

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Everything written in the

Everything written in the article is false.

Marijuana is not addictive.

Marijuana cures cancer.

There are no long-term or short-term effect from smoking marijuna.

ex-christian_atheist's picture
There are definitely short

There are definitely short term effects from smoking marijuana. That's the whole point for most people. There actually is one long term affect that I know of, but it can be caused only by abuse, not responsible use. If it have anxiety and use marijuana to relieve your anxiety, it can get worse over time. But I hardly think that's a reason for people without anxiety disorders to stop using marijuana. I have an incurable, untreatable chronic illness, and marijuana is the only thing I know that can relieve the pain and upset stomach. But I'll probably never be able to use medical marijuana because of the social stigma and my husband not "liking the idea" of smoking pot for any reason.

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In the end you have to decide

In the end you have to decide to do whats best for you and your husband should support that.

Danny Craft's picture
There are long term too.

There are long term too. Memory loss, loss of attention span, short temper. But this is with heavy abuse.
.. But yea agreed with Zap, you make your own choices. If it helps and you wanna use it, use it, and your husband will (well, should) support you.

Shock of God's picture
By short-term I meant

By short-term I meant negative.

There are definitely positive short-term effects of marijuana use.

As for it causing anxiety, it is actually considered one of the best treatments for anxiety; it is usually specific strains, though.


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