Christian Bill Cosby, Sinner or Saint?

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Christian Bill Cosby, Sinner or Saint?

Bill Cosby was raised in a dual-religion household: Methodist and Baptist. Through the years he has given moral advice inspired by his Christian faith.

By now, many of you should be aware of the numerous accusations of rape coming forth from women in his past. Do you think he is guilty? If so, don’t you find it offensive that he put himself on a moral pedestal while he was committing rape on a continual basis?

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I wanted to add one more item

I wanted to add one more item. Howard Stern made some interesting connections between Cosby and Janice Dickinson:

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If all those accusations were

If all those accusations were true, he is indeed a criminal and have sinned against the law and morality. He deserves to be punished by the law to give justice to his victims.

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All theists put themselves on a pedestal when thinking that the creator of the universe, created the universe with them in mind(personally).

That alone shows how arrogant they are.

Although the wrong doings of people does not demonstrate how wrong a philosophy is, it does on the other hand show that a theistic religion does not make a person better.

This is hard to admit for theists but the statistics are there and they show that the more atheistic a society is the better they score at social health.

Especially when dealing with rape statistics.

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