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Can you actually give us a

Can you actually give us a contemporary source for Jesus? Or just the claim that they exist?

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"If you don't have an answer

"If you don't have an answer for my comment you could just say nothing instead of disputing the near unanimity among scholars that Jesus existed historically"

Your the one failing to provided evidence and projecting to obscure that fact.

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I recommend you view this video: Why I Think Jesus Didn't Exist: A Historian Explains the Evidence That Changed His Mind by Dr. Richard Carrier where he presents information that changed his mind whether Christ existed:

He has a doctorate in ancient history from Columbia University where his thesis was on the history of science in ancient antiquity.

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The two most common extra

The two most common extra-biblical accounts would be Josephus and Tacitus. Also, the Bible lines up with tons of archeology and historical data... I can get you some examples after work if you would like-- there are many books written on both subjects.

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Josephus was born 4 years

Josephus was born 4 years after the character Jesus supposedly died. Tacitus, 23 years after. So I'm still waiting for a contemporary source.

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@ImFree I will definitely

@ImFree I will definitely check it out.

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Dr. Carrier had many videos

Dr. Carrier had many videos and debates online that will cover any area you question. Here are a few more examples of his video work:

Dr. Richard Carrier: Did Jesus Even Exist? A Historian Questions the Evidence ACSJ

Richard Carrier: Acts as Historical Fiction

Why the Gospels Are Myth

Dr. Richard Carrier on the Mythical Jesus

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Carrier covers the "sources"

Carrier covers the "sources" you mentioned.


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