Christians playing the "gotcha game"

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Christians playing the "gotcha game"

At 35,000 feet we all felt a shudder and then a vibration that became bigger and bigger until finally a blast! The cabin went momentarily dark then emergency lights flashed on and oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling. The attendants were frantically shouting orders to the passengers trying to maintain their composure and balance. More violent vibrations and shudders kept happening in quick succession. People started screaming through their masks. Most were praying and crying. We seemed to be descending rapidly and then we started spinning then...!

As I watched this event unfold, I somehow collected myself unbuckled my seatbelt stretched my oxygen mask to its limits and strangled the person 3 rows ahead of me. He had annoyed me from the moment he entered the cabin. Obnoxious rude and demanding. It was all about him! I know it's murder but I don't care we're going to die anyway!

This little segment of a story is a scenario proposed by Breezy to illustrate a moral dilemma. In comment about it, he suggested that it just doesn't matter anyway because we have but 3 score and 10 years of life allotted to us in the first place. Thus he backhandedly suggests that if we don't believe in an afterlife that we are not held to a moral code. It's a common christian practice. It actually proves nothing except for the lengths that christians will go to make up shit instead of proving their god in the first place.
Breezy's intention was to get atheists to play this game and talk about if murder in this impossible scenario was moral given the fact (that he set up) that everyone would be dead in seconds. Then he could sit back with pat answers in a gotcha game that he set up.

It doesn't prove that you have to have a god to be moral. It doesn't prove there is a god. It proves that they don't have proof of a god so they resort to these gotcha games to deflect and confuse. They become increasingly frustrated when people don't play but instead point out the flaws in the scenario itself. they say things like "you are avoiding the question"
We've seen this before. These aren't honest questions. They are load question designed with a predetermined outcome. Where do they get these ideas? Mostly from christian websites that spend hours designing them.
Another sign of their frustration is when they say "you don't have to answer, you can just ignore it." So why do they say that? Well, it is to silence anyone and everyone that reveals their gotcha game tactic.

Breezy does this all the time. Just look at the threads he starts or any of his replies. He is either apologizing for some other christian's gotcha game or posing one himself.

Now I know Breezy is more intelligent than this but what is surprising is that he doesn't think any of us are intelligent. He smugly just keeps doing this thinking hoping that we'll bite.
One other thing that this proves is just how inherently dishonest christians really are. The gotcha game by its very nature is intellectually dishonest and childish.

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Let's face it, if there is no

Let's face it, if there is no objective morality and we were in this situation, there'd be nothing to stop us from having sex with horses.

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You're joking, right?

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"It doesn't prove that you

"It doesn't prove that you have to have a god to be moral. It doesn't prove there is a god."

I hope not. That's not what the thread was about.

I am curious to know how many of those that converse with me have inadvertently stumbled into one of my infamous "gotchas" lol. There's no shame if you did. Tell me your story. We can heal as a group.

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Can't say I've noticed anyone

Can't say I've noticed anyone fall your games, only you sulking when I point out your dishonesty. If only your bible's ten commandments had some guidance on lying? Though I'm sure it's ok if you mean it as a joke, god must have a sense of humour if he had any part in the bible.

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But who is going to cure you

But who is going to cure you Breezy? How will you get out of this awful mess that you have put yourself into? Supporting NAZIs and playing silly buggers. No one has fallen into your traps even though you keep trying. Think of the end game. What do you really win? Nothing, hollow victories that came from a shallow mind.

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I'll let you count my

I'll let you count my victories I suppose. I just enjoy discussions whenever people are willing to have them.

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Agreed Mykcob, His reply here

Agreed Mykcob, His reply here merely reinforces the insufferable smugness and delusions of intellectual superiority displayed in previous forums.

Unfortunately the paucity of evidence for his beliefs is in direct inverse proportion to his faux confidence in febrile argumentation,

Its very sad as he appears to be an able and clever person, one whose 'cunning plan' just ain't working.
If, as claimed, Breezy is studying clinical (?) psychology then at some point he will be pulled up sharply by his peers for this kind of behaviour, hopefully before he has a chance to interact with anybody who actually needs some caring and professional advice or treatment.
His comment about "just losing his legs" was the window to a very dark and uncaring personality.

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Nope you like playing games

Nope you like playing games.You play another game that actually is a two-part game. It is the attitude game. It goes like this.
1) If you act smug and even disrespectful it somehow makes you at least equal to those around you. It doesn't.
2) If you act condescending it makes you superior. It doesn't. (Christians play this a lot usually in the form of "I'll pray for you).

You see I am different than you. I use to care what people thought a great deal. I was young and proud. But now that I am old, I could really give a shit. I don't have pride in that sense any longer. You just pretend that you don't care, you are filled with pride.

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I should really patent all

I should really patent all these games.

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SMUG and Patronising Scale a

SMUG and Patronising Scale a FULL 10 * applauds and vomits on Breezy's shoes"

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Just a shout out to CyberLn,

Just a shout out to CyberLn, Nyalothep and Sheldon for their extreme patience in the "Moral Plane" topic. Also their incredible attention to detail and clarity of thinking. The initiator of the topic was and is left wriggling, drowning in their own cleverness, pierced by their own contradictions.
I like it.
I just lack that patience nowadays, my expected years are far too short to cope pleasantly with clever bullshit anymore...and it seems Mykcob has an even shorter fuse and abrupt turn of phrase. I respect that very much!

Anyway, guys loves the conversation and the outcomes. Thank you. I learned a tremendous amount from this conversation as well others.

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