Christians that try to say their religion is less taboo.

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Christians that try to say their religion is less taboo.

I've recently dealt with a occasion where Christian friends try to say that their religion isn't crazy compared to other religions. Unfortunately they don't understand that there are roughly 4,200 religions and they make an assumption off what they "hear". So I would like to know what religions you think are the most bizarre.

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It is pretty hard to top the

It is pretty hard to top the idea that god, sacrificed himself, to himself, so he could forgive people because some dude who didn't know right from wrong took swiped an apple 6000 years ago.

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All of them. Every religion

All of them. Every religion has to have at least one unreasonable claim that one must be indoctrinated, coerced, or guilt tripped into accepting. Next to that big kahuna pillar of bullshit, all the tiny bullshit parts are easily accepted. Someone fly to heaven on a Pegasus and have the ineffable will of god dictated by an angel? God come down an suicide himself to give you a loophole to rules he created? Someone bury ancient souls from alien criminals under a volcano to posses and disturb mankind? Compared to any one of these assertions, a miracle is hardly a stretch. Even the most implausible of of utter bullshit pales in comparison to some of the metabullshit religion comes up with on a daily basis.

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