churches contradictions

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churches contradictions

Just think of all the churches teachings,( which I've always said are not in tune with the real world) and contradictions. They want to stop stem cell reaearch. Now, why would you be against something that saves people's lives. I am the recipient of 2 stem cell transplants...without stem cell research, people like me would have had no chance. The church frowns upon contraception,womens rights to their own bodies ( abortion)-which is better than finding a baby dead in a garbage bin, or left out in the street for dead wrapped in a plastic bag...the reasoning of "teach abstinance" would be great for a perfect world, but not the real world. God says to "love everyone," yet, they preach discrimination against certain people and ways of life. "THOU SHALT NOT KILL,yet all the biblical tales contain nothing but torture, and killing, especially for the people who do not "believe. Look at what goes on in this world, the most religious people are the ones doing most of the killing!! What about no sex before marriage...boy, how many people listen to THAT one!!!) How about living with someone without being theists say, Well we won't listen to that one...they bend the rules according to their lifestyle."GOD WELCOMES EVERYONE yet if you do not believe. you will be damned to hell, and suffering. So let me get this straight...If Iam a good person, have lived my life ...kind to people, faithfull spouse, loving parent, didn't lie, cheat or steal, never hurt anyone, worked hard, lived clean, but this person didn't believe in a God, or a religion. It just wasn't their "cup of tea," and chose to steer clear of all that bullshit. THAT person is doomed to eternal damnation, but the person who lived a shady life, lied cheated people stole from people, was dishonest, abused their kids, and spouse, was nasty to people, but this person was in church every Sunday, and made the sign of the cross every mean to tellme that THAT person is going to "heaven?" If thats the case, then I don't want anything to do with that kind of God. Ever notice the fear that some people have towards God? Oh, I'd better do this, or that, or they fear some kind of retribution, or that they may not go to the right place when they die. According to the teachings, if you are a good person,( even not...God is supposed to love everybody) you are supposed to go to the right place whether you believe or not what are they so afraid of?? Isn't it's a SUPERSTITION!!!

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I think you touched upon an

I think you touched upon an important point, even if believers want to believe that's fine with me, so long as my family friends and myself are not hurt by the beliefs, or are forced to believe.

In India, where I'm originally from, the ruling party which bases it's party philosophy on Hinduism has effectively banned the procurement, sale and consumption of beef in several states because cows are sacred in the Hindu tradition.

I can't understand why leaders of any country would waste so much time and effort on banning beef when people are dying agonizing deaths, and have all the usual problems of a developing nation. Not to mention the impoverished farmers and cattle herders who are now out of business. I get the whole animal rights thing being a vegetarian myself, but humans first, then cows, not exactly an endangered species is it.

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