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@GeniesareDisruptive: No

@GeniesareDisruptive: No there is not. Nature is all that exists. You are repeating iron aged fairy tales.

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Strictly speaking, the Hawaii State Constitution preamble doesn't mention God. It says "divine".

BTW, who is this God character? There are thousands of them.

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"Who is this God character?"

"Who is this God character?"

He is the One our Supreme Court prays to in every opening session: "God bless this honorable court."

He is the One whose Ten Commandments appear on the front of the Supreme Court.

He is the One to which our Congress has prayed in every opening session.

He is the One in the Holy Bible, which every American president has taken the oath of office with one hand on top of it.

He is the One mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.

You play word games that are clearly inane. You think them clever.

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HAH. I love it!

HAH. I love it!

The very same supreme court and congress that has pitiful approval rates in this country lately. The same president that only a small minority even likes these days.

Seems this god character keeps getting his name called and used on things almost no one likes.these days. If I was this god character I would want my name off that shit, it would be harming my image.

Got to admit I can not fault the declaration of that is what 1 of 4 things that you mentioned that god would actually want to be associated with?

I will take your lack of response that you agree with me or have no rebuttal.

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Psalms 139:14 I will praise

Psalms 139:14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Mankind is indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made.” The sophistication of our construction begins at the atomic level with atoms that are one part in 1017 nucleus and the rest empty space. Then consider our DNA, which is 45 trillion times more compact and efficient at data storage than today’s sophisticated computer microchips.

Our brains have the memory capacity of 100 billion megabytes, which far exceeds anything conceivably necessary from a “selection” point of view.

Our optic nerves transmit information at 4 gigabaud, which is 71,000 times faster than a dial up modem, and 1,000 times faster than an ultra-high speed T-1 line for a computer.
The human eye sees in exquisite detail, over about 13 orders of magnitude of light intensity. Although the eye is often said to be flawed in its design by Darwinists and atheists, I would very much like to see them replace a human eye with something better which they have designed and built from lab reagents.

Our ears hear over 13 orders of magnitude in sound intensity. Even more amazing, the ears perform a Fourier Analysis. In other words, our eardrums receive a single wave function at the eardrum. Then they break down this single wave function into its constituent sounds. For example, at a concert, your ears hear drums, brass, violins, solo arias, and the person behind you coughing, only because this blended noise is separated inside your ear. If your eyes performed a similar function, they would break down white just as a prism does, into disparate pure colors.

Finally, our two eyes enable us to discern distance (and relative size) by triangulation. Our brains automatically compute the angle of the object seen, and compute its approximate distance. Similarly, our two ears enable us to discern the direction from which noises emanate not only because we have two ears, but also because of the relatively slow speed of sound. A difference in the arrival time from one ear to another of one thousandth to one ten-thousandth of a second is sufficient to discern, so that we can tell generally where a sound originated. If sound were substantially faster, both our ears would hear the sound at about the same time, and we could not enjoy stereophonic music, nor tell where sounds came from.

In His wisdom, God made these velocities profoundly useful to us (as well, of course, as many, many other physical constants besides). They did not "evolve" to such values. And should they have been substantially different, say reversed, no evolutionary "modification" could possibly compensate to give us what we now have.

Biochemistry is so profoundly complex that we are only beginning to appreciate how “wonderfully” we are made. Human blood defies LeChatelier’s Principle, in that when one molecule of oxygen is adsorbed by a hemoglobin molecule, its affinity for oxygen grows, instead of diminishing. The second molecule increases the affinity for the third, and the third for the fourth. This is precisely the reverse of normal chemistry principles and experimental observations. Our bodies’ powers of endurance and healing are absolutely astounding.

The list of features of our wonderful construction begins with conception, continues through growth, and concludes with our spiritual transformations evidenced time and again by the scientific observations of such people as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Dr. Kubler-Ross documented hundreds of instances of scientific evidence of a spiritual nature. She convincingly testified that she could not be persuaded of any naturalistic (scientific) explanation for it.

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Google offers that much

Google offers that much storage (as the brain) for free, for 6 months.
Also that storage capacity far exceeds the human brains in accuracy and access. Really comparing computer storage to human brain memory storage is apples to oranges.

Electronic quantum holographic technology to store data has in the lab had memory storage density similar to the human brain, and will likely exceed it.

Optic nerves are slower then fiber optic connections. Replacing a human eye in humans that is better in every way, we are a long ways from. Plenty of technology we been using that augments our vision however.

Computers/technology can discern distance and trajectories based on lightwaves and audio waves far better than humans can.

14 billion years of enormous numbers of atomic interactions explains how we evolve into what we have perfectly well. It also explains the flaws, which the god concept does not.

The typical sled dog endurance based on resource intake/expenditure is far superior to our own in terms of endurance.

I agree though, the human body, nature etc are incredibly and wonderfully complex, and we humans have a long way to go to come even close to matching that with our machines and knowledge. But that in no way proves your god exist, Only that you like to give credit to your imaginary friend because other people, (with an agenda,) told you to do so.

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GeniusIsDisruptive - Our

GeniusIsDisruptive - Our optic nerves transmit information at 4 gigabaud, which is 71,000 times faster than a dial up modem, and 1,000 times faster than an ultra-high speed T-1 line for a computer.

That is off by about 3 orders of magnitude. Also for what it is worth: a cheap cable connection it much faster than a T-1 line.

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i think you do a great job as

i think you do a great job as a moderator. i also think that civility is VASTLY overrated

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GeniusIsDisruptiveMy, one

GeniusIsDisruptiveMy, one state out of fifty. I stand corrected

Delaware and Hawaii don't either.


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