Coming of the Anti-Christ

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Coming of the Anti-Christ

Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

       Just know that in these end days satan keeps the world flowing thick and prosperously with his ever-increasing hold on those blinded and giving way to his lustful deciet

       And we (Christians) have the tenancy to ask ourselves, "Why does the devil make it so hard on me?" (Why can't I ever seem to get ahead? ...Why am I at such conflict within myself?!...) ...Well, he's got all the others (non-belivers, atheists, spiritual wonderers and drifters...) satan wants you!
       He (satan) wants the minds of anyone that may be shifting into the beautiful wonderment of Gods direction, so he'll make it (the Bible) embarrassing to talk about for you... He'll throw those old emotions back at you and trick you into contemplating between good times, (inwardly focussed and easy street bound "ME, ME, ME"...), and your God given right to salvation!
     Satan will weaken your purely born want for truth with his lies (the corrupting games he'll play in your head); the same lies you've been use to living in and being comfortable with, sinfully blinded by self-accumulated ignorance, the Falsehoods youve grown accustomed to because of the lack of knowledge you have in our FATHERS word. Open it up, pray, and read it. That simple.
     Therefore, satan will build a wall around you, if you continue to allow it, that you WILL UNDOUBTEDLY need Gods hands to pull you out of!
       ... Go now before our Lord in prayer  and pray repentance unto Him in Jesus name And ask forgiveness of your lost ways. Pray for understanding in His Holy message to us all (the Holy Bible kjv.) that we may all be saved! And read it... allow its truths to guide you into His wisdoms whereby absolute salvation IS found.
God created us and gave us and instruction manual. Read it and allow it to keep you always!
         Praise the Lord God Almighty!

       So be not wearied when we fumble, but know that OUR CREATOR, OUR FATHER, OUR SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST is right there waiting to pick us up unto His Holy place of everlasting life, for WE are His child and we are ALL His children, of whom He truely wishes NONE to parish

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Ok, you just want to spout

Ok, you just want to spout off your bullshit without actually having to answer for it. Try having a real debate or admit you don't have what it takes to defend your position

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Can you prove satan is real?

Can you prove satan is real?

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I think the cut and context

I think the cut and context of our visitor should be countered with excerpts from Mark Twain's Letters From The Earth. If my give-a-shit threshold is met I might parry with his bushwacking style just for some one-sided fun.

Aw, what the heck...

“Now then, in the earth these people cannot stand much church -- an hour and a quarter is the limit, and they draw the line at once a week. That is to say, Sunday. One day in seven; and even then they do not look forward to it with longing. And so -- consider what their heaven provides for them: "church" that lasts forever, and a Sabbath that has no end! They quickly weary of this brief hebdomadal Sabbath here, yet they long for that eternal one; they dream of it, they talk about it, they think they think they are going to enjoy it -- with all their simple hearts they think they think they are going to be happy in it!”
― Mark Twain, Letters from the Earth: Uncensored Writings

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I do not fear god or the anti

I do not fear god or the anti-christ. Sounds like you still are afraid of this bed time story. Would not want to be you Spookydawg77

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