Concerned about atheism in Philippines.

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Concerned about atheism in Philippines.

Sorry in advance for my in english
Hi Guys, I'm from philippines. I observed that most atheist people here are more likely becoming a religion. They use science theory as unchangeable and sometimes proud of it. I am also an atheist but I'm not claiming science as perfect and I know that science is a trial end error system. But most atheist here are different, they make fun of religious meme but when science is been misunderstood in other way they got offended. They tell others like learn science, that's not how evolution work, etc. Just want to know if this is okay?

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Hi, I face similar situation

Hi, I faced similar situation as you have here in Thailand, I tried to confront them about it, telling them what they're doing (mocking theists and their superstition) are immature and we should be better than that, but they just shrug me off so I stop spending time with them.

You want to know if what they do is okay right?

Well, I don't think it's okay,They're too extreme, it's almost like a cult of faux science or something, but I also believe in freedom of expression, they can say whatever they want,do whatever they want, unless they breaking the law or preventing you and other people from expressing yourselves.

TLDR; Ignore 'em, I mean, You have the republic right?

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I tried to confront them too

I tried to confront them too but all I received was a personal attack and not the argument of my idea. It's just bother me because this might be a misconception in science field.

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