Conservapedia a faschist version of wikipedia

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Conservapedia a faschist version of wikipedia

Hi evrybody, surfing on the internet i found that: conservapedia a wiki for conservaitives, catholics, pro-american persons with topics like that:


according to wikipedia the articles of this wiki are written by chidrens who are following "home education" , probably in very conservatives families, as homeworks

I woud like to know your opinion about such a site and what shoud we do about it:
shoud we let them sink in theyr ignorance and endoctrinement or shoud we act?

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Thanks for the links. I'm

Thanks for the links. I'm amazed that these people should spend so much time and effort putting this stuff together. They must sense a threat or they wouldn't bother.....

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yeah when i found this first

yeah when i found this first i thout it was a jocke i was really surprized when i found out that it was for real

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Want a real laugh: read http:

Want a real laugh: read; it reads like it was written by Jeff.

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Welcome to the internet, the

Welcome to the internet, the propagator of increased ignorance!

It's a shame that the internet allows for such acts of "freedom of speech", when I think it should be considered harmful.

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