considering jesus christ when all else fails

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SC, the title of your OP is,

SC, the title of your OP is, "considering jesus christ when all else fails".

Fortunately, not all has failed, nor is it likely to do so. You're certainly welcome to turn your back on it, but that's just not for me.

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Why Jesus? Why not Krishna?

Why Jesus? Why not Krishna? Odin? Rah? Osiris? Frankly, all of your gods look the same to me. Figments of your imagination.

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"A PUSH for Australians to

"A PUSH for Australians to mark 'no religion' in the 2016 Census could see Christianity overtaken as the most popular 'religion' and change the way government policy is made and projects funded in Australia.

It’s a subtle change, but overseas experience is that moving the 'no religion' option to the top of the list of responses on the question of religion saw a dramatic rise in the number of people identifying with a particular faith.
This year’s Census has done that, with the option moved to the top of the list of possible responses to the “What is the person’s religion?” question for the first time since the “no religion” option was introduced in 1991. The “Catholic” option moves to second on the list.

Among those advocating the “mark no religion” initiative is the Atheist Foundation of Australia (AFA), which says the results could have huge impacts on the way governments spend money on welfare and education.

“Census data is used by governments to make important funding decisions like assigning chaplains to hospitals, schools, prisons and armed services, for planning educational facilities, for aged care and other social services,” AFA president Kylie Sturgess said.
“Many of those services are run by religious-based organisations. Since the government relies on Census data to decide on funding and policy for these things, it’s important the Census data is correct. Accurate Census data matters.

“We are a secular country, and we would like to see whether or not people are actually reflecting upon what we think is a secular country and saying yes, it truly is, and demonstrating it in Census data.”"

If 2 billion people following a religion makes you want to follow it then why doesn't more and more people walking away from it NOT make you want to walk away? Because you 'decide' what you want to believe. None of us can do that here.

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This year's census has been turned into farce by the incompetence of the Australian Statistics Bureau and IBM. The servers were hacked and then shut down on census night, leaving some people unable to submit data, and those who had already completed the proces (myself included) wondering if their data was safe.

My whole family put "no religion". When all the no religions, Jedis and Rastafarians are totaled, I think it will become clear that Australia isn't really a Xtian country.

The big question is, was the census debacle the result of incompetence or divine intervention? Could a government department and major corporation really be that stupid? I think we all know the answer.

Edited to say that "rastafarians" should be "Pastafarians."

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My wife refuses to do the

My wife refuses to do the census for that very reason, can't be worried about somebody getting your information if you haven't shared it in the first place. When the census lady came to the house my wife ran her off like a Mormon. We'll probably get a fine but we'll put off paying it as long as possible.

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I just wanted to ask you

I just wanted to ask you Skeptical, why bring your beliefs here? This is an atheist website, and while you CAN be here, why? There is no point, everyone here is a committed atheist, we aren't converting.

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I'm repeating my post, since

I'm repeating and improving my previous post, since it may have been drowned out in the noise. ( )

@ skeptical christian

While you answered my question, "yes this i whole heart believe", you kind of didn't answer at the same time by asking: "..why limit god?"
I don't understand what you mean by posing that question to me: why limit god?

I'll rephrase my question:
How confident are you in your beliefs in Jesus, like for example that he walked on water and healed the sick, from 0% to 100% confidence?

In your reply to me here:
You said that you became interested in religion at 26 years old.

You say you became interested at that point, but does that mean that this was when you became convinced or was that at some point later in your life?

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i will say that i`m 50%

i will say that i`m 50% persuaded that jesus accomplished these things during the 3 years of his public ministry, as why i stated why limit god thats because if jesus was the son of god and god himself then he has no limit,he is omnipotent all powerful.

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@ sceptical christian

@ sceptical christian

This is a remarkable answer: 50%
I must admit that you surprised me.

Most people of faith will without hesitation answer 100%. But 50% would mean that you have a lot of doubt about that the Bible's description of these events are true.

Is that what you mean by this? I don't want to misrepresent your position.

If that is the case, I find it strange that you are preaching to us about Jesus as if you are 100% sure.

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You do know that Jesus was

You do know that Jesus was just a man? Right?
Jeremiah 17:5:
"“Cursed is the man who trusts in man
And makes flesh his strength,
Whose heart is turned from the Lord.

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And does the Bible not speak

And does the Bible not speak of how Jesus is god as well?


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