corona virus origin?

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corona virus origin?

The corona virus may have come from pangolins.

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This virus is directly linked

This virus is directly linked to China's trade in wild meat. The animals, including some endangered species, are treated atrociously. China's leadership, right back to Mao, is guilty. The present leadership needs to take responsibility for stamping out this evil, stupid, unnecessary practice. Otherwise we'll have disasters like this again and again.

Eating tiger pizzles or rhino horn does not cure impotence. Prayer is cheaper and works just as well.

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Sadly there is no money in

Sadly there is no money in people talking to themselves.

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Haven't seen the link yet but

Haven't seen the link yet but the last news article I read was that it jumped from bats to pangolin and then to human. All in the same little market in China.

I saw a report today that China has had no more deaths..... Of the 34 new cases, all were recent arrivals from overseas. I'm taking that info with a huge helping of skepticism.

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The question of the corona

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"The origin of the

"The origin of the coronavirus remains a subject of intense debate and scientific inquiry. While theories abound, including natural transmission from animals or a laboratory incident, conclusive evidence is still elusive. It underscores the importance of transparent, collaborative research to better understand and mitigate future pandemics. - All Essay Writer"

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