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Interesting take - Churches
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I know this is dark and

I know this is dark and irreverent humor, but I just can't resist.

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@David K. Re: vid link

@David K. Re: vid link

I'm not dead yet!

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Thanks for the link.

Thanks for the link.

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@David link

@David link

Funny ... I also forgot how they “clipped” “clopped” as they rode their “horses”.

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It's 0857. Adelaide South

It's 0857. Adelaide South Australia

Just got back from the supermarket. I needed milk, oatmeal and coffee. It was bedlam. Empty shelve everywhere.

I've often said that "we the people are cattle" . The mindless behaviour I witnessed reinforces my opinion. We ain't gonna run out of food.

Most people here can't even cook say rice and/or beans**. So they they panic if they can't buy their normal over processed garbage. .

The hysterical buying of toilet paper continues. .

Just had a thought; I wonder how new mums will cope if they run out of disposable nappies. --In China, they cut the arse out of toddlers' pants. One really needs to take care when walking anywhere near said toddlers.

Our 'technical high schools', for the less swift students used to offer domestic science, but they closed a long time ago.

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Someone with COVID-19 shared

Someone with COVID-19 shared a chalice during mass at a Catholic church in Auckland, New Zealand. The priest says they rotate the chalice so no-one drinks from the same place. It sounds kind of like wiping the needle before sharing a syringe. And who knows how many priests have taken a sly swig of booze straight out of the bottle?

But never fear. The Greek Orthodox church in Australia has assured worshipers that viruses cannot be spread via holy cups and spoons.

I'd like to nominate homo religiosus for Darwin awards for their role spreading various plagues, and for their heroic efforts during the current crisis.

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So at the "normal" grocery

So at the "normal" grocery stores here, there is no bread, but plenty of rice.

At the Asian grocery stores, there is no rice, but there is plenty of bread.

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I was short some supplies, so

I was short some supplies, so the wife and I went to a supermarket that opens at 7:00 AM. We got there at 7;15, the parking lot was full, and the place was packed, long lineups at the cashier. I took one look, grabbed the wife, and scrammed out of there faster than a politician caught in a lie.

Haven't people considered the option of taking a lower body shower immediately after a dump?

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@David Killen: Haven't people

@David Killen: Haven't people considered the option of taking a lower body shower immediately after a dump?

That reminds me of a Japanese TV ad by a manufacturer of high-tech squirting toilets back in the 80s. A beautiful model squirts a tube of brown oil paint all over her hands from a tube, and then tries to wipe it off with toilet paper. We get a close-up of her hands still covered in brown muck. Then the camera shifts back to her face as she says, "You wash your hands after you crap. Why don't you wash your arse?

They played that every evening during my favorite dinner-time news bulletin.

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Drove into tesco car park

Drove into tesco car park last night, and kept going straight out, fuck that for a game of soldiers, I may as well french kiss 100 random strangers.

I'll give the co op a look on the way home from work, if it's not too nuts. Otherwise I'll go back to Tesco in the night sometime. People are going fucking nuts, how much bog roll do these morons think you fucking need for 2 to 3 weeks isolation ffs?

Maybe the population does need a trim?

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@Relative Truth

@Relative Truth

I realize you don't mean that God literally injected the virus upon the world. The Coronaviruses are common viruses. Covid 19 is a novel virus that just recently jumped from bats to humans. There is a common Bovine Coronavirus that I deal with on a regular basis. It causes severe scours (diarrhea in young calves). I guarantee that I have been exposed. I suspect that I have even been exposed to the level that it has elicited an immune response. In the husbandry of Bovines, one is commonly exposed to their feces, blood, nasal discharges and even vaginal discharges when doing artificial Insemination of cows.

When calves are born, in the first 24 hours, I administer a Coronavirus bolus filled with the antibodies from cow's colostrum with a bolus gun. The gun goes down their esophagus. Then you release the bolus and the bolus releases antibodies which the calf absorbs. Often referred to as "borrowed immunity". See the picture below of the bolus and the bolus gun.

Usually, these pathogens evolve so they are only viable in one taxonomic level of animal. So they don't often make the leap that Covid 19 did.


Attach Image/Video?: 

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@Bright Raven

@Bright Raven

Cant be shy about any part of bovine anatomy if you are breeding cows, I seen the process you speak of, on mike rowe's "dirty jobs."

One of my all time favorite shows when it aired.

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About half the folks that aspire to be "cow pollinators" simply cannot get past the practice of having their left arm a foot up a cow's rectum. That is right. Not the vagina. The Insemination Syringe goes into the vagina - loaded with a straw of semen. You use your left hand to palpate the cervix. The Bovine cervix is about the size of a chicken's neck. It has three muscular rings that are not easy to get the rod through. The hand up the cow's rectum manipulates the semen syringe through the cervix. You have to watch it to understand the process. It is not easy. Here is a bit of Bovine breeding trivia:

A bull inseminates on the vaginal side if the cervix.
A "cow pollinator" inseminates on the uterine side of the cervix.

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Received a phone call yesterday from one of the minders for the mens group.The group haas been cancelled until further notice. The University of The Third Age has posted a notice saying it will close if state schools start closing .

Notice online saying all classes will cease from Tuesday March 17. I am now isolated.


University Of The Third Age, South Australia

Don't know if U3A is set up in other countries so I'll give a brief explanation.

A party self funding organisation (we use an old primary school free). Meant for seniors, 65 and over. . U3A provides over 100 short courses a year .Some are continuous, such as a couple of art groups. The rest are 6 weeks or so. All teachers are volunteers. Many are retired teachers and university lecturers.

Membership is $50 a year. For that you may attend up to 6 courses, including ongoing groups. I think It's great.

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Conundrum: why are toilet

Conundrum: why are toilet paper ads being run incessantly on tv right now?

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"Sun, 03/15/2020 - 20:01#21

"Sun, 03/15/2020 - 20:01#21
Lion IRC There's only One God so you can stop asking which one."

Lion IRC "
WOW That's a LOT of theists/theism. You atheists have a lot of debunking work to do."

Oh dear, even if you hadn't just contradicted yourself in the most hilarious fashion, it would still be only one more deity to debunk than you, maths doesn't seem to be any more your forte than rational debate does.

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Lion IRC "There's only One

Lion IRC "There's only One God so you can stop asking which one."

Zeus, Thor, no Apollo, no no no, my bad its the Aztec god of gluttony obviously. Does anyone really need me to point out this is the very definition of argument from assertion fallacy?

Lion IRC "And I don't know where you get the idea that God has said...forget about tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, meteorites, plagues..."

Pretty sure that's a straw man fallacy as well, as that was not the point being made.

Try this one, if your deity is perfectly good, why, according to your bible, did it torture a new born baby to death just because it was conceived in an adulterous affair?

Are there any circumstances under which it is morally acceptable to torture a newborn baby to death?


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Lion IRC "There's only One God so you can stop asking which one."

Even more hilarious is when one realises when the ancient Israelites invented YHWH, he was only a petty tribal war god, with a wife called Asherah . There is also archaeological evidence which shows that polytheism was practiced in ancient Israel as late as 300 bce.

--Nobody knows for sure when the putative exodus is meant to have occurred. The official Jewish line is during the reign of Ramses 11 (reigned 1279-1213 bce)

I guess that might be why YHWH commanded "Thou shalt have no other gods before me" rather than say "no false gods"

"And God spake all these words, saying,

2 I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.

3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me." Exodus 20 KJV


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