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While I am confident China is

While I am confident China is hiding as much as they can... that said:

Some things even China cannot do. If the pandemic is still raging out of control in China, (following a similar trajectory as say US just three months on.) The body count and devastation would be so massive it would be impossible to hide. And even Chinese officials would have to be aware that it would be impossible to hide.

It is easy to have satellites take pictures of the major hospitals, take pictures of open areas near cities etc. We saw pictures of Iran digging mass graves. We can see detainee camps and people smuggling from satellites, but somehow we can't see the side effects of millions sick and 10's of thousands of people dying every day?

I would believe China's death count to be 2x the stated numbers, but not 10x and definitely not 100x, (which would be roughly the numbers if china's pandemic numbers charted roughly the same as USA's.)

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I heard the Cheeto-faced,

I heard the Cheeto-faced, ferret-wearing, shit gibbon called Boris to wish him a speedy recovery. Too bad he hasn’t said the same to people in the country he is supposed to be leading.

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@CyberLN: I heard the Cheeto

@CyberLN: I heard the Cheeto-faced, ferret-wearing, shit gibbon

Hey. I like ferrets and gibbons. That thing on his head is a toxic fungal excrescence from the diseased fatberg inside the skull.

But I agree with you about the lack of leadership. It's the same everywhere. People we pay to provide clear, coordinated leadership are giving out conflicting, confusing messages and generally running around like headless chickens. I don't see any Winston Churchills coming forward to lead us to victory.

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Even though I dont live in

Even though I dont live in New York, or even the USA, I like listening to New York governor Cuomo every day. I think he should be in charge of the national response in the USA, because he seems to be doing a great job under difficult circumstances, & really cares about peoples lives.

trump just sounds like an idiot every time he talks, always telling everybody what a great job he does, & tries to blame others instead of taking any responsibility for the woeful lack of corona virus testing & planning during February. I dont think trump cares about any lives, except his own. He just wants to look good & pander to his base so he can get re-elected in November.

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Well, Trump backed off from

Well, Trump backed off from placing troops near the Canadian border. We have more of a “problem” of people illegally crossing up here...

“I think I'll slip across the border illegally where the healthcare is worse and the President thinks people's lives are dispensable,' said no Canadian ever!"

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@Whitfire: FUCK! The one

@Whitfire: FUCK! The one good idea Trump has had while he has been in office. We need more troops on the border between the US and Canada. Fucking Canadians! BUILD A WALL! BUILD A WALL! BUILD A WALL!

(ON A SIDE NOTE: Trump is a fucking idiot.)

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The US/Canada border is the

The US/Canada border is the longest undefended border in the world. There are 1000's of logging roads, hiking trails, game hunting roads etc that criss cross the us/canada border that has no border controls other then some light patrolling. You can still get in big trouble wandering around in another country far from the border w/o a stamped passport, but the point is:

You cannot shut down the US/canada border, only the easy /legal points of access. They could step up patrolling, but even then, it is a nearly impossible task. USA has been trying and failing to close its much smaller southern border from desperately poor migrants and still failing to stop them for decades, actually closing the US/Canada border is a complete pipe dream.

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@LogicFTW@ I agree 100%

@LogicFTW@ I agree 100% "We cannot shut down the US/Canadian border!!!"
That's why Trump needs your support and why we need to build a wall. We did it to Mexico and we can do it to Canada, and we can make the Canadians pay for it. God damn Canadians can't even speak proper English, Eh!

Once we get the fucking wall built on the Canadian border we can fence off the coast of Florida and stop those fucking Cubans from entering the country. Only then can we begin to Make America Great again.

Look at how North Korea does it. Their leader is a God. They currently have the greatest country in the world. The people are completely happy because their country is the greatest. All the countries outside their walls are starving to death. America could be like that some day. BUILD THE WALL BUILD THE WALL FUCK THE CANADIANS, SCREW THE CUBANS, BUILD THE WALL, BUILD THE WALL, MEXICO WAS FIRST AND NOW WE ARE COMING FOR THE REST!!

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The talking yams

The talking yams administration, told him about herd immunity...apparently that's what he chose.

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The penny has FINALLY dropped

The penny has FINALLY dropped for Trump. The virus is very serious. Now his administration is panicking, trying to lay the blame on anybody & everybody BUT Trump for the lack of action for 2 months.

Trump tried to blame all the governors for a lack of equipment, & pitted all the states against one another in trying to secure equipment, forcing prices up instead of developing a national purchasing strategy. A US intelligence report was also conveniently 'leaked on purpose' that China had been under-reporting numbers, so the US government thought it wasn't that bad.

If the virus was much worse than the USA thought, then the US Intelligence did a very poor job of collecting data. Plus no country closes down nearly their entire economy for 6 weeks & forces people into quarantine if they have a non-serious virus. I knew it was serious by the end of January, & so did many others.

Trump constantly criticising & antagonising China also isnt going to help the USA get their much needed medical supplies, a lot of which will be coming from China. For large amounts of medical equipment to leave the country will require the central governments approval, & so China is likely to give priority to countries that are far less critical of them.

Trump is just not fit to lead in this crisis. I have watched him in his press conferences. He just cannot have a press conference without telling everybody how great he is, how good the economy was before this virus hit, & they way that everybody around him has to constantly praise him to stay in his favour. He also refuses to talk to governors & mayors who have dared to criticise his handling of the crisis.

I just cannot believe that this guy has anywhere the approval rating that he does. What the fuck is wrong with Americans?

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What the fuck is wrong with Americans?

According to the polls for USA, 90% of republicans are convinced of god, or very confident of god, 75% for Democrats.

We know here that:

God/religion is much more likely to be a lie then a truth. People are just inherently gullible and prone to accept unevidenced or even counter-evidenced ideas and concepts, quite often because they won't even accept or properly examine the evidence. Especially if it is not in their immediate interest to do so.

America easily has enough gullible people. It just a much richer than usual collection of gullible people. Seriously watch fox evening news if you can manage it, after you get through the revulsion and rage, you see it for the programing that it is. It explains everything trump does, and why all the "bad guy media" are wrong.

Luckily now, 16 days later we are seeing trump's approval rating going down again. And I suspect it will continue to go down as this virus sadly affects more and more people. Trump will try to reopen some states and get a temporary bump in approval when he does, then back down it goes when those places get their inevitable 2nd waves.

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Trump's greatest display of

Trump's greatest display of appalling ignorance was when he accused medical staff at the front line of this disaster in the US of stealing and selling masks from hospitals.
The next biggest contender for presidential dumbarse is the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro who is a staunch Covid-19 denier who yet recently declared that no-one under 40 years of age could catch the virus, he denies exists. (Brazil reports 7000 known cases and nearly 250 deaths but with Bolsonaro in charge denying the virus, can there be any verifiable statistics available?)

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Trump is ...

At the beginning of Feb, Canada helped China (you know, humans) and China helped Canada (end of Mar) ... because you know, humans.

What the fuck is Trump thinking?!?! He’s the guy who realized the toilet paper is “missing” and now feels justified in robbing his neighbours (you know, instead of just asking). Next he’ll be pulling the “Doctors Without Borders”

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Trump just shut down the

Trump just shut down the export of supplies like masks from being exported from the USA.


"U.S.-based company 3M said Friday that it has been asked by the Trump administration not to supply N95 respirators to Canada amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

U.S. President Donald Trump has ordered the Minnesota-based company to produce and sell as many medical-grade masks as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says it needs. He invoked the Defence Production Act in order to speed up the distribution of masks."

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@David Killens: Denying

@David Killens: Denying Canadians Masks is just the first step. Once they begin dying off, we will build a wall with their bones. Why in the hell should we stay friendly with a country that has always been more polite than us? Those Canadians with their free medical care have been showing us up for decades. Look at how they treated the USA after kicking our asses in the war of `1812.

Build a Wall Build a Wall Build a Wall!!! When has Canada ever done anything nice for us!!! Aside from the fact that they have been the best US ally ever. But now it is time to turn about and STAB THEM IN THE BACK. America First. Let's make America Great Again.

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@WHITE!: Yea! Fucking

@WHITE!: Yea! Fucking doctors without boarders. We should give them some fucking borders so they stop complaining. Build a damn wall around them. That's what I say. Damn do-gooders!!! BUILD A WALL BUILD A WALL!!! SOMEONE HAS TO CONTAIN THOSE FUCKHEADS!

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@Cog. *big smile*. You’re

@Cog. *big smile*. You’re helping me find the “funny”... the “tin hats” NOT tin man are crawling out of the woodwork.

Some video popped up on my Facebook how hospitals are empty - where is everyone that’s sick? Zero in on sign that says they are practising a crisis management... this is it - new world order takeover and get your 666 tattoo...

Uhhhh - intensive care? People not running to Emerg with every little booboo? Why would a hospital want to practice for a worse case scenario (especially now?) Replaying older icu scene on news because maybe the icu isn’t letting every Tom-dick-and Harry in to film?!?!

The conspiracy isn’t just to make Trump look bad ...

Yes, “someone” will make some money and “someone” will get political brownie points and yes “some new laws” may not be retracted after in some countries (China has been steamrolling ahead without a pandemic) HOWEVER I see more positive social changes emerging from this afterwards and believe it or not a better economic balancing and more emphasis on health systems ... I don’t believe in utopia or dystopia JUST fucking learning from what works and what doesn’t

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@Whitefire Re: "...the “tin

@Whitefire Re: "...the “tin hats” NOT tin man are crawling out of the woodwork."

... *whispering*... pssst... hey, don't tell anybody, but my hat hasn't been tin for several years... *pointing to funnel hat on head*.... carbon fiber... had it custom made and coated with metallic paint... only my mechanic knows... shhhhh... *finger to lips*...

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@ TM

@ TM

Oh mate your "secret" has been out ever since Cog mailed the pics he had when he installed that CCV in the dunny....and the other three in your bedroom.

He put the videos on the dark web under "metal porn" and has been raking it in ever do you think he affords those flashy Guadalupe bananas he flashes around? Never mind the assistant poop flinger he hired after Michael Jackson died?

And as for your "Mechanic",
1: SHE is a fully trained and qualified METALLURGIST that you kidnapped and held captive in Cog's wardrobe until she developed Stockholm syndrome and can't leave anymore.
2. I keep dragging her to the gate but she just goes into hysterics and shrieks about vampire Bonobos in the trees. Something Cog told her I guess.
3. The gutters are overflowing again....can we borrow your possum again? Just to drag him down the drainpipes to scrub them? I still have the string and handcuffs from last time.

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Old Man Shouts & Tin:

Old Man Shouts & Tin: Honestly it didn't start out that way. I was just pulling a prank on ole Tin by hiding his hat, but once I got a gander at that thing,,,, well.... what else could I do? I had to figure out what was going on. And then..... well hell. people pay a fortune for Tin Porn.... I just got addicted to all the cash..... On the up side, I did start a charity. Bonobos against the Pope! Much of the money went into the start up but now I have to convince a bunch of Bonobos to become Catholic so I can start protesting them. Who would have known Bonobos were a non-religious lot? Still, there is hope for the future. I have invested the rest of the money in Catholic propaganda videos and as soon as the Bonobos learn to speak English and begin converting to Catholicism my Charity will make a mint!

Old man shouts at clouds's picture
@ Cog...

@ Cog...

"it didn't start out that way"
HA! then why was your ex assistant poo flinger bragging down the Chimp club about the settlement you had to make to keep him quiet about "stuff"?
And why the fuck are all these Bonobos in the damn trees at the bottom of the yard by the gate? They look very cross and one of them has started molesting the young male bonobos while wearing my day kilt and one of my formal collars on backwards....what the hell is going on?

Oh and I found your bitcoin password just err, "lying around" and transferred the lot (all 20 coins...didn't seem much) into the landlords account to cover your arrears...we don't have to pay any rent for the next 3,000 years...he's just bought up most of the Caribbean...says we don't have to worry about eviction any eh! He seemed very happy...I dont get this modern stuff I am used to real money, gold, silver, copper....

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@Old man! Ha! My plan is

@Old man! Ha! My plan is working! The Bonobos at your front gate are the new conversions to Catholicism. Doesn't the molestation give it away? Soon I will be able to bring them into the Bonobo's Against the Pope shelter and start treating them. I'm gonna be rich!!!

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...*casually strolling

...*casually strolling through breakroom*... Hi, guys. How's it goin'?... *in left hand carrying basket containing a 2 liter bottle of cooking oil, multiple packets of Pop Rocks, a gerbil, 3 bowling pins, and an oscillating electric sander*..... *right hand leading a Shetland pony on a leash*... Hey, uh, if anybody needs me, I'll be in the bathroom for a bit.... *nonchalantly continues out doorway toward hallway*... *looks back over shoulder*.... Oh, uh, and, you know, if you hear any strange noises, just ignore it. Nothing to worry about. I just ate some chili yesterday that didn't settle very well, that's all.

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...I’d follow you in, Tinman

...I’d follow you in, Tinman (you know with TP) but your wife scares the shit out of me...

Can I have the 2litre bottle of pop when you’re done? I want to show Cog something...

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@Old Man Re: My mechanic

@Old Man Re: My mechanic

Uh, for starters, I did NOT kidnap her. She got in my van willingly after we came out of the bar. Well, that is to say, she definitely didn't tell me, "No." Matter of fact, she didn't say anything at all, as I placed her on the mattress in back. Moreover, she was so relaxed and trusting that she even slept the whole way back to my place. And I had to buy her only ONE drink.

Secondly, how could she have contracted Stockholm Syndrome when she says she has never been to Stockholm? Answer me THAT, Mr. Wannabe Doctor! How about leaving the medical advice to the experts, shall we?

Hey, like I have told you before, feel free to use the possum whenever you need him. Oh, and not only is he good for gutter cleaning, but he works great for toilet clogs too.

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@ Whitefire13

@ Whitefire13

"I don’t believe in utopia or dystopia JUST fucking learning from what works and what doesn’t"

I am pessimistic on US politics learning. They have very little responsibility to their voters and it appears it is not about solving problems but just amassing power.

Here is how Canada differs. We are in a better position than our neighbours to the south. Our borders were quickly closed. All levels of government, municipal, provincial and federal have been on the same page, working together, providing the same messaging and warnings from day one.

This is the most important point. Our leaders consistently deferred to the medical experts on all levels. They allowed the medical experts to prepare you for this pandemic. Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, France did not have time. They didn't see this thing coming and the USA had the time but jumped in way too late. And now there are 22 Americans infected for every one Canadian.

Will the US realize weaknesses in their system and correct them? After 911 it was identified that the police and fire departments did not properly communicate with each other. It was also identified that the CIA and FBI were not properly communicating with each other. Do they learn from these mistakes? No.

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OMS ... if you find anymore

OMS ... if you find anymore “bits” lying around,I have some awesome stuff I could sell you for just a “coin” or “two” - it’s tough times out there and I for one, will keep it on the “cheap”, just like your landlord!

Whitefire13's picture

Canada reminding USA of two-way relationship.

I guess the USA is being accused by Germany (and a different news report France also) of “diverting” (stealing) supplies meant for them.

Trump is definitely showing off his “businesslike” psychopathic corporate qualities...

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Does the US have any allies

Does the US have any allies who trust them anymore?

Whitefire13's picture
Eh, David, the fact that an

Eh, David, the fact that an Albertan and one who resides at the center of the universe ;) can get along says something about Canadians, eh, if you were the ex-wife Quebeccer ... just joking

Btw Trudeau has never been my favourite (ugh his idea of dress-up was embarrassing)... BUT I do appreciate very much that this government is working together...and they have been listening - I’m not sure if a Conservative govt would be making Canadians feel more financially secure and “safe guarded” ie landlord’s cannot evict - both sides seem to be working and balancing each other out...

Allies?!?! Trump don’t need no stink in’ allies!!!


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