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If all you have to offer people is to be frightened, to run and horde as many supplies as you can, and bunker down to protect yourselves, you’re part of the problem.

Hello talking yam...we see you clearly.

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Btw...I personally don’t

Btw...I personally don’t judge “Americans “ by their president.
I like to determine a person’s character by who they themselves are.
I feel for so many in the States right now and around the world (of course).

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@ Whitefire

@ Whitefire

"Btw...I personally don’t judge “Americans “ by their president."

I want to make something very clear. I despise US politics and the leaderships. But I have many close friends south of the border, and I know that the massive majority are wonderful people. These wonderful people are my friends.

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Malaria?!!!? You don’t need

Malaria?!!!? You don’t need no stinkin’ treatment!

Now, my “Trumpinators” go forth to your doctors and take your meds! His “April” forecast was only thwarted because this cure is being kept hidden ;) Thank Jesus for President Trump

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Malaria?!!!? You don’t need no stinkin’ treatment!"

Nice movie reference. I remember it's from a Mexican bandit, just before he becomes deceased. --The Wild Bunch?

Apropos of Malaria: I was based in Malaysia for 8 months.We had to take a Malaria suppressant every day. There were six of us to a huge room. One of bloke had contracted malaria in Vietnam I think. . It's recurring, for life. (or at least it was in 1969) It's distressing to witness. After seeing that, I REALLY did not want to contract Malaria.

Donald Trump is exactly the kind of dickhead*** who would not have taken the daily tabs AND whose narcissism could get people killed. From whatI learned from American Vets over the years, Trump is also exactly the kind of person who got their arse to fragged.,

**I've changed my terms of insult for Donald from 'moron' to dickhead, drongo, dill and plain old fashioned fool.

The reason for this based on reading posts of many of the apologists we get here. I find it hard to distinguish between the egregiously, wilfully ignorant and those at the low end of the IQ curve.

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Trump grew up in a world of

Trump grew up in a world of construction where he:

1) could lawyer up and drop any project if it became untenable

2) blamed others for any problems

3) could achieve deadlines by threatening

4) only money mattered, people were just a commodity to be used up

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Corrupt and incompetent

Corrupt and incompetent problem solvers in equals corrupt and incompetent solutions out.


Attach Image/Video?: 

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Huff post today.

Huff post today.

It seems Trump is simply acting in a manner consistent with who and what he is; a paranoid, populist ,authoritarian political leader. aka a dictator.

It's Time To Say It: Trump Is Handling COVID-19 Like A Dictator

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I was discussing the

I was discussing the differences between our Trudeau and Trump with my wife last night.

Canada is facing the same crisis, but almost every political leader is on the same page, where human lives are number one priority, and the economy second. In fact, their predictions are scary, expect waves, the graph will go up and down until a vaccine is fielded.

Trump know this virus will have a major impact on the elections, and he is posturing so that he can state "I saved the economy". He is placing his desire to look good ahead of the lives of the citizens he was sworn to protect.

He wants everyone back to work, despite the risk.

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A simple statement says it
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Trump has his minions

Trump has his minions stealing PPE supplies from states.

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David... adds credence to the

David... adds credence to the claims by other countries that the USA has been stealing supplies from them...

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And Now his Trumpiness wants

And Now his Trumpiness wants to suspend congress indefinitely.

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That is more than scary Old

That is more than scary Old man, he is following Hitler's playbook, seizing power in a time of crisis.

Additionally, Franklin D. Roosevelt served FOUR terms as President. Is it a far reach to expect Trump to declare a full national emergency if the poll numbers look bad, in order to extend his time in office?

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"Additionally, Franklin D. Roosevelt served FOUR terms as President. Is it a far reach to expect Trump to declare a full national emergency if the poll numbers look bad, in order to extend his time in office?"

Well, seeing as America elected Trump in the first place that doesn't seem out of the question .Don't know how successful he would be. It is my understanding that the majority of we the people loathe Trump. I suspect that there might be violence if he tried that shit. Just remember, America has more guns in private hands than there are Americans.

Not saying we the people would win against trained troops. I think they would be massacred if they tried to go toe to toe.

In the scenario you describe ,I think the outcome could be: A lot of sabre rattling, but no violence. Some initial violence, short brutal and bloody . Or some kind of well supported guerrilla civil war of attrition. . I certainly think Trump is paranoid enough, ruthless enough and arrogant enough to try it on.

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...and I think Trump believes

...and I think Trump believes the Q-anon shitters... (never believe your own press)

What’s funny is he and his team used the fact that yes, he did close down flights in early (Jan) BUT what did he do with the “boughten time” - Feb, Mar? His motives weren’t purely “health” oriented.

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Trump's motives, the message

Trump's motives, the message coming out of the White House, and major decisions are driven by just one thing, the coming election. The polls on outcomes will be his reference on when to open the economy, etc.

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Not saying we the people would win against trained troops. I think they would be massacred if they tried to go toe to toe.

Always cracks me up when gun folks think owning gun(s) will prevent a government from taking away their freedoms. If the government was willing to kill you, all the guns in the world would not even slow it down for 2 seconds if it wanted someone or group of people dead. Guns just make it harder for them to take you peacefully if they wanted to jail you but not kill you, even if you resisted.

And it would not be trained troops, it would be a drone strike wiping out wherever you sleep in the middle of the night. It is even easier if people group up in opposition.

The US war machine is so effective, that one it can easily wipe out any one country's entire military with varying levels of force. When US picks on a hopelessly outmatched country, say like afghanistan and iraq. The "war" is really just occupation. Where any resistors of the "occupation" can only engage in guerrilla warfare tactics, that never has any hope of beating the military and gaining freedom. But instead just working that the entire country to "resist" occupation in hopes one day US gets bored and develops a bad taste for occupying them along with the expense.

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Hello chaps. Refugee from

Hello chaps. Refugee from Richard Dawkins website here looking for somewhere better to discuss stuff.

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@ Arkrid Sandwich

@ Arkrid Sandwich

Wrlcome to Atheist republic Arkid, I hope you enjoy and have a productive time in here.

I amusing the typical response from this site, beginning with @ to notify the person I intend the message to be for. It can get confusing, I also reference dates to help sort things out too.

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I love Trump.

I love Trump.

As a brit, I look at our voting for Boris Johnson (basically the product of an Etonian lab experiment in beastiality, between a silver spoon chewing idiot and a golden retriever)... and then look at Trump and think... it's not that bad!

We basically just have a buffoon in charge who is fluent in latin, so can at least hold a modicum of integrity when in the spotlight.

Then you look at Trump and again... we ain't got it that bad!

Good luck over there my american chums!

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LOL ... I was checking out US

LOL ... I was checking out US presidential candidates

WOW anyone can “run” for president. I was checking the list because of the “time traveller” Andrew Basiago and his special knowledge

I was thinking, if Simpson’s (refer to episode where Lisa became president after “Trump”, not the “trumped up fake” prediction) could “see” the future of America, why not elect a time traveller?

Edited to add: “ Then you look at Trump and again... we ain't got it that bad!”... as a Canadian I’m more appreciative of Trudeau


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