The 'Creators' Creator Creator?

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The 'Creators' Creator Creator?

So we all know Atheists do not believe in God right? And we all know Christians and such do right? So now that the obvious is out of the way, I pose a question to those of my shared and opposite beliefs: How was 'God' actually created? And I do not mean how was the tale of God created, but him himself? I have read the Bible but please do not expect me to remember something insignificant to my own beliefs. I believe the Bible states he was 'created before time itself', which to me, is like cop-out ending of every movie ever where 'it was all a dream'. I imagine since nobody (sane, and i say that with impunity) follows the exact decree of the Bible now anyways, so people have their own opinions now more than ever. So I ask thee, theists and my brethren, how do you think God was created? And I mean this is put in the perspective that there is one in the first place (sorry, I was doing so good in being neutral until now). My logic is: It seems (those ive asked) my theist friends cannot understand that perhaps this world was created with no explainable reason, and so they believe something omnipotent made us. So my logic goes: there are only two methods God could have been made: 1; He simply came to be (therefore rendering the thought that the world couldnt have suddenly 'been created' as hypocritical). And 2: There was a God, who created God, who Created God...... What do you think?

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I pissed off a religious nut

I pissed off a religious nut uncle one time. He asked me: "So you think people are like dogs and just die without a soul?" I said yes " but if you find that hard to accept then tell me who created god?" He replied " You just have to have faith" and I replied I prefer to believe in science. He was a proselytizing pain, I got really tired of his shit over the years.

He would always be the one to bring up religion then get pissed off when I countered his religious views. As years passed, I could not stand to be around him. I thought of him when I read Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist said he had to block his father on his phone because he refused to quit calling and texting religious arguments. Some people don't know when to shut the proselytizing off.

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I'm surprised you could even

I'm surprised you could even stand him for years. He even failed to answer your question.

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He was a waste of time. I

He was a waste of time. I knew his answer(s) (faith or because the bible says circular crap) before he would reply. I declined to see him on his death bed because I knew he would use the power of the situation to proselytize in front of extended family. It is a shame people go to such extremes to force their beliefs on you, but that was the way he was.

Death bed proselytizing, I think I'll do a topic in the hub on that and see if anyone else has experienced it.

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That question has been

That question has been answered by the ancient Egyptian theologians, the fathers of modern theology.
The God is said to be a “Ka mut ef”, a term known to ancient Greeks (who went to study theology in Egypt) as “Καμήφης”. The term means “The Bull of his mother”; the God came into being by inseminating his own mother, before being born, of course.
A theological answer to a theological question or, in other words:
A ridiculous answer to a ridiculous question. :-D

The question, however, asking to know why did the ancient Egyptian theologians said something like this is not ridiculous at all. If properly answered it would expose the true story of gods behind the fictional story of God.

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Oh god! There's gods behind

Oh god! There's gods behind the gods! We have to get in front of this! ...or behind this ... Or something.
Question: if a guy who doesn't exist is standing behind a bunch of other guys who don't exist, can you still see him? If you can, please seek professional help.

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I welcome both answes,

I welcome both answes, despite Amber's (hopefully) sarcastic one. Yet as it stands I will count everything as an opinion (including mine) until... well, 'God' bitch smacks me with the truth. But until then...

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God was not created.

God was not created.

By virtue of being the cause of time itself, sans the Universe, God is timeless. This means that, sans the Universe, God does not undergo change. If God does not undergo change, then he doesn't ever come into existence. God is eternal.

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Yeah right, trying to solve

Yeah right, trying to solve what you don't know with more of what you don't know.

Enjoy a cartoon of how ridiculous your logic is:

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Shock of God - "God does not

Shock of God - "God does not undergo change"

That would mean that god didn't come to earth in human form, since that would be a change...

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One person with an invisible

One person with an invisible friend is delusion. Two people is a religion.

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Since there isn't actually a

Since there isn't actually a god, it's all up to the believer to define his god however he likes. In my background I believed in a self-existent God. Questions about where God came from and all that didn't make any sense. This was the point, I would explain, about God - is that he is the one thing, the one being, who is perpetually existent and has no beginning or end.

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