Cultures and Subcultures.

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Cultures and Subcultures.

We all belong to cultures and subcultures. We associate with different groups.
I am an atheist.
I am a Marine(inactive). There is no such thing as a former Marine. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Semper Fi!
I am Irish75%/Cherokee25%. I identify as white.
I am American. I am a natural born USA citizen.
I am a Liberal Progressive.
I am an active sports player and fan.
I am a writer and reader.
I am male.
I am heterosexual.
I am a baby boomer.
I live in the suburbs. I live in the Dallas area.
I don't do drugs or alcohol.
I speak English.
I am self employed, and I am a retired USMC.
These are my cultures and subcultures. These aspects of my life shape my attitudes of the world.
So when I discuss things my perspective is formulated from that point of view.
Everyone has certain influences that come from their culture and subcultures.
What may be yours?

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I am an atheist.

I am an atheist.
I am a......High School Student.
I am Russian85%/Italian15%. I identify as white.
I am American. I am a natural born USA citizen.
I am undecided.
I am an active Simulator player (Not video games. Simulators. Fine line of difference). Also extremely active in the furry community(judge if you will).
I am a Role player.
I am male.
I am heterosexual.
I was born at the turn of the century.
I live in the "ghetto" (modern use). I live in the Batesville AR area.
I don't do drugs or alcohol.
I speak English. And very minute amounts of Russian.
I am not employed.

Hope that works.

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