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@ Sauron

@ Sauron

I was referring to you. You only seem to want to antagonize. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

Note that I'm not defending mykcob4's posts here, he'll have to do that for himself.

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I especially come down hard

I especially come down hard on him because of how he acts elsewhere. He usually comes in calling people "Christian crackpots". He has accused many people of being brainwashed drones simply for defending philosophy(Not even tied to Christianity). He says theism leads to "retardation and a slew of hate crimes against humanity". He's the only one I've seen to be like this in these forums. Even in threads not about God or religion. He has even called threads made by RadicalWhiggery trolling(since he thinks it is proselytizing but the dude isn't even a Christian nor are the arguments even to support the Christian God or any religion's doctrines).

On the side you aren't defending, this is part of it for this thread. I can't take victim culture seriously for people in the US. Regardless of group claiming it. Save rare circumstances. I don't care if it's atheists, Jews,Christians,etc. There are certain exceptions for certain areas of course for any number of groups but this is not enough to justify a group is actually oppressed. I feel like the atheists who are truly oppressed worry less about things like the word God being on money or a Christian saying bless you when you sneeze(Which honestly isn't even limited to religious people) even a Christian saying they will pray for you isn't oppressive. At the worst, it might be smug? Usually, it's coming from a good place. I'd call this country overall pretty good for people of all walks of life. Which is why I can't take people saying their group is oppressed seriously.

to show I'm not bias, the whole gay marriage decision brought out a lot of Christians who believed this was oppression of their values. This is not oppression. Although I personally don't believe the government should have their hands in marriage gay or straight. Is their hostility to atheists in some places? Absolutely. Is their hostility to Christians in some places? Absolutely. But neither of these two things justifies the oppression syndrome some members of both trot out.

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We think you are the troll.

We think you are the troll. Shit, you are clueless

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You see how people here disagree with you. I never clicked on "agree" on my own post. I don't need to. They have exposed YOU as the TROLL. You started with the "snowflake" bullshit, but you couldn't have known who I really am. I am not thin skinned. I just put up with bullshit. YOU are the one foaming at the mouth. "christian crackpot" upsets you yet you call ME thin skinned. What a fucking hypocrite. You ignore the facts that have been provided to you by more than just I. Everything that YOU have claimed here has been proven wrong and credible sources cited.
How embarrassing for you. How pathetic you are. So sad, so sad. Oh, and BTW just because the FED recognizes "christmas" as an official holiday is the point. It shouldn't be because it is purely a religious holiday, and even more specific it is solely a christian holiday.
You didn't believe that Texas is perverting education with religious nonsense yet it has been proven.
You didn't believe in blue laws, yet it has been proven.
You didn't believe that people were being forced to participate in singing "god bless america" yet it has been proven.
So YOU are the troll. Just another fucking christian goofball, ignoring the truth and trolling!

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No one is trolling except you

No one is trolling except you though. And you're wrong yet again snowflake lol.

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HAHAHAHAHA how pathetic.

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This person has arguments

This person has arguments that make sense and he is called a troll. Strange that nobody really comes down hard on the people using words like, "snowflake". Some here think we have to be tolerant of christians that come here and cause trouble. I don't! Call them out! This is for non believers. I didn't come here to debate what the other side thinks. I know what they think and how they work to pit one against the other. They start a thread and say things to get like minded people fighting while they sit back and laugh.

I for one agree with that you said. Remember that even some atheists can be assholes and think we need to be respectful to the other side. I don't. That is what I get while attending anti-trump protests. Speak your mind. If they don't like it. Fuck them!

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@Mykcob4 "God Bless America"

@Mykcob4 "God Bless America" is a religious song that states that if you are not christian you are not a patriot!"

Ironic. It was written by Jew named Israel Baline (aka Irving Berlin).

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Pretty much the only time

Pretty much the only time atheists have a hard time is when they go about advertising their views in an opposition-heavy surround. That would be atheism running a distant second to stupid. Why would I impeach myself in that manner? Is atheism a persuasion I think important enough to prostrate myself in front of its enemies? Feck no. I'd be bowing, genuflecting, mumbling inaudible praises, gesticulating and doing all in the du jour direction of any appropriate point on the compass rose. I just don't care. If it's religion that keeps me from risk I'll keep it carefully locked in the bullshit compartment in my head alongside other gems life has insisted I be exposed to.

Inconsequential things often become life-threatening risks when carelessly bandied about.

Religious or non-religious convictions are simply not worth spilled blood and I'm willing to wager both sides agree. When blood is spilled it isn't because there's a meaningless line drawn in the sand. It's because of the stupidity queued up on either side of that line. I choose to claim what I feel when freedom to express it is my privilege and then STFU when it isn't. Pretty simple, really, and I'm neither a champion for being honest nor a coward for guarding myself, respectively speaking.

In other words, I do not have a penchant for playing a victim's role in life. There's plenty of imbeciles who do and I'm perfectly happy to extend to them a greased downhill run towards it. I'm charitable that way.

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I joined this site in hopes

I joined this site in hopes to find free thinking adults who, even if they don't agree, would listen and talk things through. Sadly I've found hot-headed closed minds whom are ready to blow a gasket at any moment. When someone sneezes I say bless you. Not because of any beliefs other than being nice. What should I say? Hope you're not dying? It's just a saying. Yeah, it's crap they put god into everything but do you believe that those in charge actually believe? How could they? People with power like to put on a holier-than- thou facade to control. I think it has more to do with political agenda. Schools are awful all around. I asked some kids a few questions about geography and current events. They couldn't answer any of them and they were easy. I believe it's pushed to keep the masses looking anywhere but in the right direction. Keep the citizens stupid and afraid. Unless you plan to form your own society you'll just have to take it in stride. Teach those who will listen and avoid those who won't.

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@The Slaugh

@The Slaugh
Of course, YOU would say the "god bless you" is just a saying. You are a non-atheist. The saying is condescending, it isn't polite. It assumes that everyone believes in YOUR god. You want open-mindedness, then don't push christianity on everyone even if it is just a small push. The fact that schools are bad is because of several reasons.
1) Republicans keep cutting funding.
2) Emphasizing pop culture over basic education.
3) christians forcing their SHIT into public schools.
4) Making football more important than academics.

Yes, it is more about a political agenda. Religion is nothing more than politics.

This site is full of free thinkers. The thing is that christians come to this site to proselytize, not discuss. When they make a claim (and it is always a bold claim), It is always proved wrong with facts and logic. Then the christians get MAD because we just don't accept the christian dogma.
I started this thread to show what a typical day in the life of an atheist faces. How we as a demographic are subjected to religious bullshit everywhere we go no matter what we do.
"god bess you" is an INSULT, not a courtesy.
If You sneezed and I used a typical islamic phrase, I'm quite sure you would be insulted that assumed that YOU were muslim OR should be.
If at a MBL game if the whole stadium was asked to stop what they are doing and face Mecca out of respect for Allah, YOU would be mad.
All you have to do is just substitute any typical christian practice wit whatever religious practice that YOU don't agree with, and THEN you might understand how it feels.
If you sneezed and I said "may the devil be with you", you would be insulted.
So YOU should open YOUR mind, not make some off-handed insulting statement because YOUR religion isn't revered and accommodated here.

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I am in full agreement,

I am in full agreement, especially the 1 through 4 statements you have made. I was asked if I am going to watch the super bowl today by a friend. No, I said. I have better things to do than to watch a bunch of over paid wife abusers being honored for what? Maybe the half time show Lady Gaga will speak her mind about politics, that would be worth watching for me. I grew up being beat by jocks and really have no use for any of them. They would pass their classes with bad grades because they could throw a ball. I had to work my ass off to get good grades like everyone else but the chosen few.

As far as the God Bless You after a sneeze, I usually say the, " Gazoontite" ( I am sure the spelling is not correct), but you know what I mean. I also know about the war on atheist around the holidays. There is no war on christmas, as every time I was in a store they all said merry christmas. There is no separation of church and state, it is political and only going to get worse I'm afraid.


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