“Day of Prayer for Kentucky’s Students”

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“Day of Prayer for Kentucky’s Students”

A Kentucky State Rep has pre-filed a bill for a day of prayer for students.


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I pray this does not happen :

I pray this does not happen :)

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I don't see why this is

I don't see why this is needed since most religious ppl pray everyday anyway.

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Religion is an individual

Religion is an individual right, not a public one. I can't understand why christians feel that they have the right to impose their bullshit myth on everyone else!

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To quote Jon Stewart,

To quote Jon Stewart, "Christians want not equal status for Christianity, but higher status."

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In my eyes, a great deal of

In my eyes, a great deal of preferential treatment for Christianity stems from the gross misrepresentation of the founding fathers of the United States. The (false) assumption that since they were White farmers they were Christian, has given rise to the fallacious appeal to tradition that defends Christianity today. Yet again, it stands to reason that quality education would solve our problems.

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