Dealing with born again Christians trying to “share”

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Dealing with born again Christians trying to “share”

Hi everyone!
I’m Michael, I work in social care. I’m currently working with a born again Christian family, sound enough family just a bit too religious and narrow minded for my liking. How do YOU best deal with interactions like this while staying polite? Thanks in advance.

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I have a coworker who is

I have a coworker who is extremely religious. Everything is praise the lord. 'I'm happy today because Jesus is in my heart.: I just say things like "good for you." I was once asked if I believed in Jesus and I told her that I am not religious. It never stops her from her silliness but work is not the place to have a religious discussion. I am sure that if I were confronted I would just do the street epistemology stuff.

The focus is on, "do you care what is true." "How do you know?"

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Never came across street

Never came across street epistemology before, cheers for that!

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Michael Ireland,

Michael Ireland,

"How do YOU best deal with interactions like this while staying polite?"

Unfortunately you have a job that requires you to be cordial and pleasant in order to be effective. You get better results if you are likable and joyful to be around. So if you want to continue you have to fake it. Appear to take an interest in their nonsense. You can always tell us stories about their delusions or get a job as a long-haul trucker driver.

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I am polite. If someone talks

I am polite. If someone talks to me, I stop work, put down my tools, turn to them, and listen politely. Eventually they realize that as long as they are talking, I am not resolving their problems.

If they ask me why I am not working, I inform them that I am working on dangerous voltages and I must have 100% focus to be safe.

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I find the best way to deal

I find the best way to deal with born again Christians is to slice them really thin and then dry the slices in the sun before applying pigment and ink. I use a Hobart meat slicer on a #2 setting. Before applying the pigment and ink, be sure the slices of Christian are completely dry. To get a smooth surface you can use a steam iron to press out the wrinkles. Once the surface is smooth outline your basic shapes and cut them out. Red Dye #3 works great for diamonds and hearts. Indian ink is excellent for clubs and spades. Once the ink dries you might want to press them with the iron once again. I recommend doing this under a sheet of wax paper. Ironing the Christian slices under wax paper will put a thin film of wax over their exposed surface and that will decrease resistance when you begin dealing with them. That's my recipe anyway. Good luck to you and have fun dealing with the Christians.

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@Cog Re: Dealing with

@Cog Re: Dealing with Christians

Hey, thanks for the wax paper tip! Never thought of that before!... *thumbs up*...

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Aversion therapy...punch them

Aversion therapy...punch them in the arm real hard every time they say the word "jesus".

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@Michael Ireland

@Michael Ireland
I tell them they are free to express their opinions for 2 minutes if they promise to listen to my opinion for 2 minutes. I let them go first, as I suggested the method of conversation. I calmly and politely listen, then I start on my side.

I usually last about 10-15 seconds before the theist apologist interrupts me. I remind them I listened to their opinion for 2 minutes without interrupting them. Then continue. Some people continue to interrupt, others let me finish. Usually they have rebuttals either during or after my 2 minutes. I state we can continue, but if they want to do 2 minutes of rebuttals I get to do the same. Most usually figure out it is not worth their time, that they know they are not going to convince me in 2 minutes, they will make some sort of excuse or some sort of "let us talk about this more later" but never do.

I did have one co-worker that however would just not let it go. I was forced to take greater measures. First I tried: well lets trade books, you give me one book you would like me to read about your opinion and I give one book of similar length/ease to read for them to read. The rare times I resorted to this trick it always ends with them not reading my book fully with allows me to end the conversation each time it is brought up. Of course this one coworker I mentioned above, even that did not work, (he never read the book,) but would continue to harass me whenever he saw an opportunity to bring it up even if I stated I read his book but know clearly he had not read the book I gave him.

I finally went to HR (thankfully this organization had one!), and stated that a worker was pushing his beliefs on me and it was interfering with my ability to get work done. I did not say to HR he was wrong and I was right, I simply stated the person was distracting me from work. HR did what HR does and tried to mediate both of us in a few constructive conversations and advise us to avoid each other. Not unsurprisingly this is when this coworker decided he could no longer "work with me." So HR moved him to a different department of which he readily agreed to. Never heard from the guy again but did notice he was absent from the next few "all hands" company wide meetings and holiday work parties that year. I am guessing he left or got fired from the company sometime shortly after his department transfer. I couldn't be bothered to find out.

I will admit it did help I came from a position of strength. He was a whole lot more replaceable then I was within the company. If the opposite was true I might of been the one that got booted to a different department.


I am an atheist that always likes a good debate
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Prank Call their Hotlines
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Even if you don't share their

Even if you don't share their beliefs, listening respectfully can set a positive tone for the conversation. Acknowledge their intentions and the importance of their faith in their lives.

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Show respect for their

Show respect for their beliefs, even if you don’t agree with them. This doesn’t mean you have to engage in discussions about their faith, but acknowledging that their beliefs are important to them can go a long way.

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