The depressing thought.

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The depressing thought.

Does it make anyone actually shudder in their skin that as a society we'd rather believe in something that has no evidence behind it and base some crucial decisions that can affect humanity in a beneficial way. Rather than actually use our most amazing resource, science, to determine what is the best for humanity. The sad truth is, humans are depressing, and for us to actually still believe this religious mumbo shit past the dark ages..? I mean, we're the outcome of a long process of evolution , we are genetic anomalies, top of the food chain, we're number 1. But, most of our minds are so easily shrouded by something that is so ridiculous and farfetched. It's extremely depressing to think about, any thoughts?

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This is quite depressing but

This is quite depressing but we should no waste our time thinking why still there are many people who believe on hoax instead we should think on ways how to build our lives better and become more intellectual and awaken species so we can eventually attract others to our lights.

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what i find depressing is

what i find depressing is that humans r so easily led astray,, and that they still refuse to use the greatest "invention" (pun intended) there is, what would really be interesting to discuss, is if no person was ever taught religion till they were say 18, or what ever the age of consent is in a country, and see whether people still follow, can you blame society that has be molded since birth? what is interesting to study is how people deal with new information that contradicts strong held beliefs.

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Yes i think we could all but

Yes i think we could all but guarantee no religion existing in say 50-100 years if children were not exposed to religion until adulthood.

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Most of them believe in God

Most of them believe in God because they are afraid of what happens when they die. That's why most religious people are hypocrites. They preach to "help" the poor and most of the time they just promote their religion to the them; although sometimes they donate useful things like food, water or clothes. But I don't really think religion is necessary to help people, to them is just an excuse to not think about death. Moreover, a lot of religious people only help because they are expecting a reward (heaven), we should be helping people because we care. Finally, I think they use religion to claim they are "good" without actually doing something; as most people who are religious just attend to their respective cults and don't actually do something productive, instead they just pray to walls and ceilings.

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"But, most of our minds are

"But, most of our minds are so easily shrouded by something that is so ridiculous and far-fetched. It's extremely depressing to think about, any thoughts?"

Tell me about it, I live in a country where 97% are Catholic Christians

How ever don't panic, it will only take a few 100 years and all religions will be wiped out.
The moment that we get by law that no type of brainwashing on kids is allowed, is the moment this evil child mental rape ends.
Then the end of nonsense ends with it.

If you want it before that then you should start a crusade or something :P

A few more billion dead because of religion does help. Not that it will convince the stupid, but it will reduce their numbers. lol

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There are religious people

There are religious people who are serious on their belief and live in accordance to the human moral value. There are people who are changed and stop on their immoral acts because of their religions so I can say that having a religion is not that bad at all.

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You realise these 'moral'

You realise these 'moral' people have given money to cover up child molestation.
These 'moral' people continue to support religions that have been responsible for the worst atrocities in history.

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It is not that bad true.

It is not that bad true.

But because they don't truly follow their religion but what their local church says about their religion.

There is no true christian in this world.
There is only a bunch of hypocrites that think they are following their religion.

You can only see the bad when you are not doing it sometimes and that is what we see when we look at your church condemning gays to hell or discrimination in this life.
or when they ban condoms for absolutely no reason at all.
or when they cover for child rapists.

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Yes i cannot say an outsider

Yes i cannot say an outsider would consider any religion we have as good.
It rely bugs me a christian can see why islam is inherently bad and a muslim can see why christianity is inherently bad but neither can see that their own religion is bad even if they are truly good moral people.

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