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I mean, the adversary is dumb

I mean, the adversary is dumb but not so dumb as to do nothing when someone finds genuine sites. Slander and defamation is his job - nothing else to do really.

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This is a much better Red Sea

This is a much better Red Sea Exodus Story.

It is not evidence of anything yet.

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That’s a typical sensational

That’s a typical sensational rubbish article.

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An email has begun

An email has begun proliferating this year titled, “The Red Sea Crossing,” or, “Parting of the Red Sea,” or, “Chariot Wheels Found in Red Sea,” and it is being passed around so much with so little investigation that has begun a page on the email and its claims. I suspect that the email is part of an advertising campaign for a film due out in Fall 2008, starring a creationist named Dr. Lennart Moller (not an archeologist, but a biologist) and titled, “The Exodus Conspiracy”

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Archaeologists have

Archaeologists have discovered Pharaoh's chariot and the bones of horses and men under the Red Sea.



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Wow, I am

Wow, I am so grateful that such unbiased institutions exist who expose all those fraudulent claims :-)

I mean, how dumb can you get...

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Jake - I mean, how dumb can

Jake - I mean, how dumb can you get...

I know right? This one time: some guy came here and claimed that gold plated chariots were found at the bottom of the dead sea.

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Really Nyarlathotep? How

Really Nyarlathotep? How dumb can you get...

edit: to correct a misspelled name.

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There was no Exodus from

There was no Exodus from Egypt. The Hebrews (Jews, Israelites, whatthefuckeverites) did not exist as a people until 800 BCE, about 700 years AFTER the supposed Exodus occurred. The very first mention of "Hebrews" was on an Egyptian artifact dating to 800 to 820 BCE. The name "Hebrew" is actually derived from the Assyrian word asshur, later becoming ashurwa, later hebru and hebrew. And the name asshur did not appear until about 900 BCE, becoming hebrew around 800 BCE.

Another proof is how long were the Hebrews supposedly enslaved in Egypt? 430 years? Yet in all that time not one word of Hebrew appears in the Egyptian language, AND not one word of Egyptian appears in the Hebrew language. America is about the same age now. Yet look at American English and see how many words from other languages have incorporated into it. Especially Spanish. This alone is proof there were NEVER any Hebrews ever in Egypt.

Think Critically about that.



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