Disturbed's song "Deceiver" the perfect song to explane religion?

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Disturbed's song "Deceiver" the perfect song to explane religion?

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The Lyrics are better then

The Lyrics are better then the song. lol


Hozier - Take Me To Church


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As a die-hard Disturbed fan,

As a die-hard Disturbed fan, I disagree (not saying your wrong)

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BTW, good song linked.

BTW, good song linked.

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Music is about what goes well

Music is about what goes well with your character and sometimes situation.

There is no good or bad in it.

just don't make other people hear that, not even as a joke :P

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Okay I watched the video and

Okay I watched the video and listened to the music and lyrics.
1) Music is gimmicky and BORING!!!! Obviously the "musicians" were complete amateurs that went to the guitar store and got a book on power chords. They tried to put every simple power chord in the song.
2) The lyrics are pure nonsense. Every 12-14 year old thinks like that in some way or another. Equating "authority" with a blood sucking vampire. Vampires have been done to death along with zombies. The structure and make up of the lyrics was at best cliche and sophomoric. A poor attempt at symbolism.
I didn't like it because I am 58 and there is a generation gap. I didn't like it because it is pure unadulterated rubbish.
Okay if you want symbolism with music and lyrics and real chord progression, and transition to hard rock or metal guitar. Queen was excellent at it. Led Zeppelin, Z Z Top and any number of 70's rock bands. Hell Ted Nugent was better at originality with heavy metal power chords, and I absolutely loathe Ted Nugent. His music and his politics! I have to respect his talent though which the people on the video don't have.
Here's a list of what metalheads think are the best 25 metal bands of all time:
Of the 25 I only think Judas Priest and AC/DC are worthy to be on the list at all.
I live near and know the guys in Pantera...don't like them and know they have absolutely NO talent whatsoever. They made a lot of money and fooled a lot of people. They really can't play their instruments very well, which is fortunate because they are always higher than high and drunk off of their asses.

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And this, my good sir, is

And this, my good sir, is what we call a matter of opinion.

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Yes, albeit a qualified one.

Yes, albeit a qualified one. Okay I get that you are a Disturbed fan. Pure angst has it's attraction. You're 16 so you're going to find what you best relate to. I'm not saying that your opinion isn't valid. Of course your opinion is valid. My comments about the video and song were yes, my taste, but also technical in nature.

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Okay lets take a look at

Okay lets take a look at Disturbed is saying in this song. I think that it is a pure teenage angst song rebelling against all authority, but I also believe he is talking about a bad relationship. I think that the real "deceiver" is a girlfriend that cheated on him. That when he discovered her deceit she just laughed at him... "sucked the blood"... and then mocked him for his display of hurtful pain ergo...."don't die puppy"...

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That's not my interpretation

That's not my interpretation of it. There are many in fact. To each his own.

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There's always the simplistic

There's always the simplistic....


My favorites are still 'Imagine' (a good anthem for an Atheist Republic?), 'Yes I Am an Atheist' (Jonny Eve) & The Galaxy Song' (Monty Python).

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And I agree with your point

And I agree with your point of view. Download the music video at https://soundcloudtomp3downloader.net/fr/francais/

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If you want to set the song

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