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Public information announcement:

"fred,k" is actually the infamous troll of the Atheist Republic forum.

Generally referred to as "Kenny", has been banned many times under different names.
Previously known aliases include: "Kenny Schweiger", "Kenny", "myself", "alleycat", "richardd", "Christopher", "marken", "punkin", "amber", "Simon".

Claims to be an atheist. But he has a fondness for using "sarcasm", even though no one ever gets his sarcasm and he has been told this many times, he keeps posting such deceiving comments.

He seems obsessed with religions, creationists and the stupidity of Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Joel Osteen, Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, Vanna White, Sarah Palin, etc.

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fred,k (or more commonly

fred,k (or more commonly referred to as Kenny) also likes to his express views that seem to match exactly the cartoon version of atheism that many theists think we hold. He is either mentally ill, or a parody ( I guess i tend to give him the benefit of doubt and assume he is the latter.

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Pragmatic--You have to admit

Pragmatic--You have to admit many of my posts and sarcasm are funny. You just won't admit it. The whole idea of religious people(not Christians) who go to purgatory(limbo) and if they find Jesus in Purgatory then they get to go to heaven. All atheists go to hell where they are immersed in fire and elephant dung. How is it possible for ANYONE to take me seriously. The whole "post" was totally ridiculous and funny but you just can't admit it. What is not funny about Donald Trump, Joel Osteen, Sarah Palin, John Lennox, Ted Cruz, Bill Oreilly etc----Come on that's funny-Just admit it. If you stop calling me a troll I will continue to stop making fun of your half face.. ...........................I left out Vanna White-Vanna White---- Wheel of Fortune-FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY

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Sorry but no. Not funny, just

Sorry but no. Not funny, just tiresome.
You rantings like the post above, reminds me of some character like The Joker in Batman, desperately laughing at his own jokes, while everyone else just cringes.

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Pragmatic-It seems you are

Pragmatic-It seems you are right-not just you but everyone either took me seriously(no matter how absurd or ridiculous my comments were) or didn't think my sarcasm was funny. Ok I throw my hands up in the air-and say "uncle"(uncle means-I give up. . I think I am funny-very funny. I am also very handsome in a funny kind of way. But I will try to control myself but I am afraid like a drug addict going through withdrawal--no matter how much I try not to be funny--the funny will come out. Maybe counseling or therapy will help. Is it ok for me to comment on your half face if I say it in a serious way rather than a funny way. Like your half face is very handsome. I am serious not funny.

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The thing is: those "absurd

The thing is: those "absurd or ridiculous comments" are what is actually being said. So, we take it seriously.

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Austin-In you picture you

Austin-In you picture you look kind of attractive in a funny kind of way. I do think you would look better without the hat. When ideas, thoughts or beliefs seem absurd or ridiculous they are so outrageous that anyone who takes them seriously is either stupid or has half a brain. This is called satire. When you get older you will understand "humor" and satire and won't get fooled outrageous ridiculous exaggerated comments are meant to be ridiculed and not taken seriously. Keep the glasses -get rid of the hat-smile. God Bless


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