DOMA, The Supreme Court decision, and homosexuality.

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DOMA, The Supreme Court decision, and homosexuality.

I would be interested to know everyone's honest opinion on the US supreme court's recent decision to strike down the defence of marriage act. Also your views on homosexuality in general.

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Very happy. The court did

Very happy. The court did its job and struck down an unconstitutional law that crapped all over the Equal Protection Clause. We have no need for laws rooted in ignorance and mythology. I see absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuality. Efforts to stigmatize and shame them are finally being pushed back.

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According to other supporters

According to other supporters of homosexuality, being homosexual is not just a gender preference, it is some sort of biological disorder that need not to be treated but must be understood and accepted. For me, respect to everybody is essential for us to have a better world.

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First, for those who wave the

First, for those who wave the Bible in our faces when the GLBT issue comes up, here is a very thorough refutation of that bullcrap argument -- the main thrust being that the founder of Christianity said explicitly in the New Testament said we could ignore Torah law (i.e. the Leviticus rule on gays), and that the one-man-one-woman rule for marriage was almost never followed in the Bible.

Also, for anyone who screeches that homosexuality is, no. Homosexuality happens throughout nature, whereas religious belief depends entirely on miraculous violations of nature.

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I really don't understand why

I really don't understand why the US government had any opinion of homosexuality in the first place. How is it an important political issue? Gay people pay their taxes just like straight people, so why should they care?

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It's because of the political

It's because of the political power the evangelicals have built up over the last for decades. They've made a determined effort to insert themselves into positions of power, and now they very nearly run one of the two major political parties. This is also why we are re-litigating women's reproductive rights. It's a sad situation, but I'm hoping their numbers will decline to the point where they are just a noisy annoyance rather than a theocratic threat.

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Unfortunately, right now it

Unfortunately, right now it looks like they're just annoying enough that people will give into any concession just to shut them up :(

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I am not sure either, they

I am not sure either, they are using powers which they simply should not have, people of the world should be free to be precisely whoever they would like to be.

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The only real problem with

The only real problem with homosexuality is that people still view it as a bad thing and this is why it remains as a bad thing. I'm sure that if there was no prejudice attached to it, there would be a lot of happy gay people (no pun intended). I'm straight but I have no problem with them at all.

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I am very happy with that

I am very happy with that decision. the equal protection clause was meant for everyone not just straight people. Gay people deserves the same rights and privileges everybody else have...

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They really deserve to be

They really deserve to be happy especially if they are not causing harm to other people. Love have different kind and so gender. We should not judge the feelings of other people.

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Agreed, and so called

Agreed, and so called Christians should also agree with you as they are not supposed to judge.

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I cannot possibly agree any

I cannot possibly agree any more, everybody in the world deserves to be truly happy, people should be entirely free to express their feelings regardless of gender!

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Agreed, of course :) If only

Agreed, of course :) If only all theists would remember that they are not supposed to judge!

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I don’t understand why ANY

I don’t understand why ANY government is concerned about people’s sexual orientation. This is 2013 and this topic shouldn’t have to be discussed anymore. It is time to move on to something really important. This is a tiresome issue. As a Canadian politician once said, “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” Gays getting married has been legal in Canada for 10 years now.

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What matter more is the

What matter more is the person itself not the sexual preference, I mean how one live and treat others.
All deserve respect and acceptance.

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