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Dorian y'all

"In Folly Beach, South Carolina, many restaurants and shops wasted no time in boarding up, but some hurricane-hardened residents had yet to decide whether to heed the evacuation order.

“If it comes, it comes. You know, God always provides, y’all,” Sammye Wooded said."

Maybe if this guy survives, he can be the next theist to grace us with his wisdom.

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Have the fundamentalist

Have the fundamentalist theists declared whether it was the LGBTI's or the abortionists who started this one this time?

I suspect it was those god damn climate change supporters stirring shit up with their evil doings and such.

...sarcasm, y'all.

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Didn't you hear? They are

It seems the religious nutters are claiming the hurricane is a "false flag".

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Hurricanes + other highly covered major weather events are just fodder for the religions, they love these disasters.

Take the east coast of the US, 25+ million people live near the east coast (southern east coast anyways.) If they "prey" for the hurricane to not hit them, 99% of them will most likely not get hit much, if at all. Then of course, their "god" gets credit for the near miss.

So, 99% of the time for the religious fools, their prayer worked, and for those that got hit? Oh well god had a plan, perhaps it was somehow deserved or something. Only if they have close family/friends actually greatly impacted by this do they even begin to question, hey! Yo! God wtf?

A slightly different topic, should we be rebuilding in these places impacted by hurricanes? The hurricanes are only going to get worse, as evidenced in grand bahamas, you cant even really build any sort of structure at almost any expense that can withstand what happened there. Concrete buildings fell down, and even if the building did survive, there will be no power, water, sewage, roads, police, hospitals, even an airport really, for likely a month +

If Puerto Rico is any indication (grand bahamas got hit far worse!) These problems will go on for years and years. (Many parts of Puerto rico still does not have reliable power... not that I think they ever did...


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I still chuckle when, a few

I still chuckle when, a few years ago, Wolf Blitzer was interviewing a gal whose house was demolished by a hurricane. He asked if she thanked the lord that she and her baby survived. She said, “Actually, I’m atheist.”

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Thank you Jay sus for

Thank you Jay sus for destroying my house. Your mercy is unlimited.

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@ As the World Turns:

@ As the World Turns:
Typhoon Lingling knocks out power for thousands in South Korea. I just walked to the laundry to do my bed clothing and was quite taken buy the dark gray clouds racing across the sky. The winds are gusting at up to 30MPH which isn't very much in my estimate. Life is moving about pretty much as normal. I keep getting emergency alerts on my phone and there is no damage around here but Lingling is expected to get stronger in this area as the day wears on.... Amazingly, no rain yet but the sky is about as dark as I have seen it in spots.

On a side note: Who in the hell names a hurricane "Lingling" Sounds like "Fufu" or "Lolly" so some other rich ladies name for a dog.

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I despise when people thank

I despise when people thank god they survived, or their house wasn’t destroyed, but most of the fucking town lies in ruins. Nice touch you bunch of Jesus goobersmoochers.

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@Pirate Jack: (Tell us how

@Pirate Jack: (Tell us how you really feel!!!) ;-)

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Hey Cog! It never fails! I’ve

Hey Cog! It never fails! I’ve seen it so many times where some idiot will declare Devine intervention while his next door neighbors have their home blown apart! What makes it worse it when the fucking media trumps it up! And then you have the brain dead fucks praying to god to save them from a hurricane he (supposedly) created! Goddamn it !

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Bugger thanking god. People

Bugger thanking god. People in Florida should be thanking whoever it was that persuaded Donald Trump not to attack Hurricane Dorian with a hydrogen bomb. Is he really that crazy?

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@Pirate Jack: https://www

@Pirate Jack:

If you have not seen this you will love it. HERE IS HOW YOU COME OUT AS AN ATHEIST (Okay, it's a bit slow but hang in there because it gets good.)

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