Easy ways to prove to a thiest about the non-existence of god

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@Scott H .....

@Scott H .....

I'm sorry you don't feel comfortable enough to respond to my request for you to post three extracts that you
believe demonstrate the bible's accuracy. But never mind.....

"You have completely ignored what I said to try to make a point."

Yes.... well spotted...... I did ignore your attempt to run a modified version of "Pascal's Wager"...
Personally I don't play these games ....
Are you aware that it dates to the 17th century ?....
Are you aware that there are 4 major objections to you wager ?
If you wish to find out more..... (I doubt you will... but some other reader may ) follow this link...


"The Bible states, as interpreted by man from a vision sent by God that this what happened."

Really ?.... and just where does the bible say that this information was passed on in a vision...?

" Let's be honest, you are tryong, very poorley I might add, to make it look as if I do not have a point."

Tryong ..?? Of course I am.... from my perspective you have no "point" .... there is no god...
the bible is lies and you refuse to try to justify your position.
What other position is open to me..?

"I asked a specific question about a very well defined hypothetical question.
You are avoiding answering it because you know I have a point."

No... I am refusing to participate in you futile parlour game.....
Pascals Wager asks the same sort of question as ,"Have you stopped beating your wife ,Yes or No?
It is an attempt to manipulate the conversation to a pre defined result.... it is intelectualy dishonest.

"Quit trying to avoid it, it was a straight on question."

No it wasn't.

You claim this is ,"Sort of a safe place?".....

and for some of our newer members it is just that..... although I myself am in no need of a safe place...
I am quite capable of defending my own positions..

Unlike yourself... it would appear.

Given a free run at demonstrating your position you refuse.... Well that is your choice....

But I must point out it does seem that you came here without the gilded banner of belief ...
without the great flag of faith..... with nothing but the white handkerchief of hope .....
and a raged forlorn hope at that.

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Your entire argument is empty

Your entire argument is empty, remember you said you pick and choose and interrupter the bible. That means you can't quote scriptures to us, you don't believe in their validity. Believing only the word of god presents itself here and there the rest is trash.
Do you believe me when I tell I have laid hands on 18 people, 100% dead and through my touch they were healed, they again breathed fresh air. Does that make me a god? Or worthy or worship? I can walk on water technology allows this, as it can turn water into wine and any cook worth it's salt can turn a couple of fish into a feast for the masses.
Look at least make up your own religion so you have a MAN to stand behind. My gods make me believe in time travel, visiting other planets and a world one day where people will get behind the cause of making the world a better place and not only present your life as a path to the next. Where, again, you will hang out with a god and the people that you have no confidence in.
Good luck on getting to heaven, the rest of us will work in your absence.

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Nice try Pokefan 0047, but

Nice try Pokefan 0047, but you are just busting for a meaningless "do not tempt the lord thy god" response (Deuteronomy 6:16, Luke 4:12, Matthew 4:7 and various others).

You can pray for miracles and magic powers like those of Jesus but you can't just ask god to do any old thing that would prove his existence. Its very rude.

In light of your post I am highly sceptical that you could muster 'full devotion' for the task.

Besides, like royalty, god does not do selfies.

Then again they could just kill you. "There! Say hi to god for us when you meet."
Take much care young Jedi.....

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OP, from my experience there

OP, from my experience there really isn't much you can do to convince others that there isnt a god otherwise nobody would believe. But a quote I really like is "Is free will a byproduct of sin? If theres no sin in heaven, then theres no free will in heaven." Try that :)

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Stu. K.,

Stu. K.,

All the heavenly recruits get a lobotomy! Thus, they are in no danger of pooping sin on God's carpet.

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I agree, Stu. K., but we only

I agree, Stu. K., but we only have to live our own individual lives. If we adopt our atheism for good reasons, and share with others our thoughts, philosophies and beliefs, it might sway them, (perhaps ever so slightly), to reconsider. Who knows, that may lead to major changes in some other individual's thinking, and life.

Some people, it seems, may never be swayed, but as Pokefan 0047 said: "why should we stop?" [trying to sway them]. To paraphrase Edmund Burke, "For bad ideas, and bad actions to hold sway, all that is needed is for good people, with good ideas, to do nothing". And it's so darned easy to do nothing, or to quit. Let's not.

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Joker card to be played on

Joker card is being played on Scott H.
He triggered a gun on himself.

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In any debate you want to

In any debate you want to avoid the fluff and attack the basic belief. The fluff can always be cited for or against the basic proposition.

God Exists is the assertion. How do you know
Miracles How do you know they are real
Personal Experience How do you know its reliable
Everything Esle - How do you know. Can you show me. Prove it.

You just keep asking questions. They will bury themselves in lies, faceless assertions, and fallacies of logic.

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Don't forget Thomas Aquinas's

Don't forget Thomas Aquinas's saintly miracle story.
See he did a lot for the church and they want to make him a rock star, a saint. There was a problem or 2 here one was he was basically a scholarly hermit and rarely interacted with others outside his 4 walls coupled with this he was not just curt but pretty much a people hating Archie Bunker. Searching and searching the finally found the miracle.
See when he was on his death bed he weakly turned and said I want herrings!
The underling ran to the kitchen and found no herrings.
Again "Herring!"
So this man of the church took some other fish, prepared them as herring and served.
It was then that ST TA stated one of his last utterances, he said "the best herring I ever ate!"
And so they found the miracle, see he was so close to god that not only could he turn a lesser fish into herring he could make it the best of his life.
Now that's a story to believe in!

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Pokefan 0047

Pokefan 0047
Easy ways to prove to a thiest about the non-existence of god
. . .
Well, there is only one way. [to prove "God"]
Make me meet god. I want to take a selfie with him. Or tell me a way to meet him.
I'll try that way with full devotion.
Note that if that way doesn't work, then iam gonna kick you, irrespective of the place where you are!!

This was my idea!!!
What about you whoever is reading this ??


If you could be introduced to "God" for a selfie, then it would prove "God". But if you never get introduced to "God" for a selfie with "God", (or meeting "God" somehow), it does not prove that there is no god. All it proves is that you haven't met "him".

On the other hand, you are fully reasonable and rational to say that unless and until you are given good reasons and evidence to believe that there is a god, you will not believe it, and live life accordingly. So, as atheists, in my opinion, we are right to not accept "God", without good evidence and reasons.

This does not mean rejecting "God". There are many things which theists don't accept as real, and they are as agnostic about them, as atheists are about the existence of "God", or any gods.

Theists don't accept Zeus, pink unicorns, the Flying Spaghetti Monster and many other "things", without having to have them disproved. Me too. But if someone could give me good evidence and reason to accept any of those "things", then I would have to accept the "thing" or "things" as being real. Until then I don't accept them, and live life accordingly.

Just as truly, I don't reject those things in any positive way, but I don't hold any expectation to a reasonable probability, that any of them might ever be have adequate evidence and reasoning applied to them, or shown to me, so as to give me conviction that they are real.

Cheers, Mu.


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