Easy ways to prove to a thiest about the non-existence of god

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Easy ways to prove to a thiest about the non-existence of god

While thiests are trying to prove the existence of God, why should we stop?
We too should have our own questions to ask them to trick them.
So let's think of innovative ideas to prove to them the reality.
My question to a thiest - (dialogue form)
Thiest: If you are athiest, then proove me the non existence of god!
Me: Ok I agree that I can't. But if you are thiest, then proove me the existence of god!
Thiest: how should I proove it to you? (since he can't!)
Me: Well, there is only one way.
Make me meet god. I want to take a selfie with him. Or tell me a way to meet him.
I'll try that way with full devotion.
Note that if that way doesn't work, then iam gonna kick you, irrespective of the place where you are!!

This was my idea!!!
What about you whoever is reading this ??
Comment below!!!

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Unless a theist can provide a

Unless a theist can provide a valid hypothesis for "god", there is no god to be disproved.

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The concept of god is not one

The concept of god is not one of right or wrong it is what is right for the individual.
No one believes in the same god, no one, just like no one utilizes the same logic to prove to themselves that there isn't. It is subjective. It is no more a fact to me that god doesn't exist than it is a fact to seemingly everyone else that there is.
To be against say a mormon because they are stupid is to admit that you are not only discriminating against them as say a southerner is against a black man. Don't feed on hate. Accept others and try to talk things out and through. Don't be closed minded. Know what to look out for, but be kind. It is to them a fact.

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Sometimes their "fact" is killing us! It makes sense to ask for the evidence. A claim advanced without evidence may be rejected without evidence.

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well when theists start

well when theists start conversation about god they lose all their mind and logic so I prefer not to involve in conversation with them they are ignorants so I don't waste my time on them

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Ranjeet, remember they are no

Ranjeet, remember they are no more ignorant in their beliefs then you are in yours. See them as the same with a different set of facts and not as not possessing the intelligence of you you see. They just have come to different conclusions on how to live as comfortable and safe life as they can.

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As many Christians reject the

As many Christians reject the three-for-one offer and many religionists take their cult lightly, the place to start is always to ask the theist to define their god. Many Christians disagree on its gender these days. Religious superstition varies with the vagaries of the religionist. They are superstitious to varying degrees.

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Absolutely, remember the

Absolutely, remember the oldest image of the jesus character depicts him as black. It was found in Ethiopia.
I agree that the examination of belief is the first step of ensuring it's validity in your life. Remember just like you each individual's concept of anything seen as fact is limited to input and is also evaluated and constructed within your consciousness's set of paramiters. So comandmant 5 thou shalt not kill is not in anyway shape or from black and white. It to me means no one kill nothing but to you it means thou shalt kill freely in the name of god, and 7+ billion other set of facts that we each carry around.

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They know there is no real

They know there is no real God, all they have done is exalt a might is right malignant and sexual narcissistic person/construct in it's place. They are happily miserable pathological liars.


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@Pokefan 0047.....

@Pokefan 0047.....

"Make me meet god."
"This was my idea!!!"

Maybe ..... but I'm afraid some one got there first....

"If you want me to believe in God, you must make me touch him. Denis Diderot
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors"

Denis Diderot ... 1713-1784.

(PS.... Its worth a quick check through some of the other quotes of Didderot ..... my personal favourite is.....

"Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.")

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I agree but I think you are

I agree but I think you are going very black and white in your presented quotes.
"Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest."
I feel very strongly that this is profoundly narrow an approach. If I say to you that there is a parallel universe earth with complete and utter peace due to it's unanamous belief in jebus. There is no war no hate no violence all is driven to make all better wouldn't you well say that religion is good?
It is not the catholic church or what ever group of interesting hat wearing men you follow around that is the problem but instead the fact that en mass the people who follow do so blindly and don't follow the tennenants of the fucking book the see as the answer.
Everyone has an absolutely different set of absolute concrete facts that they carry around as they try to survive the next lion, as you also do. The problem with most current religions is that instead of trying to ensure their beliefs fit at least with societal norms. When these stories were passed around fires to keep the actual lions away, were told there was a man I saw a lion.
The problem with people is that we are not only liars and absolutely manipulative but we will do anything to put others down, to keep ourselves up the pecking order. So the next idiot says "yeah well I say 4 at the same watering hole..." and the story though interesting to the one saying it, it is average, mundane. As one goes to 1000 gods are formed and melded.
If I say to you that jebus can walk on water in the sum of your experiences you would well follow jebus. If however 3 days later you chased a deer to a area where everyone can walk on water jebus dies.
When Nietzsche said god is dead and we killed him it was absolutely correct in that our facts of what jebus et al, no longer amaze. What needs to happen is to make someone see the truth.
Raise the dead! Fuck, I was a paramedic for 15 years and I did that more than once.
So really what I am saying is follow me "I got me a better story!"
Walk on water I can breath under water. Ascend, I fly every couple of months.
What needs to be shown is the the story meant to keep them amazed is not amazing. It's stagnation via Constantine actually is what made me question the supreme being touted as the way in my teens.
So question, talk, let them rant as they attempt to convert with the absolute fact that there is a god. For to them there is. It is a FACT! If a child is told what heat is it won't get it. Once it touches a "this one's too hot" bowl of porridge or get too close to a heat source they know what hot is and will continue to know it as fact for life.
If someone wants to speak to you about god and you are so inclined attempt a rational, calm and good meaning conversation.
Remember to think that anyone or thing is less than is to show that you have no understanding that everything, on the planet, is part of one family. All of us have gotten this far.
Keep marching.

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Let me ask you this. If you

Let me ask you this. If you were to visit last Vegas, and you saw four different games, all told you what the outcome would be. 2 of them told you that you would break even. No loss no gain. 1 said you would lose everything. 1 said you would gain everything you could ever imagine! Which game would you play?

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Stupid analogy Scott. It made

Stupid analogy Scott. It made no sense whatsoever.
If I told you that god would catch you if you jumped off of a cliff would you jump, would you take a leap of faith?
See how stupid analogies work now? Life isn't as simple as what you portray them to be. Why the fuck should I base my WHOLE existence, the time I have on this earth on a "might be"? A might be that has no basis in fact that is supported by nothing more than stone age folklore.

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I apologise if this comes up

I apologise if this comes up more than once. I am on mobile, makes it a bit difficult.
Not a stupid analogy, only a stupid response. I am not trying to convince you of the existance of God, asking why you believe that to be a detriment? My job requires that I understand physics, and many other sciences. My belief in no way hinders that. I realize that scientifically it is not possible to disprove, therefore it is not considered a good theory. A good theory can be disproven. So tell me, exactly why do you believe in the theories you believe in? They are all just theories. Evolution, string, infinite universes. All just theories. My point was, without knowing, a smart person takes the only one that might be a positive outcome.whT is it you believe to be a detriment? Again, please excuse the spelling, I am on mobile with rather thick fingers!

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@Scott H.

@Scott H.
You're a scientist? I don't believe it.
1) You assume what I believe. You have no idea what I believe. The only thing you could possibly know is that I don't believe in any god and that is because I have declared that fact here on my profile.
A good theory can be disproven? What kind of logic is that? First, the theory needs to be PROVEN. The god theory is nowhere near proven not even close!
Did I mention any of those other theories? NO! And they have nothing to do whether there is a god or not.
I can excuse your spelling but not your faulty argument.
My response was spot on. Your analogy was fucking stupid. Also, the theories and some aren't theories any longer, have facts to support them have been peer-reviewed, independently tested and confirmed.
The smart outcome in your ridiculous scenario was to not play at all. You say you understand physics. I doubt that. You post a test that doesn't include every possibility. You lack discretionary integrity. That exemplifies a lack of scientific understanding.

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Scott H.,

Scott H.,

Just theories? Go to a good scientific dictionary and look up "theory."

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@ Scott H: 1 said you would

@ Scott H: 1 said you would gain everything you could ever imagine! Which game would you play?

That game is called "Pascal's Wager." To win you have to assume that god is a moron who can't tell whether people are sincere believers or just pretending so they can get into heaven.

The fact that Christians still offer that ridiculous notion as an incentive to join their sect confirms to me that Christians are lacking either morality or common sense, or more likely both.

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Scott H.,

Scott H.,

The real world doesn't have such a choice, so your question is irrelevant. In reality we get to choose among 30,000 games, and at best you will win all in exactly one of them. But, you don't know which game it is and even if you played it by accident there is no reason to think that it is any better than the others. But, you must pay a hefty entry fee to play any of those games that promise you the heavens. Your last choice is to enjoy a life of reason and not pay any entry fee. Neither does it promise you the heavens. Knowing that you have but one life, that your chance of winning all is exceedingly unlikely, what would be your choice of game?

We choose a life of reason which showers us with demonstrable rewards here and now. We pass up the shot at the jackpot which has a hefty entrance fee and about a zero chance of winning. Indeed, we are not even sure there is anything in that jackpot!

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Only a fool plays any of

Only a fool plays any of those games as the house always has the advantage and the games always lie.

Don't be a fool.

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Good point Scott H, it seems

Good point Scott H, it seems black and white but it really isn't. If one asks to choose between one and less than infinity they don't understand the true odds and possibilities in every situation. If you gave me just these 4.
The smart money is on breaking even. To strive towards goals other than the betterment of yourself and all around you, to gain education and experience is to not look completely and correctly with as clear eyes as you have available.
Let's say you went for the big bucks. Any concept of normality you have in your life is absolutely gone. That much power and capital would make you an unbelievable target to everyone that like you wants the easy way. And you can't help everyone, so if your goal was to put schools or anti-churches in every neighborhood not only would it not work but it would kill you. Who you are is good enough. A fair shake is the much better answer. To believe that just one roll or card cut or scratch ticket is the answer is to say that you also believe in god. The god of power and wealth and luck. Isn't your average church goer just gambling on the hope that god is there and listening and taking into account their suffering so tomorrow, post death/payoff they will get it "all".
Try to look at all the possibilities and realize black and white just doesn't exist.

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Scott H - If you were to

Scott H - If you were to visit last Vegas, and you saw four different games, all told you what the outcome would be. 2 of them told you that you would break even. No loss no gain. 1 said you would lose everything. 1 said you would gain everything you could ever imagine!

That's not even Pascal's Wager; that is a confused mess.

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Easy peezy, lemon squeezy! We

Easy peezy, lemon squeezy! We will see!

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Exactally, whether there is a

Exactally, whether there is a god or not we only can find out once he she or it presents its self to us.
Step one is to die. Remember the true believer, not the once a week moral quarterback believes absolutely that death is the best thing that can happen. It wasn't until after years post Constantine basically wrote the bible that "suicide is bad" was adopted. See the believers were offing themselves when shit got bad. Isn't that the smartest answer to pain mental and physical? So when the church saw that their flock was avoiding all the monies they would have paid into the church's coffers it was only then that it was adopted. See the church can change on things. Once they see that all the people dying of AIDS actually means that they will not procreate and so add to the churches wealth and power within their own precious life and those to come, condoms will quickly come into fashion.

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I ask this, because there are

I ask this, because there are only 4 possibilities.
1 don't believe, your right! No loss, no gain.
2. Believe, your wrong. No loss no gain.
3. Don't believe. There is a God. You burn, or at least are separated from the grace of God. Big loss!
4. Believe. There is a God. Gain perpetual pece and paradise.
As a follow up, what is it you believe you lose by believing in God? I see no loss at all, only the possibility of a huge gain.

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How do you know that any god

How do you know that any god won't torture those who act illogically by believing something without proof?

If god exists and is at least as reasonable as me, it won't torture me for not believing something without evidence. If god is less reasonable than me, then how can anybody have any confidence in god as a rational and moral being?

Your dilemma only exists because you believe god is unreasonable.

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We believe through faith.

We believe through faith. What evidence do you have to believe as you believe? Everything you believe, or at least causes you not to believe in God, is all theory. Believe or don't. I am trying to understand how you not believing is a benefit to you. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything.

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@Scott H. You said:"What

@Scott H. You said:"What evidence do you have to believe as you believe?" That is a non-starter it assumes that not believing in a god is a belief.
You also said:"Everything you believe, or at least causes you not to believe in God, is all theory. " Again a non-starter. What causes me to NOT believe in a god is that there is no evidence of a god. That isn't a theory that is a fact.
I don't require a "benefit" to not believe in YOUR theory. I simply don't believe you and you haven't given me ANY reason TO believe you. In fact, you have given me a big reason to NOT believe you. The " believe in god just in case he is real" is not only not reasonable but ludicrous!
I don't believe in leprechauns. Using your logic (lack of logic) I should believe in leprechauns just in case they are real!

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I believe something based on

I believe something based on evidence, not faith. Faith has no value whatsoever.

All theories are based in observation, so your view that everything I believe is theory is complimentary. I suspect however I do have some failings.

The reason I do not believe in the Abrahamic god is because I consider it a logical impossibility. Believing in things without evidence benefits nobody, except by accident.

Further, I do not worship the Abrahamic god because it is immoral. The idea of torturing someone for not believing something without evidence is one of the most evil philosophies ever devised. Following an ideology that is so immoral does not benefit me - indeed, it would only normalize evil.

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@Scott H. your argument omits

@Scott H. your argument omits another possibility, that the Atheist Republic twitter feed alerted me to:
5. Believe. There is a God, but you believe in the wrong one. You burn. Big loss!

6. Don't believe, God rewards you for acting rationally and living morally.


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@ Scott H. I ask this,

@ Scott H. I ask this, because there are only 4 possibilities.

You seem to think that belief is a conscious decision, and that people should base that decision not on facts and logic, but on some kind of after-life cost-benefit analysis. Surely that sounds a bit daft, even to you.

what is it you believe you lose by believing in God

Honesty. Self-respect. Good sense. Reason. Decency. A sense of wonder and curiosity inspired by the true grandeur of a world and universe that weren't conjured up by a hairy old fart in a toga.

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@Scott H. Re: "I ask this,

@Scott H. Re: "I ask this, because there are only 4 possibilities."

Wow... Really? You are actually comparing gambling in Las Vegas to belief in a god.... Oh, that is rich (pardon the pun). Almost irony overload. Definitely funny, though. No doubt about that. Anyway.....

Well, if you really want to be entirely accurate and fair, you need to take those four possibilities and multiply them by the several THOUSAND other gods that have ever been created by Mankind. After all, if I am going to play the "trick the gods with my pretend belief" game, then I would think it should be applied equally to all the gods ever known just to be on the safe side, right? I mean, shouldn't you believe in Zeus, just in case he is actually real? How about Odin? Shouldn't he earn a little respect? Hey, Loki is always a favorite at parties. Wouldn't want to snub him. And we certainly can't leave out the ladies. Aphrodite, Athena, Pleiades, Eris and the many other goddesses certainly deserve their fair amount of consideration. Oh, and we most definitely cannot dismiss Allah and his trusty sidekick Mohammad. REALLY don't want to piss off THOSE two dudes. Yet you seem to dismiss them and all the others without so much as batting an eyebrow. Fascinating... If I may make a suggestion, you really should stay away from Vegas and any other casinos. No offense, but you totally SUCK at calculating odds.

And there is another thing others have mentioned that you just can't seem to grasp, or maybe you just prefer to ignore. If your god is as omniscient as it is claimed to be, then what in the name of holy fuck-burgers makes you think I (or anybody else) would be able to fake a belief in that god??? Because the god I was brought up being taught about supposedly knew my thoughts before I was ever even born, and it knows my heart and soul better than I know them myself. Matter of fact, that god knew I would stop believing in it long before I ever knew it myself. So my pretending to believe would be a considerably futile endeavor at best. Hey, I have an idea for you, though, since we are on the topic of believing. Perhaps you should start believing in Santa Clause again so that he will resume bringing you presents on Christmas like he did when you were a kid. Imagine, the jolly guy in the red suit is probably perched on his chair in his little cabin at the North Pole this very instant anxiously waiting for you to simply say those two simple words, "I believe." Oh, and as I have said several times before on other threads, even IF the Christian god of the bible or the Allah of the Koran were somehow proven to be real, I would still not worship them. Simple as that. Oh, and, uh, Merry Christmas. *Big Smile*


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