Ever had any kind of paranormal experience?

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Ever had any kind of paranormal experience?

I have always been fascinated with the idea of an afterlife and everything sorrounding paranormal phenomenon. But most of my paranormal experiences, while some are unexplainable, they are still open to debate. I would love for something truly convincing to happen to me so that i can have a much wider perspective about life, death and what happens after.

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I used t believe in

I used t believe in paranormal pehomenons, i heard really freaky sounds on my roomm; but nowadays I think they were just a product f my head...

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Paranormal events are a

Paranormal events are a possibility but there is still no strong proof of any kind of afterlife at all. Remember that topic with the 1 million dollar reward for actual proof. Still no one has claimed it.

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I had to search more about

I had to search more about this whole million dollar thing, so here is James Randi and the one million dollar paranormal challenge:

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I heard a lot of paranormal

I heard a lot of paranormal stuffs out there that none can explain conclusively. I haven't experienced one for myself yet but everything that cannot be explained scientifically and factually is a paranormal events. Even the existence of god is something that we cannot thoroughly explain, so it can be considered as a paranormal idea. But since paranormal stuffs can't be explained nor demonstrated, this does not also means that they aren't true.

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When it looks like the laws

When it looks like the laws of nature are broken & we can't explain -it's paranormal. As soon as we understand,the event becomes normal. I wouldn't say that god is paranormal. Maybe abnormal :)

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Four of my family members had

Four of my family members had one at the same time. We can even begin to fathom the depths of our own minds...

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Oops...meant to say can't...

Oops...meant to say can't...

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Paranormal events are just

Paranormal events are just physics we don't understand yet :) With the advent of negative chemical impressions, ghosts make much more sense! The release of oxytocin along with a burst of A1 activity in the brain make near death experiences much more reasonable... and in 3D printing, alchemy is pretty much a reality these days.

Science is beautiful :)

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