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Oh wait. I just read the part

Oh wait. I just read the part about the cosmological constant. Oh boy, where to begin?
I don't know how to quote on this forum's format yet, so, might be a bit jumbled.

First off, he says the number must be 1 part in 10^120.
How does he know? Did he come up with number himself? If so, where's his work? Or did he read it somewhere? If so, where?
I can write a paper and just throw some random number in there if I want without sourcing it. I say the constant must be 1 part in 2. There, my number is just as valid as his.

Second, he says this is a balance between the attractive force of gravity and a repulsive force of space.
Gravity is referred to as an attractive force because in general we can work with it in that way. But, he's referring to it like a magnet. That's not, technically, how gravity works. And there isn't a repulsive force in space or of space. This is space itself expanding, not pushing objects away from each other.

Third, he says the balance must zero, or very close to it or else "If it
were just slightly more positive, the universe would fly apart"
Well, that's exactly what's happening. Expansion is not only happening, it's accelerating. An increase in gravity wouldn't even offset this. So this "zero balance" between gravity and expansion doesn't exist.

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Don't know whether anyone has

Don't know whether anyone has yet asked for a frame of reference to the term existed. It's an important point, does something exist if it's existence can't be independently verified? If that's the litmus test (and I think it's a pretty good one) then nothing can be said to have been eternal therefore there's only really one way.


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