An extreme example of paranoia in the USA

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An extreme example of paranoia in the USA

“I’ve read many accounts which suggest that [Hillary Clinton] is a practicing witch, part of a witches coven at the very highest levels,” McGuire said. “I think she has a demonic hatred in her — her statement about the ‘deplorables’ revealed what was in her heart.”

“I believe that if Hillary Clinton had become president of the United States,” he asserted, “like Jezebel, she would have persecuted, arrested, fined, imprisoned and perhaps killed America’s pastors, she would have shut down the preaching of the gospel and the gates of hell would have broken loose on our nation.”


Any other examples? Perhaps the feeling that a Democrat such as Ms Clinton or Mr Sanders would "take away my gun"?

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As for your last line, I

As for your last line, I would not be surprised if the NRA and gun manufacturers, publicly fund gun friendly politicians, (mostly GOP,) while secretly funding politicians that are anti gun to gin up sales of their guns based on the fear the GOP side pumps into the system.

No sales tactic is as effective as fear based one.

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She's a witch. Burn her.

She's a witch. Burn her. Monty Python

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Witch or not, Hillary Clinton

Witch or not, Hillary Clinton is a vile human being.

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But wait! There's more!

But wait! There's more!

I've only come across this conspiracy theory recently, but I think it's been around since the middle of last year at least. Apparently they're into human trafficking, too, and it goes right to the top. Nuts, isn't it?

Democrat Paedophile Ring

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First, the big picture: Between 2007 and 2014, Bill and Hillary Clinton earned a combined total of $141 million. On that income, they paid $43.9 million in taxes, and gave just under $15 million to charity, or 10.8 percent of their total income for that period.

By comparison, an Urban Institute study found that wealthy households with incomes between $5 million and $10 million gave an average of 3.7 percent of their adjusted gross income in 2011. Meanwhile, other studies have found that Americans overall give around 3 percent of the income to charity.

By these numbers, the Clintons are roughly three times more generous than most rich people and ordinary Americans alike. That makes sense, given that they devoted decades of their lives to public service long before they ever made any real money....

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This sort of stuff comes out

This sort of stuff comes out of sham organizations like breitbart and infowars.

And if you do not think they are a sham just look them up on watchdog groups that simply copy and paste their headlines and stories that are completely insane. Their own writing makes it painfully obvious to anyone paying attention they make lots of shit up that any normal person with an even a barely operating bullshit detector would pick up on near instantly.

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There's a ready made market

There's a ready made market for any Satanic panic child abuse tripe. It's got form. It started in the 80s and it did a great deal of damage to a lot of people. It destroyed lives. Some of its victims are still in jail. And it was exported to the rest of the English speaking world.

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