The Fall of Old White Men?

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The Fall of Old White Men?

The Fall of Old White Men?

Within the last 2-3 years the flames which have always burned away at our society have finally burnt the right fingers.
Yes some of the "victims" are other races and genders. But the rise of the #metoo movement followed blindly by the most powerful nation on the World electing a dinosaur of the "old guard".
Yes, he is part of the #metoo but also a figurehead of how broken the political system under old white men really is.
Through these and other falls netted in the broad reach are ugly and actually Worldwide, the microscope it puts on the future level of "ok" will be enormous.
If the Presidency survives trump it will never be the same. Within the movie industry, attacked by the lack of inclusion combined with it's predatory nature are starting to be addressed.
Next, the Presidency?
It may take a bit but trump's inability to perform what he achieved will make the next guy/girl's qualifications stringently addressed.
We seem constantly to be shown how unsuccessful, unwise and how old white men seem to lack creditability. Not as a whole but the '50's "dad knows best" lie is strongly coming to the surface.
I think things are starting to change and the power and prestige of old white men has begun to fall away.

What do you think?

Is this the start of something good or just a hiccough in the status quo?

Good luck out there

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#metoo where women acuse men

#metoo where women acuse men without a single shred of evidence or due process other than internet outrage.

The movement has undermined decades of hard work done by serious feminist activists.

Bwaha inclusion in Hollywood just means a huge drop in revenue, Hollywood will not survive because evidently people find the offering unentertaining.

Cast all the men you want to act as incompetent imbeciles while female leads beat them up and save the day, the general public ain't paying to see it.

Girl ghostbusters - flop
Girl and anti white male star wars - flop.

Old White men built this world.

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Terminal Dogma - Girl and

Terminal Dogma - Girl and anti white male star wars - flop.

I was unaware there were Star Wars films that didn't made a profit; what is the title of this film?

And what exactly is an "anti white male"?

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Terminal Dogma - Girl and

Terminal Dogma - Girl and anti white male star wars - flop.


Wikipedia - The film was the highest-grossing film of 2017, the second highest-grossing film in the franchise (behind The Force Awakens), the fourth highest-grossing film released by Walt Disney Studios, the sixth highest-grossing film in North America and the tenth-highest-grossing film of all time.

Wikipedia - Deadline Hollywood calculated the net profit of the film to be $417.5 million, when factoring together all expenses and revenues, making it the most profitable release of 2017.

I guess that means every single movie in 2017 was a flop.

Let me guess: box office receipts are a feminist conspiracy? Or perhaps numbers are a liberal conspiracy? How close was I?

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I compared it to, but you can

I compared it to 7 as stated but you can compare it to whatever you want, sales dropped off as soon as word got around.

Anyone could have made a new Star wars movie and be guaranteed the legion of fans are going to turn up, easy to nut ride the most successful franchise ever built on traditional values..Keeping the fans is the challenge.

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Terminal Dogma - Anyone could

Terminal Dogma - Anyone could have made a new Star wars movie and be guaranteed the legion of fans are going to turn up

I agree 100%. You could wrap a turd with Star Wars movie decals and the fans would go watch it, and it would make money. What confuses me is that you believe the fans will watch it no matter what, but yet told us it was a flop. Why would you do such a thing?

What lengths are you not willing to go to, to defend this ideology?

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"metoo where women acuse men

"metoo where women acuse men without a single shred of evidence or due process other than internet outrage."

You're doing it again, you're taking a phrase that is true in a limited sense and turning into a false absolute claim. Many of the accusations are based on compelling evidence. Against Harvey Weinstein for example.

Stop making absolute claims, it just makes you look unreasonable in precisely the way you're claiming others are. Less rhetoric and more detail please.

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@sheldon, not trying to be

@sheldon, not trying to be absolute, just mentioning one aspect. Can't write a thesis every post. But yah, things are complex.

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You've missed the point sorry

You've missed the point sorry, you did use an absolute and dismissed an entire movement as unevidenced, when that is quite demonstrably not the case. The metoo movement went after Harvey Weinstein as one example, are you saying there is no evidence against him?

You also do this using the phrases left-wing and left-wing liberal, with statement like "you lefties" and then a generic derogation of an entire political viewpoint that is vast in it's political scope and demographic. It amounts to no more than empty political rhetoric, which is ironic given this is one of the tactics you have accused all people with left leaning political views of.

As I said it would be comparable to someone claiming all right wingers are fascists.

I don't expect a thesis in every post, just some integrity and an attempt to recognise that people with differing political views can't be dismissed with an empty generic piece of rhetoric.

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Hey, TD, you wrote, “#metoo

Hey, TD, you wrote, “#metoo where women acuse men without a single shred of evidence or due process other than internet outrage.”

I have one thing to say in response to that:


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@Terminal Dogma

@Terminal Dogma

Black Panther - Grossed $1.3 billion so far
Features strong anti-colonialist themes, predominantly black cast, and women warriors who kick some serious ass

In 2017, the top 3 grossing movies in the US had women as leads:

Old white men built this culture that has been resistant to equal representation, rights and respect. And I suspect that a few of them aren't happy that our culture is shifting.

Edited to add: The #metoo movement isn't only about prosecuting men who have victimized women. It's about creating a culture where we stop victim blaming and encourage those who have been victimized to share their stories and hold their attackers accountable when possible. This is about empowering those who may feel shame and reminding them that they're not alone.

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8 made 800mill less than 7 I

8 made 800mill less than 7 I believe. Yah still made a profit but fan reviews were pretty bad, feminist reviews were good.

Anti white male just means the premise intentionally promotes minority males and females over white males.

Hollywood formulas for success are simple, shoving feminist politics down people's throats when they just wanna be entertained is not good for business.

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@ TD

@ TD

So pwecious is feeling thweatened?

The "god of business" seems to be your mantra, that and 1950's white America.

Listen sunshine, there were civilisations long before ours on this planet, their will be empires and civilisations long after our Northern hemisphere and white male warrior orientated society falls into the fog of history. In your shallow and infantile world you cannot see the the richness and diversity of human endeavour. You are frightened, hopeless, and terrified of actually having to perform on your own without the crutch of society's current prejudices to hold you up.
When a black man or a woman make it to the top of the corporate tree you shout "see, positive discrimination, that should a been me." No self reflection, no self criticism. No thought that maybe the things that hold you back are your prejudice, misogyny and attitude. Self reflect, if you are capable. Think about how you want your Mom, wife, daughters to be treated by society, think about whether you want a just, equitable society where everyone regardless of sex, color, orientation get a fair suck of the saveloy without the dead hand of religion and sexual domination destroying hope and talent before it blossoms.

And to your last point, Hollywood as a business is failing because the audience just doesn't want the overblown nonsense it puts out. People, as they always have, want stories, good stories, that reflect their aspirations and reflect their ideals. " Hollywood", ie the old white men who run the media have no idea what people want or think, and continually pump out more and more dismal "hero comic flicks" that would, story wise barely make the 5th graders wish list 40 years ago.
Films that have a high percentage return ( not gross) were "slum dog Millionaire" "Last best hotel" " 100 steps" "Lock stock and two " "Sean of the Dead" " Kill Bill" franchise and many others that achieved returns in percentage terms that hollywood would only dream of nowadays. Hollywood is a marketing dream and the hangout of vultures, that is all nowadays.
It is belatedly and sadly trying to catch up with society, whereas in your beloved 50s. 60s and 70s Hollywood was in the forefront of progressive change. Audiences loved it. Like they loved Avatar which I suspect you hated.

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Old man shouts at clouds's picture
@ TD

@ TD

That 10 second sound bite syndrome kicking in hey? Bet you did read it...*winks*

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"Hollywood formulas for

"Hollywood formulas for success are simple, shoving feminist politics down people's throats when they just wanna be entertained is not good for business."

Are you implying one can't be entertained by an industry that has gender and race equality? The colour skin of the men who controlled the Hollywood film industry is not really relevant beyond identifying an unjust system, and fixing it. This means racial and gender equality not some sort of reversal where white men are discriminated against for a change. I'm afraid this is just some conspiracy you seem to have concocted in your head.

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I have never seen squads of

I have never seen squads of armed men forcing anyone to attend any movie. The entertainment industry does not force anything, it is market driven. And throughout the history of cinema, politics has been questioned. From "Metropolis" to Charlie Chaplan's "The Great Dictator" to "Mr Smith Goes To Washington" to "The China Syndrome", someone will put out provocative movies.

Thelma and Louise was a success by any metric, it definitely addressed feminism and politics. Have we seen anything comparable in the last twenty five years?

Personally what I perceive is the a great injustice is being addressed. Women are more than a supporting eye candy role, and blacks also suffer this too. Ever watch Top Gun with a critical eye? It's basically a white guy macho exercise, with a sexy and intelligent female, a sexy but dizzy female, and blacks definitely fulfilling the token black role. The hero is carried off by his mates, with one black man in the background.

The same could be said about the Transformers movie. White dude with a hot chick just following him around. The original Star Wars movie was basically white people fighting a dude in black. And in the second installment, a black guy (Lando Calrissian) was the despicable traitor to the hero.

For too long minorities and females have played a subservient role to the white hero. What we are witnessing is the balance being redressed. Yes, at times we witness something gone to far, but they pale compared to the number of "white dude hero" movies still being cranked out.

As I compose this post, there are two movies battling it out for box office honors, Avengers: Infinity War, and Deadpool 2. The main protagonists are all white. Not much has changed, apart from the fact people are waking up and making noise about the massive social imbalance coming from Hollywood.

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@David Killens

@David Killens

I know you were just trying to make a point, but in regards to Top Gun;

97 percent of US pilots are white. So pushing more blacks in the movie would be really forced... maybe even reverse racist.

David Killens's picture


While your point is accurate, my reference was towards ground crew.

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So you saying princess Leia

So you saying princess Leia only had a role as a dumb victim bimbo? Which movie did you watch??

quiet the strong independent women role I think.

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In the first three Star War

In the first three Star War movies it can be argued that Princess Leia was a secondary character, and not one of the main protagonists. The plot is driven by the conflict between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, with all other characters just adding content.

It is a space opera, basically a western where the good guy in white rides into town where he fights the villain in black and wins the battle and the hearts of all who survived. The same applied to the original Star Trek where each week Captain Kirk did the same.

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The first Star Wars movies

The first Star Wars movies was just a rehash of the Wizard of Oz set in space. Luke was originally written as a girl.
Geez Tin who was your agent at the time?

Tin-Man's picture


Actually, I was the stand-in AND stuntman for C3PO. I even gave him a few acting tips on the side. Oh, and it took almost a full week for me to get all the gold paint buffed off after final wrap.

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He'll yeah!

Hell yeah!

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Re: "So you saying princess Leia only had a role as a dumb victim bimbo? "

Certainly not! She was the role model for many a teenage boy's masturbation fantasy, too.


Attach Image/Video?: 

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Re: Princess Leia. "She was

Re: Princess Leia. "She was the role model for many a teenage boy's masturbation fantasy, too."

Yep. Damn skippy. Heh-heh-heh..... (oh shit. did i say that out loud?)

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Sushisnake nailed it!

Sushisnake nailed it!

****sneaks off to take down the Princess Leia poster...***


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@Arakish Re: Princess Leia

@Arakish Re: Princess Leia poster

Hey! I see you! Bring that back!.... No fair!... I'm telling!!!!.....

*whining voice* Sushi! Arakish is stealing the poster! *stomping feet and pouting*

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Lol dude I don't think anyone

Lol dude I don't think anyone told you, but the whole *asterisks* thing is real creepy. I mean u do u boo boo but... Yikes! Lol

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@Steeeee Re: "...but the

@Steeeee Re: "...but the whole *asterisks* thing is real creepy."

*turning around from poster with wide eyes and deranged look on face*... Huh?... Oh... What's so creepy about it?...*line of drool hanging from corner of mouth*

By the way, you totally lost me with "u do u boo boo." What does that mean? (Would make a catchy song lyric, though. *thoughtful look*) lol

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