The Fall of Old White Men?

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***comes walking up as if I shouldn't be doing this, hands over a business card***

"See him. He is a most wonderful mechanic and robotics engineer. However, keep it on the down low..."

***walks off whistling the "Imperial March"***


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*walks towards T-man like charlie champlin*

"do you know that guy?" asking T-man

"i've never seen a tree walking like an imperial soldier, weird though" i continued.
"i've always seen you amputated and amaze me a bit for no reason, but you can't top that walking tree t-man..and whistles"

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@Orignal Post

@Orignal Post

Old white men die, to be replaced by other old white men as white men age. Some try to hold on to their power, others are much more accepting about the changing demographics and do not feel so threatened. A cycle that repeats.


Whether old white men like it or not, the demographics in the US is changing, white people will fall below 50 percent of the total population at current birth rates within the next 20 years, another 20 years after that for it to be truly felt in the voting booths. In many ways a population shift that is a victim of the white 2nd generation citizens own success. (2nd generation plus native born women capable of bearing children that are on the wealthier side tend to not even hit the ~2.3 rate to simply break even in population, let alone keep up with the faster growing populations of immigrants and other non white races that tend to not have the same finances to access advanced birth control methods and education.

We are no longer a society that depends on many children to be our "retirement." And instead children increasingly become a dead weight financially that can drag down comfortable retirement instead of being the retirement plan. This is especially true for the more wealthy. I even seen special knee braces and even entire exo suits that are small, but powerful enough to allow someone in their 80's and 90's to walk normally and perform many basic chores by giving a very helpful assist.

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@logic, the way I understand

@logic, the way I understand it we need to breed more so the next generation fund retirement thru taxes, opposite of what you said. Not an economist tho.

Seems given the vast wealth accumulated with the boomers the millenels stand to inherit a lot of assets..

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That is social security, and

That is social security, and anyone banking solely on social security 30+ years from now is going to be in for a rude awakening.

As for inheritance, that does seem very true, especially now that tRump did away with estate taxes. (And the rich get richer...)

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(I can't find the precise

(I can't find the precise article I was thinking of, so this will have to do: )

It probably isn't so much that "old white men" will fall, but that other groups will prosper in relative terms (this article is chiefly about wages, but I have no doubt it is true in general). Much of the anger felt by many individuals of the old middle class probably comes from watching the rest of society prosper in comparison, even if they have not experienced a decline in their own conditions.

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What difference does skin

What difference does skin colour make here at all? This kind of generic accusation placing skin colour as a factor is the very definition of racism surely?

You don't fight racism by derogating anyone based in any way on their skin colour or ethnicity.

Of all the reasons to oppose Donald Trump, the colour of his skin isn't one of them.

I think its sad and indicative of a massive failure to tackle sexual abuse that the metoo movement needs to exist. However if it helps change attitudes and address failures to prosecute anyone who uses their power or position to avoid prosecution for such crimes them it can only be a good thing.

Sadly naming people and accusing them publicly without due process can also ruin lives, and people ought to be presumed innocent as this is the basis of all just legal systems. Being convicted in the press or on social media is simply wrong.


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