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John 6IX Breezy,

John 6IX Breezy,

If you can see and think you can easily prove that the Earth isn't flat and that it must be a globe in less than a minute. All you need is a flat surface and a light and a round object. Shine the light on the flat surface and recreate the day/night cycle. You can't do it because it's impossible. But you can easily do it by shining the light on the ball and rotating the ball so that the light appears to move across the sky like the sun does. That will give you the day/night cycle.

Look at a compass. The needle points to the North. If you were on a flat surface where would you go once you reached the north edge of a flat surface? But on a globe you would simply keep going because it's a continuous surface. You would also be able to calculate your latitude going up and down the globe.

Suppose you were on a flat earth going west from your original position. Look at a table top. What would you do and where would you go when you reached the western edge? But on a globe you simply keep going until you return to your original position.

Where does the sun go at night on a flat earth? Mohammed thought that it went into a muddy pool. http://islamcomicbook.com/13.htm Please tell us that you are smarter than that dummy.

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if you believe in a flat

if you believe in a flat earth model then you have been duped into believing in something that does not match to reality.

the earth is round, that is an established fact.

you can see it at high enough altitude, you can tell by the time zones (I particularly enjoyed Australian flat earthers celebrating new year at the exact time of midnight there on a round earth, and uk/us FE's did like wise in accordance with times measured upon a sphere).

you can simply do this with a reasonable home telescope, its really not difficult.

or just take a trip to the southern hemisphere and observe the night sky.

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"or just take a trip to the

"or just take a trip to the southern hemisphere and observe the night sky."

"who made the Bear and Orion, the Pleiades and the constellations of the south;" Job 9:9

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and please try to go to

and please try to go to somewhere in the southern hemisphere, again lets say cape town, and spot polaris in the night sky.
good luck!

god did not create the stars, don't be stupid.

the evolution of stars is observable, such as the protostar within orion and the beginning of the massive protostar forming within our own mily way as discovered with the ALMA telescope in chile.

we know how they form (the core collapsing of molecular clouds which under intense gravity form protostars, and the natural nuclear reaction that goes from there.

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I don't really care what you

I don't really care what you think forms stars. I'm just showing a verse that is much older than the Greeks, which is aware that constellations are different in the southern hemisphere than in the north, which you pointed out implies knowledge that the earth is round.

I don't even think Ptolemy in Algamest mentions the southern constellations.

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and I don't care what verse

and I don't care what verse you quote, the formation of stars has no deistic creator.

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You're not going to be able

You're not going to be able to make that claim objectively. That's like looking at spilled milk and attempting to deduce who or what spilled it. You can look at the spilled stars of the night sky, and only deduce so much.

Your previous statement made it seem as if God had to create each star individually, or else He didn't create them at all. By definition that's false. Whether you create each individual unit, or the process by which each individual comes about, you are still categorized as the creator of it all. God doesn't have to mold every human out of dust in order to be called the Creator of mankind, He only needs to create the process (Adam & Eve) by which more humans are born.

So yes, the evolution and formation of stars can be observable just like human reproduction and formation can be observable, and it gives you no information that disqualifies a Creator. It could allow you to form an alternative explanation, sure. But to the contrary, if God exists then He clearly intended nature to have reproductive qualities, to be self-sustaining. So I would expect to see stars forming and collapsing on their own, that gives me no insight into their authorship.

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“that gives me no insight

“that gives me no insight into their authorship.”

IF there IS any author.

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Yeah, that's valid too.

Yeah, that's valid too.

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You forgot Lillith, Adams

You forgot Lillith, Adams first wife....

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That is a woeful analogy, and

That is a woeful analogy, and the fact is YOU can look at the stars and deduce only so much before making your mind up,

The fact is, these are observable events, we understand the physics behind them.

And you would have to prove that a god could create anything, at the moment you simply fall foul of your own incredulity and
squeeze a god into the gaps that you have no answer for.

And for your final comment to be even remotely factual, you must demonstrate that a god exists.

But we stray from the important, the earth is 100% not flat nor is it 6000 years old.

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"the earth is 100% not flat

"the earth is 100% not flat nor is it 6000 years old."

I would hope so, otherwise what I just claimed and quoted from scripture would have been falsified.

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This appears to be drifting

This appears to be drifting off topic, but for the record flat earthers are retarded.

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Yes, randomhero, and the

Yes, randomhero, and the point is... Besides the Fun factor... Whether or not one is rationally justified in believing that the earth is flat or not... In this case no.... But there's a parallel between this and religion. Ultimately it comes down to whether or not there is cognitive dissonance and whether or not one applies logic to what they think and if what they believe has a pragmatic and therefore justified reason for believing it.

I deal with epistemology quite a bit. Most of what I say can be related back to how we know what we know, what is knowledge and whether or not we are justified in believing something.

The flat earth model is absurd for many reasons. But for one, it defies all of the things that we observe and can demonstrate about reality.

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Flat Earthers are mainly

Flat Earthers are mainly fashionistas by the looks. They are following an internet fad. Sure like most dumb cults or fads there is a group of looney tunes at the centre. Like black holes and matter they suck all the sense, questioning and intelligence from those around.
Like hula hoops, gay whales and neo cons they will die a natural death as the adherents grow older, wiser and less inclined to follow the internet fads of their rapping heroes.

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There are thousands of

There are thousands of flatheads posting ridiculous videos on YouTube, facebook, etc.

Vsauce made the best debunk video so far, in my opinion. For everyone who hasn't watched it yet....it's definitely worth your time:


Most flatheads are yet more religious fundamentalists. You will only rarely find someone who rejects a spherical Earth and has not been brainwashed with the Bible/Quran/whatever. It's always the same people who deny science. The religious. How predictable.

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Typhoon - Yes, that's quiet a

Typhoon - Yes, that's quiet a good debunk video!

My personal favourite debunk videos are by CoolHardLogic.

Absolutely spot on and very funny too!

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Common Randomhero, what are

Common Randomhero, what are you doing here. Go moderate your threads lol.

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No one actually believes in a

No one actually believes in a flat earth. Those who bring it up as if they believe are either trolling the pathetic media who will fall for anything or seeking money and attention.

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Oh sure glacier blame the

Oh sure glacier blame the media. The media is quite a big thing it includes real journalist and a bunch of wankers like FOX. It also includes religious media and social media, both of which are not held to any ethical authority.
There are flat-Earthers, Kyrie Irving of the Boston Celtics for one. They actually believe that the Earth is flat.

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Well obviously I don't mean

Well obviously I don't mean ALL media types, but in generally they're quite ignorant about religion, feminism, and conspiracy theories. That's why I get at least 50% of my media from the Intellectual Dark Web. I love the CBC here in Canada, but they only feed you half the truth on certain topics, which is infinitely more than CNN gives you.

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If the Earth is flat how

If the Earth is flat how thick is it and why doesn't gravity cause it to break into pieces? Are all of the other celestial objects flat? Why does the Moon appear to be round? If the Earth is flat why are oranges and wheels round?

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Flat-Earthism at least

Flat-Earthism at least conforms to our day-to-day experience of life on the surface of a planet. Our scale relative to the planet is so small that our immediate environment does indeed look flat.

Religion, including Xtianity, defies both logic and experience. There's absolutely nothing in our experience or history that looks like a god or the actions of a god.

So on balance, flat-earthers are saner than Xtians, though only by a small margin.

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It conforms to our day to day

It conforms to our day to day experience?

According to their model the sun cycles over the equator at a specific velocity to complete a 24 hour cycle,
It then moves to the tropic of cancer to (where the cycle will be smaller) so the sun would rise and set more then once in a day as the path reduces.
When it moves down to the tropic of Capricorn, it would take far longer to complete its path then obviously on the equator.

So, for their model to work, the sun would have to move in line from the equator to the tropics (which it doesn't) as well as slowing down and speeding up in order to comport with reality(which it doesn't).

If you actually look in to it, the entire idea is the most ridiculous thing constructed, it probably makes sense if the person in question is under the influence of chemical treats.

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There are definitely a few

There are definitely a few crackpots out there that truly do believe the earth is flat, and plenty others that take advantage of the media attention.

Fortunately they are a small enough and silly enough group that it really does not matter. Useful only in that we can point to them and say yes, people will believe in anything no matter how insane and poorly supported.


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