Flimsy evidence for a conviction.

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Flimsy evidence for a conviction.

A man is accused of murder, he is arrested, and sent to trial. The prosecution offers as follows of evidence of guilt.
"Your honor, the accused is known to be organized. The murder scene was very tidy. Therefore we conclude that the accused committed the crime."

Hmmm...seems to me this is the same argument that believers attempt to prove their god. It isn't good evidence, it isn't even logical.

Same trial:
"Your honor, it is clear that the victim was murdered therefore we conclude that the accused committed the murder."
No motive, no opportunity, no means, no real connection, but that is how theists present what they believe to be evidence.

Again, the trial:
"Your honor I present to you testimony as follows"" On the night in question I was in bed asleep, but I heard from the grocer the next day that so and so was murdered and every thinks that the accused did it."
This is hearsay and a common practice of christians. The bible is nothing but hearsay and folklore and was compiled from tribal stories 4 centuries after the events supposedly occurred.
Testimony like this would be thrown out because it isn't "best evidence", lacks corroboration and cannot be verified.

Often we get believers that claim that they have finally found clear and conclusive evidence that their god is real. What we always get is flimsy evidence like the examples I presented. It's either hearsay, failure to connect direct evidence, or an attempt to conclude base on an unrelated association. Every god explanation fits one of those three categories.
It is flimsy evidence and would not be admissible in any credible court of law.

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It's really easy to prove

It's really easy to prove that Yeshua was real and legit. All a person has to do is to do the things that he did and even greater ones, like telling a tree to uproot itself and for it to jump into the nearest body of water and have it obey. But please hold off on doing it with mountains.

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