Fuck god, fuck jesus

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Fuck god, fuck jesus

This thread is a thread dedicated to yelling profanity at the imaginary myths just to let off steam. You don't have to give a reason but it will be amusing if you do like:

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Fuck jesus for faking his

Fuck jesus for faking his death!

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Fuck Barnaby Wallace, the

Fuck Barnaby Wallace, the devoutly Christian deputy prime minister of Australia for preaching that same sex marriage was a threat to family life and children and everything decent and wholesome, while at the same time deserting his wife and children to shack up with his now pregnant secretary.

Fuck him again for spending taxpayers' money on his double life.

Fuck him a third time for being part of a government that treats immigrants like shit while not even knowing his own nationality (dual Australia-New Zealand) and getting illegally elected and then temporarily kicked out of parliament for it.

Fuck every god-bothering, bible-bashing, gospel-blathering, hypocritical politician in the world.

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Fuck all the multi

Fuck all the multi-millionaire television evangelists who spew their bullshit and brainwash millions of people and take advantage of those who barely have enough income to survive. And fuck them twice as hard for convincing people to send in their meager earnings so that the evangelist can have enough money to fuel his fucking private jet to take his butt-fucking ass to his fucking winter get-away mansion in the fucking Bahamas, all the while preaching to his "flock" about the virtues of living a meak and humble life. FUUUUUCK!!!!

(Thanks, Myk. I needed that.)

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Great keep it up!

Great keep it up!

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Fuck Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu

Fuck Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu for being a sadistic egotistical bigoted moron who fell in love with her own fantasy, and fuck the pope and the RCC for publicly validating the myth of her miracles and beatifying her.

Since Tim Minchin fucked the pope better than I can here he is, enjoy.


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Fuck the Pope. Fuck Muhammad.

Fuck the Pope. Fuck Muhammad. Fuck the king.

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...If I recant my previous

...If I recant my previous remarks, does this mean I burn for less time?

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@Sapporo Re: "...If I

@Sapporo Re: "...If I recant my previous remarks, does this mean I burn for less time?"

Absolutely. Instead of burning for infinity, you will only burn for infinity minus one. Is that a sweet deal, or what?

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Oh fuck it. I covet my

Oh fuck it. I covet my neighbor's ass in any case.

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My neighbour hasn't got an

My neighbour hasn't got an ass, but if he did I'd be around there right now coveting the fuck out of it, because they're cool as fuck.

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I have seen my neighbor's ass

I have seen my neighbor's ass. It is a work of art, especially in her bikini

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Which king?

Which king?

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It's a Game of Thrones

It's a Game of Thrones reference :p. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g9zxduFtSM )

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OIC. I thought you were

OIC. I thought you were insulting Elvis.

Well fuck Prince Charles, and his polo pony, and his wife, if you can tell which one is which. And fuck all kings, princes, emperors, dukes, earls, and lords.

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What a bunch of wimpy curses.

What a bunch of wimpy curses. According to the biblical fairy tale the whole world will curse God and you can bet a lot of people will be far more creative, including the clergy.

Revelation 16:8-11(NOG) ="8 The fourth angel poured his bowl on the sun. The sun was allowed to burn people with fire. 9 They were severely burned. They cursed the name of God, who has the authority over these plagues. They would not change the way they think and act and give him glory.

10 The fifth angel poured his bowl on the throne of the beast. Its kingdom turned dark. People gnawed on their tongues in anguish 11 and cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores. However, they would not stop what they were doing."

Revelation 16:21 (ERV) = "21 Giant hailstones fell on the people from the sky. These hailstones weighed almost 100 pounds each. People cursed God because of this plague of the hail. It was terrible."

Romans 2:24 (GNT) = "The scripture says, “Because of you Jews, the Gentiles speak evil of God.”

Can you imagine 100 pound hailstones? The good news is that while that's some serious climate change at least it's not 100 pound turds falling from the sky. Even the pope will be swearing a blue streak.

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I'm just reading the history

I'm just reading the history of the various Muslim sects as well as re reading the Qu"ran and Hadith so I have more of an understanding before debating the adherents.

So fuck em, the Sunni, the Shias and the Kharijites and all their nasty little subdivisions . And to be fair, fuck the cathollcs, protestants, Eastern Orthodox, primitives, fundamentalists and shakers and then the New Dawners and the Wiccans and the New Druids and the Zorostrians and the fucking fucked up nutters who think they have discovered the one true way to anything. Fuck em.

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fuck god for raping Mary

fuck god for raping Mary,

fuck jesus for fucking magdalene.

and finally fuck god for ditching jesus and leaving him hanging in the cross.. "father why have you forsaken me?"

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Totally FUCK the asshole who

Totally FUCK the asshole who came up with the name of Sperm Whale for that poor mammal. That is just a fucked up name to give to an animal. Shame on that motherfucker!

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Duck-bill platypus, on the

Duck-bill platypus, on the other hand, is a fucking AWESOME name.

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Well I'd rather be a sperm

Well I'd rather be a sperm whale than a dung beetle. But for a real fucked up animal name, how about "Anglican primate".

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I would rather be a 'satanic

I would rather be a 'satanic leaf tailed gecko'

Oh and fuck Jesus and fuck the whole collection of fairy tales he came from.

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“Come here, you children of

“Come here, you children of witches.
Your father committed adultery,
and your mother was unfaithful."
Isaiah 57:3 (ERV)

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If Yahweh was Yeshua's father

If Yahweh was Yeshua's father he committed adultery when he had sex with Mary. So Mary was unfaithful since she was engaged to Joseph. Therefore Yeshua was a son of a witch per Isaiah 57:3.

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Rape. It's okay if God does

Rape. It's okay if God does it. :3

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Fuck phantasms! Fuck ALL the

Fuck phantasms! Fuck ALL the phantasms! The Allah one and the Yahweh one and the God one. Fuck 'em all- first with their carrot, then with their stick!

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What an intelligent

What an intelligent discussion!

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@JoC Re: "What an

@JoC Re: "What an intelligent discussion!"

Well, if this thread had been meant as a discussion, then one might be inclined to agree with you. However, umm.... it was not intended to be a discussion thread. It was started to allow folks to vent a little. No discussions necessary. Therefore, your remark is rather invalid. Thanks for your observations, though.

Hmmmm..... Come to think of it, perhaps you should give it a shot and let off a little steam yourself. It can be very therapeutic. *chuckle*

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@JoC Re: Venting example

@JoC Re: Venting example

Okay, I understand you may be a little shy about cutting loose on here. After all, you do have a reputation to uphold. I totally get it. So, in an effort to help you get started, here is a brief example of something you might say in a moment of frustration...

Fuck all of you non-believing, heathenistic, blasphemous, ill-mannered, immoral atheist cocksuckers for using your fucking logic and reason to attack and defeat my superstitious ancient deity belief system!

See? Not so difficult. Give it a shot.

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The thread title wasn't a

The thread title wasn't a clue?

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@Sheldon Re: Thread Title

@Sheldon Re: Thread Title

Depends on the context in which you read it, maybe? lol


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