Fuck god, fuck jesus

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Well maybe if he'd put a

Well maybe if he'd put a hallelujah at the end.

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The mother fucking main

The mother fucking main character for my series would make a better god (well, Goddess) than Yahweh. She can create entire universes in an instant while it took this guy four words to get started and six days (how can you tell days without a day/night cycle!?) to make ONE PLANET!

Also, she wouldn't be demanding blood sacrifices, no "Original Sin," wouldn't ask for worship (but if you felt like doing so, she'd ask you do it by HELPING OTHERS and bettering your community as opposed to mindless worship and proselytizing...besides, she's not all-seeing or all-knowing so that would fall on deaf ears), make sure there's no ambiguities in her Holy Book (if she decided to make one), not smite people for not believing in her (she wouldn't have to demand belief, she'd exist) or any of that other nonsense Yahweh would demand or associate with religion as we know and understand it.

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FUCK ALL religions and their

FUCK ALL religions and their gods and their believers.

There has never been a greater enemy to humans.

Thanks mykcob4. I needed that one.

BTW: FUCK YOU god and jesus for stealing away my wife and daughters and all the dreams that may have come true.


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I consider myself an atheist,

I consider myself an atheist, but still to this day I curse this ,"god" and other assorted bible characters, much to the shock of people that have heard me say things I only thought I ever uttered. It is a stress relief for me. So....
Fuck the bible, fuck god, fuck the jesus myth, fuck all the churches, fuck all christians in general, fuck billy graham, fuck his son franklin, fuck benny hinn, fuck kenneth copeland and his ugly cunt wife, fuck paula white, fuck jim baker and his dead wife too, fuck the pentecostal tongue speaking sickos, fuck sunday school, fuck the moral majority, fuck hobby lobby, fuck the thoughts and prayers bullshit, fuck swearing on the bible, fuck contemporary christian music, fuck ted nugent, fuck kid rock, fuck trump, fuck pence, fuck paul ryan, fuck sarah huckabilly sanders, fuck the pray away the gay assholes, fuck fox news, fuck republicans, fuck having the god and country assholes and fuck texas roadhouse as I hate the fucking music and my steaks were always tough too, fuck collection plates in churches, fuck the pastors who are fucking everyone, fuck people who think that the country needs to be run on a book of religion, fuck racists, fuck the nra, and finally fuck all of those people who left me when first my mother died and then my father, and all they left me with was thoughts and prayers, and last but certainly not least, fuck the very people who decided that a book of lies would make us all live better, when all it has done is cause more killing and suffering than any book in history!

Fuck them all!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, that felt great!

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FUCK YEAH!!! GET THAT SHIT OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM! THAT'S how you do it, ladies and gentlemen. *applaud*

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Thank You Tin-Man! Thank you

Thank You Tin-Man! Thank you too mykcob4 for starting this thread. You guy's are great, and if anyone disagrees with me, well fuck them too!

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LMAO have left the building;

LMAO has left the building; nice try but that isn't going to work.

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Fuck you god for allowing

Fuck you god for allowing cancer to kill millions without giving a fuck. Fuck prayer. Fuck church. Fuck ignorant fuckers who keep this shit going. Fuck anyone peddling religion. Fuck the devil for not following thru on the deal I made with him for my soul! Cheap Bastard!


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