GA High School Promotes Bible

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GA High School Promotes Bible

How does a public high school go through an entire football season without anyone noticing the problem with a Bible-based marching band halftime show?

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Interesting. To be honest,

Interesting. To be honest, I think I am split on this one. It is not illegal to teach the Bible as Literature. Telling the story of Adam and Eve in a marching band venue may not actually violate the separation of Church and state. The article asserts the kids were "forced." I doubt it. My guess is that they were largely composed of Christian, Jewish or Muslim all of whom share the Adam and Eve story and thought that telling it would be a good idea. Telling a story is indeed literature. Even when it is done by a marching band at a school event. It is not the same thing as the school forcing students to pray or stealing money from the government to run a religious revival in the school auditorium.

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I am in no way split. The

I am in no way split. The government CANNOT promote religion

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