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Genesis names article

Text removed by moderator. OP, please do not copy paste large blocks of text from other sites. You may link to it.

Here is a link.

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Mods, this OP is blatant

Mods, this OP is blatant plagiarism.

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It wasn’t plagiarism as he

It wasn’t plagiarism as he did site the author. However, reposting large blocks of text can put AR at risk for violation of copyright law.

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I did not see the OP but

I did not see the OP but looking up 'genesis names code brought up Chuck Kissler a US evangelist best remembered for 'Peanut butter the atheist's nightmare'' which was lamer than Comfort's banana nightmare. Knowing this and I'm correct on the source I don't have to or want to read AJ's link.

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@Grinseed: 'Peanut butter the

@Grinseed: 'Peanut butter the atheist's nightmare

I watched the video. It's hilarious. Drop that peanut butter into a primeval ocean bathed in unshielded solar radiation, bombarded with chemical-rich meteors and comets, and stirred and shaken by volcanoes and lightning. Turn everything up to high for a couple of billion years, and see what comes out of the jar.

Creationists have developed a style of spouting pure hogwash through a condescending, self-assured sneer that's designed to intimidate the gullible.

I have decided to call this the "crea-sneer."

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It's okay, no one on the site

It's okay, no one on the site expected AJ777 to have an original idea.

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I just hopped over to that

I just hopped over to that site to take a peek, to see what all the fuss was about.

Er, wait ... the author of this piece thinks that the fantasy "global flood" actually happened? That piece of absurdity on its own is enough to warrant tossing this supernaturalist puff piece into the bin. Only a total fuckwit thinks that the floating petting zoo and its 600 year old drunken captain were anything other than fictional constructs. Plus, the assertion by this author, that the mythology in question is a piece of "supernatural engineering", is laughable in the face of the numerous documented contradictions and absurdities embedded within it. Leviticus alone contains enough Pythonesque humour to satisfy even the most ardently demanding of fans of the ridiculous, it's a limitless gold mine for anyone whose taste gravitates toward the comedy of the absurd. The classic example is provided by Leviticus 13, which in my copy of the NIV is headed "Regulations Concerning Infectious Skin Diseases", and which is an absolute fucking hoot if you imagine the text being read out in the manner of one of the lead actors of The Life of Brian. Weirdly enough (though once again, I suspect the usual supernaturalist anti-consilience is at work here) this online rendering of the text is in parts substantively different from my actual print copy of the NIV, but I suspect the humour aspect I've just described will be similarly noticeable by the reasonably astute. I'll spare myself the effort of typing out from my print version to make the point, because I've better things to do with my time, but I suspect anyone obtaining a print copy will alight upon the same text that I did, and discover the requisite hilarity.

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@ The OP

@ The OP

Once again AJ777 displays his complete lack of originality and critical thought.
Please, do not breed.
I have really nice business proposition for you, it involves large sums of cash in Nigeria waiting for an inheritor...oh, and you can use that money (when you get it) to buy this really unusual bridge and Opera House I just happen to have for sale...bargain!

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Does anyone care to discuss

Does anyone care to discuss the genesis names code embedded into the text of genesis which was written well before the New Testament events?

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I do not think it is a code

I do not think it is a code as you imply. To me, a theist searched around for a long time and through many bible passages before he came up with this combination.

Please explain, clarify.

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AJ777: "Does anyone care to

AJ777: "Does anyone care to discuss the genesis names code embedded into the text of genesis which was written well before the New Testament events?"

Why should we since you dodge all of our discussions? Besides, I have already read all possible "bible codes" articles you can even imagine. They have all have all been debunked as nothing more than the same com job employed by psychics. They do nothing but state what persons with presupposed assumptions and confirmation bias to keep duping theists like you.


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"Does anyone care to discuss the genesis names code embedded into the text of genesis which was written well before the New Testament events?"

I didn't bother to look at the link as I don't expect to find anything of substance there. People might be more inclined to 'debate' you if you take one point that you find compelling. I think you might get a better response if you narrow the focus.

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It's nonsense, just another

It's nonsense, just another example of unevidenced and specious religious apologitics created to prop up their core fantasy, because they know they have no objective evidence or anything tangible or cogentto justify their adherence to, and belief in, risible ancient superstition.

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There’s no searching

There’s no searching necessary, it’s plain as day to the original readers of the Hebrew text who understood Hebrew names have specific meanings. The genealogy in order is the gospel written before Jesus was born.

Hebrew English
Adam Man
Seth Appointed
Enosh Mortal
Kenan Sorrow;
Mahalalel The Blessed God
Jared Shall come down
Enoch Teaching
Methuselah His death shall bring
Lamech The Despairing
Noah Rest, or comfort

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umm Hebrew is not English, it

umm Hebrew is not English, it is a Northwest Semitic language native to Israel. I didn't even get past the first line.

Once again, please explain.

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So your assertion is that

So your assertion is that some time after the exile, persons or persons unknown wrote a message, and that for some reason they spread it through a narrative in the form of people's names instead of simply stating it plainly. Is that right?

Do you think the authors of the gospels might have read that story before they wrote their fable about Jesus? Do you think they would have had any motive to adjust their story to match the supposed prophecies in the Old Testament?

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Act1 - Enoch and his Wife

Act1 - Enoch and his Wife Diswelda (my made up name for another unimportant woman) discuss naming their newborn

Enoch - Diswelda, I think we should name our new son "His Death Shall Bring"

Diswelda - I don't really like that name, for one thing, it's too long and I don't really like the whole "death" thing

Enoch - Shut up woman or I'll bring the wrath on you. You can always call him Shally if you don't like it.

Diswelda - But Enoch, the other children will make fun of him, and when he fills out those standardized tests, there won't be places for four names.

Enoch - Ok, for a worthless woman you make a point. But I'm thinking generations ahead. You know the world is going to flood and almost everything will die when little Shally goes to the grave, so it's important we give him a descriptive name so people thousands of years from now will understand the meaning of his name.

Diswelda - Whatever. You're gonna do what you're gonna do. I'm calling him Shally, I really don't care what you put on the birth certificate.

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Another Inane and completely

Another Inane and completely absurd post from our pet Theist AJ777. Now his amazing ability to delude himself into theology has led him to cherry pick at random, names from the Old Testament, string them together, and pretend they mean something special.

This cherry picking ability is exactly how Christians and other theists come up with all their nonsense. Begin with an assertion. "There is a secret code in the bible," Then do your research. Skip along mindlessly and pick out any and all observations that support your own view while ignoring everything else. Anyone can do it to support anything at all. All you need is a massive dose of ignorance, a pedantic attitude, and the inability to see a fact even though if jumps up and bites you in the ass.

Any idea at all how many names there are in the old testament? Any idea at all the meaning of the names?
For a challenge why don't we all do what AJ777 has done and pick out a few Biblical names and then create a Biblical message. Anyone can do it. Here are the names and their meanings.

Complete (but concise) list of major and minor characters in the Bible
Bible Blender December 4, 2014

Old Testament Characters
Adam to David according to the Hebrew Bible
Creation to Flood
Adam (“man” or “to be red”) – first man
Seth (“placed” or “appointed”)
Enos (“human being”)
Kenan (“possession")
Mahalalel – son of Kenan, descendant of Seth
Jared (“descent”)
Enoch (“dedicated”)
Methuselah (“man of the dart”)
Lamech (“to make low”)
Noah (“rest” or “comfort”)
Shem (“name”) – Noah’s oldest son and original ancestor of Israel. Through his line came Abraham
Cain line
Adam (“man” or “to be red”) (It does not mean "First Man")
Cain (“acquired”)
Enoch (“dedicated”)
Irad – (Unknown but origin may be rebellious)
Methusael – “man of God”,
Lamech (“to make low” - filth)

Patriarchs after Flood
Arpachshad – (Releaser)
Shelah (“petition”)
Eber – (One from the other side)
Peleg – (Sailing or Brook - little river)
Reu – (His Friend or His shepherd)
Serug – (Branch, layer, or twining)
Nahor – (The passionate vigorous snorting of a horse)
Terah – (Wild Goat)
Abraham – (Father of many)
Abram.- (Exalted father)
Isaac – (The Gift)
Jacob – (Israel)

Nationhood to Kingship
Judah – (Praidse or Gratitude)
Perez – (To Breach or To burst forth.)
Hezron – (The Walled town.)
Ram – (exalted or supreme)
Amminadab – (My people are generous)
Nahshon – (“serpent”)
Salmon – (peace)
Boaz – (Swift)
Obed – (Serving or Worshiping)
Jesse – ( “manly”)
David – ( “favorite” or “beloved”)

Prophets in the Hebrew Bible Pre-Patriarchal

Abel – (Breath or Vapor)
Kenan – (Acquire)
Enoch – (Experienced or profound)
Noah - (Repose or rest)

The list is OBVIOUSLY much longer - but you get the idea. Just create a story. HAPPY CHERRY PICKING!

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As I said, specious nonsense.

As I said, specious nonsense. You sound like those nutjobs raving about alien invaders, from under their kitchen table, with a home made tin foil hat on their head.

It's risible...

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@Sheldon Re: "...with a home

@Sheldon Re: "...with a home made tin foil hat on their head."

Hey!... *indignant look on face*... I have you know my tin hat was custom-made by one of the finest craftsmen in the Emerald City!... *folding arms across chest and stomping foot*... Oooh, okay, okay... *throwing hands up in surrender*... Sure, it probably came off of some assembly line in Detroit. But it is NOT home-made... *sticking out tongue*...

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Mea culpa, there is of course

Mea culpa, there is of course no comparison.

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If you’ve read the link to

If you’ve read the link to the article the explanation is there. If you don’t want to do that for some reason, the simple explanation is that Hebrew names have meanings. The genealogy in genesis 5 when read in order from Adam to Noah is the gospel. It reads as follows. Man (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest. This is not contrived or pieced together but plain as day.

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@ AJ777

@ AJ777

As said. I have read all this crap over 40 to 50 years ago and thought of it as bunch of horse hoowhee back then as I still do today. And you still have not answered when you were born? 2001? Remember, I have been collecting and researching the Bible throughout the Levant area since the mid-1970s. Again, when were you born? When are you actually going to discuss something that is actually NEW? Everything you have discussed thus far is over 60 years old. Dare I say, it is all over 1000 years old. Bring something new instead of the same old bullshit and horse hoowhee.

And besides, those are NOT the direct translations of those names from Hebrew. Look it up. The translations you offer are those as offered by modern day American biblical scholars.


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The "explanation" is "yabba dabba gargle dabba". It may jump out at you, but I do not see the connection. You started this thread and made the assertion, I am willing to be walked through the chains of evidence, but you must provide an explanation.

It appears to me that you ran across an article where the conclusion pleased your fuzzies. But I suspect you can not explain in any detail.

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I LOVE THIS FUCKING NONSENSE: "Hebrew names have meanings."

Adam Man - Unknown Etymology - "Possibly Hebrew"
Seth Appointed - Hebrew origins
Enosh Mortal - THREE POSSIBILITIES (Sick or Weak) (Friendly or Social) (Delicate, Woman or Wife)

Kenan Sorrow; (Two Possibilities) (To acquire or create) (Reed Like )

Mahalalel The Blessed God - Too many possibilities to make sense of -

Jared Shall come down - "Decent"
Enoch Teaching (Initiated or Dedicated)
Methuselah His death shall bring - (Man of the dart)
Lamech The Despairing - "The word למך (lmk) does not occur in Hebrew, so we are left to guess at its meaning" (Powerful or Wild man.)
Noah Rest, or comfort

SO AS YOU CAN ALL SEE - Not only are the names cherry-picked from the bible but definitions are swooshed around to fit the narrative of a "SPECIAL BIBLICAL CODE." Do a person have to be a complete idiot to be a theist or just a fat lazy slime ball incapable of checking facts or doing a bit of research?

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It reads like gibberish to me

It reads like gibberish to me. Are you sure you haven't been out in the sun for too long?

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"If you’ve read the link to

"If you’ve read the link to the article the explanation is there."

As is the explanation of casting magic spells if you read Harry Potter, that doesn't make them true.

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You copied and pasted an article, with an obvious attempt to show how amazing your Bible was supposed to be, even to us atheists.

I'm sorry, but after reading it, the only thing I find amazing is how you Christians could be so gullible to fall for utter bullshit like this.

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Oh, dear. It's the "Bible

Oh, dear. It's the "Bible code" drivel once again.

Except that, oops, there exists a mathematical proof, of what can be called, for want of a better phrase, the Substring Extraction Theorem (henceforth, SET for short). Which states that any desired message (substring) can be extracted from any sufficiently lengthy body of text by an appropriate search algorithm, a direct consequence of what is known in statistics as the "Look Elsewhere Effect", in which an apparently statistically significant observation may actually have arisen by chance, simply because the parameter space being searched is enormous in size. A brief introduction to this matter can be read here (PDF document), followed by a more complete exposition available here (PDF document).

Indeed, the Wikipedia page on this subject cites some interesting experiments that have been performed applying equidistant letter sequence extraction to a range of texts, viz (emphases mine):

Skeptic Dave Thomas claimed to find other examples in many texts. While Thomas' methodology was alleged to have been refuted by Robert Haralick[59] and others, Thomas's criticisms were aimed at Drosnin, whose methodology was actually far worse. (In fact, Drosnin's example of "Clinton" in his first book violated the basic Bible Code concept of "Minimality"; Drosnin's "Clinton" was a completely invalid "code"). In addition, McKay claimed that Drosnin had used the flexibility of Hebrew orthography to his advantage, freely mixing classic (no vowels, Y and W strictly consonant) and modern (Y and W used to indicate i and u vowels) modes, as well as variances in spelling of K and T, to reach the desired meaning. In his television series John Safran vs God, Australian television personality John Safran and McKay again demonstrated the "tuning" technique, demonstrating that these techniques could produce "evidence" of the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York in the lyrics of Vanilla Ice's repertoire. Additionally, "coded" references in non-Torah Bible texts, as for instance the famous Number of the Beast, do not use the Bible code technique. And, the influence and consequences of scribal errors (e.g., misspellings, additions, deletions, misreadings, ...) are hard to account for in the context of a Bible coded message left secretly in the text. McKay and others claim that in the absence of an objective measure of quality and an objective way to select test subjects, it is not possible positively to determine whether any particular observation is significant or not. For that reason, most of the serious effort of the skeptics has been focused on the scientific claims of Witztum, Rips and Gans.

The fact that Ancient Hebrew was written without vowels (these were inferred from context), means additionally that mainpulation of texts written in Ancient Hebrew to produce a desired end, is easier than is the case for a language such as English, in which all letters are explicitly written.

Meanwhile, enjoy the hilarity arising from apparent "prediction" of the assassination of Martin Luther King, extracted from Moby Dick, and indeed, this page hilariously presents a number of assassinations purportedly "foretold" by equidistant letter sequences in Moby Dick. Indeed, from the first of these links, we read this interesting passage (emphasis mine):

This curious anecdotal discovery is one of several that were made a few decades ago by the Slovakian Rabbi Weissmandel. Apparently, no similar discoveries were made until the 1980s, when some people realized they could search the Torah for meaningful ELSs much more effectively with the aid of computers. Computers allowed reliable counts of skips much larger than 50 -- 500, 1000, 5000, etc., thereby expanding the scope of the search beyond ordinary human capacity.

So, in order to find some of these "coded messages", it was necessary to use computers to investigate ELS skip sizes that were far beyond the error-free reach of typical human beings. Furthermore, the technique has been demonstrated to be capable, via the SET, of extracting any desired message from a sufficiently large body of text. Example demonstrations include extracting purported "hidden messages" from the Hong Kong telephone directory.

So the idea that there's anything special here is, quite simply, wrong. Because, thanks to the SET, it's possible for me, if I exert the effort, to feed into a computer the entire text of the NIV, and have a computer search report that it's found such phrases in the text as "this book is lying", "Yahweh is made up shit", and "AJ777 is gay". If you can find references to the assassination of Martin Luther King in Moby Dick, then, as the SET proof demonstrates, quite literally anything goes. Oh, but isn't that what happens in the world of supernaturalism anyway?

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This is not an ELS code. It’s

This is not an ELS code. It’s not even really a code, as it’s written plain as day for those that understand what the names mean. I share your skepticism about the ELS codes as it seems one could manufacture any message from a sufficiently large text. How would a group of Hebrews have the forethought to predict the manner in which their messiah would rule?

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"It’s not even really a code"

Yes it is, even you stated that in the OP. "Genesis names code article".

Now you are denying the obvious.


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