GOD of the Bible Exist but Why men unable to find? Here's a Proof.

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GOD of the Bible Exist but Why men unable to find? Here's a Proof.

IS THE BIBLE TRUE? & GOD of the Bible Exist but Why men unable to find? Here's a Proof.

The Title "IS THE BIBLE TRUE" itself is controversial because of the simple reason that the "BIBLE IS A BOOK" having truth in it that can only be brought out when one studies, searches and bring its TRUTH to the light as a result.

When we say "Bible is true" then there's no need for a man to think and break his head, let him simply read the truth and accept and move on, but that’s not a way the Bible was written, if it’s then there's no need to understand, men merely would like a cows & goats, thus there's no need to have a unique faculty called “thinking". There’s no need of a Critical thinking as men strives in search of Truth. But man is not like an animal though he's classified under biology as an animal which never think like a man.

Why do humans have such higher level of thinking?
What’s it purpose?
Who we are?
Where are we heading?
Where are we from?

As these sort of questions animals never ponder, though it thinks as part of it life process without a purpose. Whereas man is not like that ever since the day of his creation.

Men strive to learn things around and afar, he was created in perfect but his mind was closed to the knowledge of God and universe, it’s being called fall of man, what we have an account of creation in the Bible and the history of the Past were only an information that can led one to find an ultimate answers of an unanswered questions, that needs critical understanding, when an understanding reaches to the higher level, that's where the knowledge of God shall be found, that's where the mind of man should have to be opened and the HOLY BIBLE was written such a way, therefore it was inspired by God to men keeping in mind of such a purpose.

Simply reading Bible one cant come to know the truth or simply understanding the BIBLE doesn't lead one to know the truth unless or until those studies and understandings led to open the closed mindedness. Even children can read Bible and understand to some extent, similarly adult can also read and understands but all those effects are not contribute to open the closed mindedness, then there's no point for such studies and understandings.

What is it called Closed Mindedness?

Closed mindedness is something unable to understand higher level of knowledge when comes to God of the Bible. When Adam Disobeyed he was expelled from the garden of eden and there was Cherubim set up and the flaming sword that runs every direction to guard and to keep him away from reaching the way of the tree of life.

So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life -Genesis 3:24.

God is Spirit and invisible but Adam and his sons did not have any difficulty to communicate with God and the same has been alienated as the generation progressed to the extent to say that there’s no God exist and there’s no evidence for his existence. Man has developed in every field regard to the standard of life but have no knowledge of God and his mind was closed. In Adam every one was born in this world as close minded, therefore his mind has to be opened which’s literally going through the Cherubims and the flaming sword that run every direction and it’s a matter related to the mind that functions in the brain unlike the garden of eden is nothing but the world as a whole, the issue is not in the ground but in the brain.

Since man is a closed minded to the knowledge of God who made available his word in the Holy Bible so as to open his closed mindedness, therefore the Bible was written having contradictions, inconsistencies and discrepencies, if there’s no contradictions then there’s no need to motivate the mind wherein thinking take place which’s an unique faculty than any other creature in the world.

If everything is plain then there’s no need of motivation, there is no need of a breakthrough, then there’s no need to open closed mindedness. People who are thinking that they are open minded, Intelligence and always seek logics and reasons while they themselves are in closed mindedness, therefore when they comes to know the contradictions, inconsistencies and discrepencies, they reject by saying it’s an error and fallible.

On the contrary, if anyone approaches the contradictions having accepted his closed mindedness, then he has every possibility to question why there’s a contradictions in the Bible? Why there’s inconsistencies and discrepencies? Such approach would play a great role by opening the closed mindedness which’s exactly passing through the flaming sword that run every direction to reach the way of the tree of life and to become Immortal which was the original position of Adam.

Since the brain is closed minded and sealed, it has to be opened by taking the contradicting statements of the Bible into the mind. For Example:

And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel for “I HAVE SEEN GOD” face to face, and my life is preserved. Genesis 32:30.

Now another Statement that says:

“NO MAN HATH SEEN GOD” at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us. 1 John 4:12.

When these sort of contradictions are taken into the mind then it would led into a mode of contemplation whether to accept the Bible as an infallible word of God or to reject that it’s not an infallible word of God but when a person who takes these words having a perception that his mind is closed, then he cant simply reject, in stead keep these contradictions in the mind and continue to ponder, why there’s a contradiction having a firm faith on God, then that’s where the foundation of the stability of the brain begin to shake and break the seal of closed mindedness paving way for the quenching of the Spirit which would begins to depart from the head, that’s the point one could come to know an existence of Spirit and how it was built in the physical body system.

Once the quenching begins that would be the final moment of life or near death scenario wherein the Spirit of GOD Enters into the head paving way for the Spirit of man to Exits from the head and take control of a person and seal on the head wherein water plays a pivotal role that nobody knows except the one who go through such a process as it happens without a time gap and this has been describes as Born Again by the LORD JESUS CHRIST when He was talking to an expert called, Nicodemus.

Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. John 3:5

Further He explains.,

The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it COMETH, and whither it GOETH so is every one that is born of the Spirit. John 3:8.

ENTER of the Spirit of GOD into the physical body and EXIT of the Spirit of man from the physical body has been described as cometh and goeth in the above word of CHRIST.

What could Possibly cometh and goeth in an individual physical body? Only men knew the departure of Spirit or Consciousness or Mind, in other words consciousness or Spirit cease to exist in the physical body, if so there must be an arrival of the Spirit of God or consciousness of God into the physical body as it not happen to anybody doesn’t mean it never happens, it might happen to anybody if he diligently study the word of God. Jesus said.,

Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life:and they are they which testify of me. John 5:39

Therefore, arrival of the HOLY SPIRIT into the physical body is also possible, if that happens then the physical body can become an Immortal. One may argue this has not been happened to the early Apostles, yes., but the time of Apostles is differ from the time prior to the return of Christ as they were not accessed to the book of Revelation which was written by John the Apostle for the purpose of make it available to the subsquent generations. Therefore the entirety of the New Testament can only be applicable to the Christians who live during the last days, thus the argument becomes invalid. However by the arrival of the HOLY SPIRIT into the physical body would fulfil what CHRIST said in Matthew 16:28, Mark 9:1 and Luke 9:27.

The Bible calls exit of a Spirit from the body is death as Adam was dead Spiritually and the same is vice versa when opens the closed mindedness of men, so as to see the wondrous things of the God of the Holy Bible and come to know the knowledge of God wherein DEATH as exit of a Spirit of man from the physical body and Enter as Resurrection of the Spirit of God into the physical body takes place as such person is fulfilled what has been said concerning man.

And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment. Hebrews 9:27.

Since it has been fulfilled only among some Individuals who are called Born Again, obtained Salvation and shall not come into judgement but capable to repetition what CHRIST did back then by challenging power of death and their lives are correlated to the return of CHRIST.

Conclusion: LORD JESUS CHRIST said.,

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. John 5:24.

Adam passed from life unto death but those who are being sinners technically died but believe on CHRIST shall pass from death unto ever lasting life as the result of believe, thereafter there’s no necessary to believe but become a witness of GOD / JESUS. Therefore the Holy Bible is TRUE, capable to TURN mortal man into an Immortal that would be Proved in the times to come as the climax of this world.


Thanking you,
William G.Peter
New Testament Activist’s
YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0An37PofdJI
Email: wgppeter@gmail.com


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bigbill's picture
which version of the bible

which version of the bible are you talking about? is it the catholic or protestant? 66 books or the 73 found in the catholic bible?0 The Bible is interpreted many different ways, That's why there are over 30,000 different denominations in the protestant religion.You can basically make a whole host of arguments from the bible, That doesn`t make it necessarily true.Mankind thru the centuries has fought to the death due to this.I as an agnostic just don`t know if god exist, But I don`t accept the Christian god,who has a so called mysterious trinity doctrine and a hell doctrine.

William G Peter's picture
I can go with any

I can go with any translations I have no issue but I prefer KJV and my 1st language Bible Tamil OV which was translated from Original Hebrew & Greek. I know there're 42k denominations in Judea Christianity that doesn't make issue's to me when I study the Bible which came to me and why should i think of something which hasn't come to me? I have a habit of what I can do with what I have, therefore I'm not worry or complain what I haven't.

2ndly, There's a RESULT of reading Bible which's the RECEPTION of the HOLY SPIRIT or GOD's Spirit into the physical body, if it's not happen then there must be a wrong & misunderstanding of the Bible, I'm very certain that people especially in the west were drastically wrong & misunderstand when comes to Bible and that's the reason they're wandering about the evidence of God through various studies like Ontology, Epistemology, Teleology etc.,but it's waste when comes to the evidence of God, even if they do it another 1000 years they cant find evidence of God and the debate would continue even beyond. Why? Because they didn't achieve a RESULT as of Reception of the God's Spirit which I clearly emphasised my in simple message.

What's necessary to know the HOLY BIBLE is true has been exist within the Bible, if anybody go away then they cant find the Truth. It's simple that Jews demanded SIGN but CHRIST explained many ways but they didn't understand but firm demanding SIGN and CHRIST said simply, "Destroy this temple I'll rebuild in 3 days" referring His physical body and the same is possible in 21st C that's the reason CHRIST made available His word in the book of Revelation, the details which would repetition His death & resurrection in 3.5 days, so as to prove that the Bible is True. But People are not interested but seek from other sources which never ever lead them to the truth.

Why do you say that you're an Agnostic because you failed to understand the teachings of CHRIST which made you to be an Agnostic that's absolutely your blunder mistake, I accepted CHRISTIAN GOD is true and rest were FALSE and I can even Prove being a witness of GOD as part of the testimony of CHRIST in accordance with the Book of Revelation 11. Christ called everyone to be a Witnesses not a believers as this's a fundamental issue which most of the People like you never understand. Therefore I have a best explanation for GOD of the Bible exist.

Nyarlathotep's picture
Peter - my 1st language Bible

Peter - my 1st language Bible Tamil OV which was translated from Original Hebrew & Greek

Wait; you have a bible that was translated from the Original Hebrew & Greek. That must be the most valuable book in the world!

William G Peter's picture


bigbill's picture
well no Peter I`m not

well no Peter I`m not agnostic because I don`t understand Jesus teachings, It`s because I do.I just don`t know if he was the son of god, since I`m plain that I don`t know if god exist or not.But if you look at Jesus teachings you would find him talking out of 2 sides of his mouth. one place he is all for love and forgiveness and unity, And in other parts of the bible he is for hell. A person with this kind on unkindliness, having people burn is not some one I care to follow. I don`t want to pray to him, nor do I want to enter any of his churches.I fyou look at the history of Christianity you would see the religious wars and the trail of blood right up to today.The violence just the plain history of so called Christ church makes me shudder.

William G Peter's picture
See, I'm not ask you to shun

See, I'm not ask you to shun your agnosticism and come to Christian Churches but I want you to know is that you misunderstand or not at all understand what Jesus taught in the Bible, You pointed out his contradictory statements which drove you to agnosticism which's really a proof to my point that you not understand his teachings.

I dealt with these sort of contradictory from the Bible in my earlier topics. You have rights to be an Agnostics but be it known to you that you failed to explore the possibility of your thinking capability and you live in this world which was created by God of the Bible, therefore there's regulations everyone has to follow, if you fail then you have to face the consequences eternally.

You're not suppose to talk of wars wherein everyone is suffered, even Christians & Jews are suffered than any one else equally other religious people also, therefore you have no moral rights to question about those wars but you have to look at your life so as to help get rid of evils that happens in this world but you simply point out other things and blame which would never help anybody or yourself.

Your comments never alter anything when comes to Bible or GOD, I respect your rights as an Agnostics but you have to face the hell.

bigbill's picture
Do you see what is happening

Do you see what is happening here Peter, As usual you as a witness are using your self righteousness to say that I have to face the eternal consequences which is a place called hell.This is a teaching of Christ which brings fear and cruelty into the world, it has caused un do suffering for millions.And please to say that I don`t understand what jesus taught in the bible is unwarranted criticism by you.I know the Bible very well, I once was a Christian. Tell me did Jesus teach on the subject of hell or didn`t he? You would see it is the most talked about then any other subject.I live for peace it so happens that religions and wars make up history.That`s not my fault it is just plain reality.

William G Peter's picture
You don't understand what

You don't understand what does mean a Christian? Christian mean one who walked like JESUS did? Did u walk like JESUS lived? No, if so, how do you say that once I was a Christian? You may be a nominal Christian like millions in the western world, that's nothing to do with Biblical Christian, therefore you never a Christian, try to understand.

When you say there's no hell exist, then why do you afraid of it? Why don't have a boldness to emphasis ur point and accuse me? As I said earlier you are living in the world which created by God of the Bible, you need to stick to its regulation, if you do so then you will have to face the consequences.

If you know the Bible very well then you should have worked to bring this cruel and horrible world to an end in stead of accusing and blaming others. Cruel, horrible, wars are not perpetrated by Bible but people in whom devil dwells and we as Christians being witness of CHRIST working out so as to bring this world to an end and will establish a heavenly kingdom.

It's your fault not having such attitudes, mind that please.

bigbill's picture
can you please explain to me

can you please explain to me what is a nominal Christian I for one didn`t fall into that category when I was in the faith. As I said before I was in biblical studies also I witnessed extensively in street ministry I attended Christian conferences, I gave to the poor I supported my church not by tithing but through sacrifice and offerings.I called my self a Christian because my life exemplified it.So don`t go parroting to me that I wasn`t a full fledged Christian because I was William.You have to stop be so judgemental on people and start to love more.I don`t even consider you a Christian neither your beliefs are all over the place.

William G Peter's picture
I love always being a human

I love always being a human being that doesn't mean I can compromise on the Biblical truth. I know pretty well you failed to be a Christian, I said already a Christian mean one has to live like JESUS did, but you didn't therefore you're not a Christian as of the NT whereas you were one of the nominal Christians, yet you're an Agnostics but I appreciate Billions of Christian believers and it was a great encouragement to me.

Coming to your point of street ministry, attending conferences, supporting church through sacrifice and offerings were not warranted, if you look at various religions and see lot of peoples are like that but when comes to Christian is totally differ, before you embark street ministry or any other Church activities you should have to become a Witness of CHRIST which's the basic eligibility which you failed, therefore you cant claim that you were once a Christian.

If I pointed out your failure that drove you to Agnosticism then if you consider me not a Christian that doesn't change my position as a Christian as per the NT. I'm scheduled to Repetition CHRIST in 21st century in accordance with Matthew 16:18, 28, Acts 1:8 & Revelation 11. Therefore I don't need your certificate and my testimony of CHRIST is intact.

bigbill's picture
William your still be waiting

William your still be waiting, there is no second coming, You belong to some kind of unorthodox teaching, more sounds very cultish, You can believe in Christianity all you like but that doesn`t mean that it`s true.Like Sigmund Freud stated religion is one big illusion.I feel that you should have yourself checked out by a psychiatrist because you have mental health issues.

William G Peter's picture
You know when JESUS was

You know when JESUS was talking, people who unable to understand back then said in John 10:20 He's demon possessed, crazy & why listen to him. Even in 21st c the same when comes to my argument. You must know what's mentally re-order or Born Again, go to my article and read it carefully where I dealt with CLOSED MINDEDNESS, since you are closed minded what ever I explain you cant understand which needs careful studies with patient.

2ndly I'm not a believer but a witness of GOD as the Bible or CHRIST didn't ask anybody to be a believer Acts 1:8 invalidates as I explained many times. Since I'm a witness of GOD, therefore it's TRUE that might be demonstrated as told many times.

People like Sigmund Frued were absolutely false, there're people like you asked me to see a Psychiatrist so I just meet them and appraised my argument of God evidence and they didn't say what do you say to me, therefore stop certifying me, in stead think, how do i say certain things which prompt you not understandable.

ThePragmatic's picture


I asked before, but your answer was mostly quoted religious propaganda, so I'll give it another try.

You say you are a withess. My question was, what exactly did you witness? Or do you mean "withess" figuratively? If you could explain with your own words, perhaps we have a chance to understand.

Nyarlathotep's picture
I thought he meant he was

I thought he meant he was telling us about god (he is witnessing to us), but I'm not sure anymore.

William G Peter's picture
Thanks for asking, I have

Thanks for asking, I have answered this in my article, God of the Bible is Spirit that was exclusively indwelt among Apostles who were the witnesses of what Jesus did back then and the same has been written in the NT, therefore if the same Spirit enter into the human body in the 21st century, then the age of the human become the age of the Holy Spirit and become a witness of Jesus as it has to be proven in the times to come, because such a human being is like early Apostles who are the eye witnesses of Jesus and become Immortal, so as to challenge power of death as nobody can do that, this's what a proof of the witness of Jesus.

mykcob4's picture

That is insane. God's spirit enters YOUR body and all of a sudden you witness jesus rising from the dead? Bullshit! No one witness jesus rising from the dead. In the Codex Sinaiticus (the oldest bible ever found), the resurrection never happened. So "IF" a god's spirit enters YOU and you know what the people of the time know, you would never have heard or known of a resurrection of jesus.
Therefore this tells ME that you are FULL OF SHIT.
You say that the spirit of god enters you and you "witness" what went on in those times 2000+ years ago, yet what you say you "witness" is completely DIFFERENT that what people of the time IN YOUR OWN FUCKING BIBLE "witnessed."



So YOU are a fraud, perpetuating a fraud.

ThePragmatic's picture
@ Peter

@ Peter

Thanks for answering.

- "therefore if the same Spirit enter into the human body in the 21st century, then the age of the human become the age of the Holy Spirit"

Do you mean, not just as old as when Jesus walked on Earth, but as old as the creator of the universe?
This is the first time I ever heard of something like that. How do you know this?

I assume that you are saying that the Holy Spirit entered into your body in the way that you describe. How do you know that is what has happened?

William G Peter's picture
Thank you for taking time to

Thank you for taking time to read & asking more clarity, When JESUS was here on earth He said to Jews, Before Abraham was, I'm in John 8:58 because of the fact that the Holy Spirit that exist even before Adam was ENTERED into Mary and Jesus was born and claimed as he was calculating his age based on the age of the Holy Spirit.

The same Provision was made available to the Christians on the day of Pentecost but the issue now is that the Christians who haven't received the Holy Spirit into their physical body but believes that the Holy Spirit indwells them which's just a believe but not real, if it's real then they would be able to describe as I described. Also Christians are asked to be a Witnesses in Acts 1:8 which invalidates their position as believers but nobody claims themselves as witnesses therefore they're not having a sense to claim as i described.

How do I know this? Good. I know because of my positions are these as Sinner, believer, serious believer then now I'm a witness of Jesus, so what prompted me to turn to be a witness from a serious believer?

Believe is an element of mind that function in brain, when I consider the instruction of CHRIST in the NT, I noticed his instruction is explicit that one must be a witness, not just a believer, if so I ponder that one can only become a witness by the reception of the Holy Spirit into the physical body. During my Bible study I discovered that the words of CHRIST is all about to make one to be a witness, when I have taken those words into my mind for a particular time I could not take a final call on those subjects b/c it seems contradictory such as believe & witness but I was firm there must be a breakthrough and i waited patiently with a faith on my LORD and after some days I realised there's a threat to the stability of mind in brain.

One fine morning I felt there's a quenching of Spirit in my head which was unprecedented and the Spirit departs like a water wave from my head but I was firm on my faith on my LORD as usual but suddenly I felt the threat to the stability increased and few times i tried to control there in the brain which has balancing capability but all those I never know before but the threat to stability gone too far beyond my control and suddenly I knelt and prayed an emergency prayer to my LORD, when I get up from kneeling there's Spirit depart from my head at the same time there's another Spirit ENTER into my physical body as an injection enters into the body which led me near to the well wherein there was a bucket of water was waiting and I led to take some water through my hands and poured out on my head and suddenly there was a sound like click, my stability restored back to normal as everything happened in a time of twinkling of an eye.

Few seconds I was led by the Holy Spirit to carry out these in my physical body and I know there's GOD indwells me and made me His temple fulfilling lot of scriptures from the Bible but I was thinking patiently for so many years, is there anybody ever gone through such events?

Therefore I know explicitly that there's GOD exist who became a man on this earth by name JESUS and I can prove by repeating what He did back then that's what He documented in Revelation so as to prepare a way for His return and I know pretty well that there's no power can destroy me as the temple of God as evidence that might be tested & verified. That's a reason i came to Atheist Republic to register my Proof of God of the Bible exist as I do with all other media.

Even if I have chance to describe in any Atheist forums or any other I'm ready to do it and Prove.

Thank you Again.

ThePragmatic's picture
Hi. I'll post my answer in

Hi. I'll post my answer in the new thread you created ( http://www.atheistrepublic.com/forums/debate-room/evidence-godjesus-21st... )

MCDennis's picture
I know what it means to be a

I know what it means to be a christian. I don't care. Most atheists I know were christians at one point

chimp3's picture
If Adam had sons who did they

If Adam had sons who did they marry and have children with?

SauronOfAkkad's picture
Their sisters.

Their sisters.

mykcob4's picture

Bullshit! The fact is the story of Adam and Eve is one of the worst constructed stories of all time. At one point they are driven out of Eden and low and behold they meet other people. Very fucking convenient!
Man being constructed out of mud is more plausible and one that permeates throughout the native Americas.
Creation stories are all bullshit and you well know it. All religions have to edit revise and adapt their fucked up myth whenever science makes more discoveries.

SauronOfAkkad's picture
Sorry but it's the answer. I

Sorry but it's the answer. I don't care if you want to call bull or not. Because you're simply wrong. This has been the understanding for a long long long long LONG time.

mykcob4's picture
It has been a LIE for a long

It has been a LIE for a long long time!

SauronOfAkkad's picture
Prove it. A lie implies a

Prove it. A lie implies a conscious effort to deceive.

mykcob4's picture
No no no you don't. The onus

No no no you don't. The onus is on YOU to prove your bible is fact. I didn't make up a god or any myths. I just point out bullshit when I see it!

SauronOfAkkad's picture
No actually, it's on you to

No actually, it's on you to prove your claim. Even if it was granted that the Bible were not historically accurate in regards to Genesis that would not prove that 1) The understanding that they mated with their sisters was held in ancient times was not held 2) That the writer(s) of Genesis lied(Intentionally deceptive) about the account.

So prove your claim that it is a lie.

chimp3's picture
Science has already proven

Science has already proven that we descended from a common ancestor of the chimpanzee. The story in Genesis is negated. Repeating that fairy tale amounts to lying.

Chris McDearman's picture
But how do you even affirm

But how do you even affirm that science is reliable? Have you any epistemological basis for affirming induction?


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