GOD of the Bible Exist but Why men unable to find? Here's a Proof.

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If Peter wants to hurt

If Peter wants to hurt himself to prove his god, SOBEIT! It is easy to make a claim while on the internet so it was an empty threat at best.

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I'm not hurt myself but you

I'm not hurt myself but you or those who say there's no God exist can try to hurt me as per Revelation 11:5 knowing its reprecurssions and come to know if there's God of the Bible exist or not, I simply challenge like Jesus back then in John 2:19. Therefore it's not empty threat but challenge for the 21st century.

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The Bible is not proof that

The Bible is not proof that god exists. That is circular reasoning.

What you call "close-mindedness" is our inability to accept on faith what you do without any actual proof.

Certainly, the theist glorifies in bandying around the words "proof" and "evidence", yet without providing any. Rather, they continually resort to the "you must have faith" spiel while quoting scripture as though it is the end-all to the conversation.


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