GOD of the Bible Exist but Why men unable to find? Here's a Proof.

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The results of scientific

The results of scientific experiments are.not verified by philosophical quibbling. They are verified by testing and repetition. Scientific evidence can be proven false. A philosophical argument can be both valid and untue.

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Resurrection of CHRIST are

Resurrection of CHRIST are waiting to be repetition that's what Proves existence of GOD of the Bible and CHRIST himself made his word in Revelation 11 so as to accomplish at an appropriate time, therefore REPETITION is possible that of Science when comes to God of the Bible.

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We begin with the axiom that our collective senses are a window on reality. If you reject that axiom, then you are a nihilist, and there is nothing left for us to talk about! If you accept evidence, then you must accept science in general, whose success in interpreting evidence is unparalleled. Science, particularly archaeology and linguistics, refute the Bible on many points. History refutes the Bible on some points. An ocean of contradictions exists in the Bible, mainly because so many different writers are involved over long periods of time. The Bible is a flat-earth book whose creation account in Genesis I is modeled after the Babylonian cosmos. The Bible has atrocious moral ideas. We could go on and on. Dennis McKinsey wrote a 500-page "Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy" devoted solely to Bible errors. He was once a preacher, so he knew his Bible forward and backward. He also ran a news journal that invited believers to debate the issues. I don't think you believe in the Bible anyway, so what's your point?

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Adam was created by GOD as an

Adam was created by GOD as an Immortal with a condition which he failed & lost, the same might be retained so as to become Immortal again that can be proved in accordance with a Biblical statement like jOHN 2;19 & Rev 11:5, Why do you only talk?Why don't you organise a meeting making awareness around the world over testing Immortality in the witnesses of CHRIST as of New Testament Activist's who challenge like CHRIST did back then?

Science discovers that mean science was blind earlier, Is that you say? Science discovers things already exist, similarly science should have to grow to discover so many other things, therefore find a way to grow so as to find God of the Bible exist.

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Great. God created adam or

Great. God created adam or vice versa. Fine. So now please provide the proof that this wild assertion is true

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What sort of a evidence would

What sort of a evidence would you accept? Would you accept evidence by way of explanation or a physical demonstration like Jesus did back then?

If you prefer explanation then it's here, the Holy Spirit made available in the world since 1st century which was indwelt among the Apostles and the same exist sen now & might enter into any human body so as to turn him to be an Immortal, the position Adam held once, please keep in ming that Adam was created as Immortal with a condition which he failed, thus lost Immortality and the same is vice versa now, therefore Immortality might be tested & verified for a Proof as New Testament Activist's are only 2 people as Immortals exist now, therefore what I'm asserting here is scheduled to proved in the times to come as True.

If you prefer physical demonstration then you should have to read Revelation 11the chapter, particularly verse 5 and act accordingly on the witnesses of Jesus as Immortals that might be tested at any time anywhere by making the world know about it before proceeding such a test & verification.

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The Bible is a work with all the Iron Age errors frozen into it. Science can grow with the evidence.

Dennis McKinsy wrote a 500-page book "The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy" that gives you a tour of the vast amount of error in the Bible.

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Bible is the book for all

Bible is the book for all time but you're not at all times, therefore you should have to read Bible pertaining to your time, so as to understand the past and future of the Bible are true, the issue is that you like people and Dennis Mckinsy doesn't understand these realities and look at the entire Bible and question certain events that has been mentioned while it's not apply for your time and come to wrong conclusions.

If I ask your date of Birth or DOB of Dennis Mckinsy, you would answer because you got those data from someone either from hospital records, parents or from relatives, I can argue reasonably that those records are forged, false and erratic and you have no other option to prove those days except to listen what has been given to you by others as i said, therefore it's not an issue to ponder but you are alive, therefore it's proved you were once born irrespective of your dob, similarly the Bible has been written by various peoples, obviously it's the record of various peoples & times and now it's available in your hands as Proof of those mentioned and if yo want to make sure if it's true or not then you should have an attitude as of mine and approached the Bible and God of the Bible would have given His Spirit to enter into your body, so as to come to know everything that has been written in the Bible is true but you missed out as millions of Atheists missed out.

In my article I have argued, why there's contradictions in the Bible? What's the purpose of it? You can go to it and read carefully and ponder patiently, after all be informed that the Holy Bible is capable to turn mortal man into an Immortal so as to prove to the world that God of the Bible exist as part of the return of Christ which's imminent because it has been correlated with the lives of the witnesses of Christ who exist in 21st c and no power can destroy them until all that has been mentioned in the Bible is fulfilled within the stipulated time. So, I'm sorry you & Dennis failed miserably.

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Also please be informed that

Also please be informed that People like Dennis Mckinsy are not having eligibility to deal with Biblical matters since they may be theologians, preachers, pastors, scholars but the Holy Bible didn't ask anybody to be theologians, preachers, pastors, scholars etc.,therefore they failed to understand the basic tenants of the Bible.

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Either their sisters ... or

Either their sisters ... or monkeys.

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@Peter "men merely would like

@Peter "men merely would like a cows & goats"

I would like a cow, but goats are just nasty. So are horses. They'll deliberately stomp on your foot. Kangaroos look cute, but they can be very vicious. They're probably angry about being left out of Noah's Ark. They also taste bad.

"Why do humans have such higher level of thinking?"

I think it has something to do with neurons and synapses. In one of his books, Carl Sagan noted that the expanded areas of the brain that give us higher mental processes, self-awareness and conscience, are also responsible for the difficulty of human childbirth. He saw an interesting parallel between that and the punishment inflicted on Eve over the apple from the tree of knowledge of goodness and evil.

I don't know where you're from, but you really need to get someone to edit your English. I can't understand most of what you're saying, and I've got a lot of experience dealing with non-native English.

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The OP is a bunch of bullshit

The OP is a bunch of bullshit with NO fucking proof what so ever. Try again junior!

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The Epic of Gilgamesh is a

The Epic of Gilgamesh is a poem - a long one more towards a story - of a demigod 2/3rds human, 1/3rd god, who is on a life search to attain immortality. Find it, read it and then you will understand from where the Book of Genesis was plagiarized. It's also 1800 years older than the biblical period. It's one of the best preserved ancient writings from that time and also includes the story that evolved The Fountain of Youth.

Peter's facts versus fantasies sojourn is fed off the latter's bible to conveniently bin the facts and flourish the fantasy. When a person wants to hope hard enough to prostrate himself in the face of logic, and all that theological thought's historicity evidences against it, he will. How people do this to themselves defies the laws of the physical world and shuts out its mortal implications. You have to be strong to embrace atheism, which asks neither favor nor acceptance from any one individual or collective. The weakness of theism necessarily implores all mankind to invoke a collective imagination in support of fantasy, which is all that remains of a world once its facts have been conveniently binned.

Peter cannot be resolved from within nor without. He is hopelessly hopeful and one of the thousands of soldiers of a fantasy that will guide him to design, build and employ the weapons of theism's blood-letting whether in word or in act.

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Peter, you need to prove that

Peter, you need to prove that a god exists, not simply assert it. And trying to support this claim by pointing to a book is laughably stupid.

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Wow! What a waste of time it

Wow! What a waste of time it is to read this post. Nothing proved, biblical circular reasoning. Terrible!

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Please remember that although

Please remember that although the ideas of Copernicus were revolutionary, his argument was basically circular.

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What evidence would you

What evidence would you accept that would make you know GOD of the Bible? I explained a lot but you're unable to understand and then if you want me to demonstrate GOD that's also possible by both of us to stick to Revelation 11:5 wherein you have to take action on me so as to prove GOD exist as I'm a witness of Christ invulnerable to weapons or anything that harm me since GOD indwells me, If you're unable to understand proof then this's what readily available to test & verify as described.

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There we have it Good People!

There we have it Good People! Peter believes he is invulnerable to weapons. This is what religion does to your brain. He is even offering himself as a test subject. What an idiotic thing to say in the 21st century.

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Yeah, that is very disturbing

Yeah, that is very disturbing.

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Peter is not believes b/c

Peter is not believes b/c Peter is a Witness of God, hence there's no need to believe. You guys wanted Proof of God Evidence but if I provide explanation you guys are not understanding, if I offer testing & verifying that also you guys says idiotic, what really you wanted? Do you know really what are you talking?

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Please Peter! Do not try to

Please Peter! Do not try to prove anything by putting yourself in harms way. That would be stupid because you will get hurt. We are here to argue about ideas only. There have been many martyrs and many gods who let them die. A gods thirst for human blood can not be sated.

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Wow...Peter has truly lost

Wow...Peter has truly lost his senses, I thought his ramblings were a waste of time to read, but now he has gone too far. Crazy....

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Read "On The Historicity of

Read "On The Historicity of Jesus" and find out that there is no evidence worth the name for any of the bullshit that jesus freaks put out. It's one more mystery cult to join all the others that were popular in the ancient world.

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Perhaps he read this book?

Perhaps he read this book?


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Peter, great question. What

Peter, great question. What good evidence do you have that gods exist?

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Bible is capable to turn

Bible is capable to turn mortal man into an Immortal which's an evidence might be tested and verified as per Revelation 11:5.
Thank you for asking evidence.

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Oh, bullshit! Th bible is a bunch or poorly thought out stories and folklore. The best use of the bible is to wipe your ass and it really isn't good for that.

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I do not believe in the bible

I do not believe in the bible. That said, just because science is law (and really, not all of it is) doesn't mean there isn't a "god" per se. Does it really matter either way? Should you live out your existence basing your actions on potential reward or damnation? Shouldn't doing the right thing be a personal choice? I can't fathom why someone would try to instill beliefs on another person. Resorting to violence because they are nonbelievers? I don't care if people choose to believe so long as it doesn't hurt a living, breathing, and conscious being. Really, isn't that enough?

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If it were that simple. Alas, it is not!

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Unfortunately most "gods" are

"I don't care if people choose to believe so long as it doesn't hurt a living, breathing, and conscious being."

Unfortunately most "gods" are pathetic, weak things that need their human devotees to defend them by killing, torturing, oppressing, and enslaving anyone who believes in a different god or no god. Allah is such a weakling that its very existence is threatened by someone drawing a cartoon of its so-called prophet. Only bloodshed can restore the balance.


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