God is a Clown

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God is a Clown

...in walks a wicked clown...

Hey Kid's, it's happy slappy time!

The History of the world we live in is a three ring circus shit show! Mankind uses their incredible ingenuity to destroy each other and destroy themselves. What a waste! What a joke! What a nightmare!

God is love and the most important commandment is to love your neighbor and do unto others as you would have them do to you. Yet God is the epitome of the word SERIAL KILLER...

Just read the Bible and see for yourself how he drowns man women and child, and commands his chosen people to commit Genocide not sparing man, woman, child, or animal, and burns civilians with fire and brim stone, not to mention turning a human into a pillar of salt for looking backward....having a man stoned to death for working on the wrong day of the week?!? GOOD GRIEF!!! WTF!

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Yup ive argued that point to

Yup ive argued that point to christians that try to tell me god is merciful and/or just.

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It's amazing how many

It's amazing how many Christians haven't actually even read their own bible, especially when compared with the percentage of atheists I've met that have.

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The title is very funny! A

The title is very funny! A clown should give laughter to the audience, did the god in the bible gave such?

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Yea greg when I read the

Yea greg when I read the bible for the first time I could not find a single sentence that was not contradicting the previous sentence in some way.
Unbelievably illogical.
After a few pages, I end up saying to myself, wtf I am wasting my time with this. In just a few pages I can write a book on contradictions.

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