God or no God?

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God or no God?

Hi there,
I'm a new member and as an ex pentecostal I now have had my eyes opened to the fact that there is no god but that took a lot of soul searching. If anyone can prove it to me I would turn again but I've been an atheist for a number of years now and have put the challenge put there to all my religious friends and up to now no one has been able to prove it conclusivly to me. So for me religion, especially christianity, is no proof of a god.
So there you go if anyone has anything that would prove it I'd be interested to hear from you but I know what the out come of that will be?

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What would you consider

What would you consider acceptable proof for the existence of God?

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There may be no proof of God

There may be no proof of God in your eyes, but I am curious is that makes the bible a true document. LOL

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The Bible is a very valuable

The Bible is a very valuable book. Not really as a religious book in my opinion, but as a history. I love reading the story of Moses. I have no doubt he existed, though he would not have had to speak to god in order to know the natural facts that he knew of the time. He had been adopted and raised as a brother to the very famous Egyptian pharoah Ramses and therefore was allowed to study the books of the Egyptian priests. Historians have found that the Torah of his time was actually written by his blood brother, Aaron, who most likely would have been the leader himself if he hadn't been born with a terrible speech impediment.

Like I said, the Bible is a good history of that culture and that time. However, in order to get the full impact of it, it's also important to read the Apocryphal books that have been removed from it over the course of time, and of course the other documents from surrounding cultures. It puts the whole thing in a much clearer perspective.

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Hey frontslider, how have

Hey frontslider, how have your friends tried to prove there is a God and where have they failed or why do you not believe them?

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As you know each and every

As you know each and every person on this planet have fear on one or the other thing, And fear is the evil in our mind ,And as the universal law states for every body their is an antibody, which is totally opposite the nature of body, So where evil exists as an body the God remains an Antibody .
God in my opinion lies in our body itself , which on the call of your need supports to fight evil(fear).

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I am not really sure what

I am not really sure what fear has to do with this. You believe in God or you don't, but I do find it interesting that you say God is inside us. That would mean that we would all believe in God since we, ourselves, do exist. Let's discuss. Interesting!

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I have here used the fear as

I have here used the fear as metaphor, Its an indication of evil, In hinduism ,they count all this fear,anger,addiction to the evil part that a person does when he looses all the good things in him.

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I'm an atheist myself and I

I'm an atheist myself and I really never find fear to be related to the existence of a god. Nor do I think that god can be inside us. It's just like what the Greeks said. "God did not create man, it is man who created God."

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Going along with what you

Going along with what you said, Serjaydee, I think people throughout history have used God and religious and a weapon

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What's worse is that they

What's worse is that they still do! I'm not anti-religion in essence, but I certainly do not like the way that many branches of major world religions still use their influence to convince people to do things that they would otherwise deem morally offensive, like bomb abortion clinics and vote to undermine the rights of others.

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I believe what I see and

I believe what I see and would like to, so I feel "God" exists in peaceful and happy human beings with characteristics of kindness, love, humanity and all that we call good things.

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There are so many

There are so many interpretations of what god is. To some ideologies we are god. To others god is just the force of nature. And to the most romantic he is actually an entity that watches over us and takes care of the world. But that last option is the dumbest one. This god that is suppose to watch over us, is also allowing way too many unjust things in this planet.

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frontslider, there's no

frontslider, there's no conclusive proof that there is God. But then again, there's no conclusive proof that there isn't. I think it boils down to what one believes, in my opinion. It's the belief that exists more than anything. The actual existence of a G/god is almost irrelevant in a way. Whether one believes in a G/god or not, he/she/it either exists or not and doesn't come to existence or seize to because of what we do or don't believe.

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I think aged people have an

I think aged people have an better understanding about god than any another person do.
Its because they have seen heart taking moments which made them to believe in god.

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No-one can or will prove it

No-one can or will prove it to you. But it's not about proof, it's about faith.

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Yes, as I said in the other

Yes, as I said in the other forum, there are not scientific proofs, it's only a matter of faith...You do want to believe in god's existance...

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You should be personally

You should be personally convinced of God existence to even benefit in the after match of your convince...so, if someone here could have just convinced you today, it doesn't make a different still in your life because you are not personally convinced which is the bed rock of the Christian Faith. Self convince!

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I respect other people's

I respect other people's belief. I'm not a religious type of person but I believe that there is some kind of powerful energy that commenced everything in the universe. Something beyond evidence, explanation and wisdom.

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