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The week, and the 7 days

The week, and the 7 days constituting it are arbitrary human constructs. Nothing in nature dictates a 7 day week, or does it dictate the concept of a week (in any form). A 7 day week is just traditional, and it is a very ancient tradition that predates Judaism. The fact that we still follow some ancient traditions should not be shocking to any one. I think I could give a better argument for god's existence, and I'm an atheist!

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No you cant actually because

No you cant actually because anything Atheist people have that involves science, Christians have a counterargument for it in the Bible

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The Bible is a collection of

The Bible is a collection of fairytales written by desert goat herders back in the Bronze Age. Since you cannot prove your gods existence, your might comfort yourself with the circular reasoning of faith. On the other hand, you could open your mind like Rachel Slick daughter of Matt Slick (head of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry) and consider real evidence.

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I do not see ChildofGod even

I do not see ChildofGod even capable of doing any kind of reasoning.

Else he would have come first with an apology for claiming such a stupid thing about the days of the week coming from the bible.
It only takes 5 seconds on Google to prove him wrong.
A person that can utter such nonsense in this way is not worth our time.

These kind of people are best ignored until they display some kind of basic common sens.

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I am actually a she. And

I am actually a she. And google is full of crap that try to cover up everything in the Bible. Atheists believe in science and that everything was created from the big bang. If thats the case then tell me how did everything that we have here in this world, in this universe, come from something that was supposed to be nothing. That there makes no sense. Scientists say that in the beginning there was nothing then all of a sudden a big bang, where did that something come from if it was originally nothing

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Child, if your expectation is

Child, if your expectation is to be taken seriously in a debate forum, then perhaps you should educate yourself considerably more before submitting arguments concerning science.

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see you only say that because

see you only say that because you dont have facts to support it. i do

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I couldn't agree more.

I couldn't agree more.

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Ok then tell me or explain to

Ok then tell me or explain to me why all these kids who grew up in atheist families, like akiane kramarik, explain how since her parents never talked about religion to her how she was able to paint a portrait of Jesus and some random kid who she has never met seen the picture online and tell his dad who exactly the guy was in the picture. Explain to me how that is possible. They had the same vision at the same age of the same thing. Science is a LIE and a way to cover up the truth, THAT GOD'S NOT DEAD

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"Science is a LIE and a way

"Science is a LIE and a way to cover up the truth"

That sums up your position well. And makes sense on some level. Believing that science is a lie is the only way I can think to reconcile your beliefs with the modern world. Of course it has its own problems, in that apparently lying leads to cars, airplanes, medicine, and computers; and the "truth" gives you 100% confidence in iron age scriptures.

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First of all it is not a portrait of Jesus, no one knows how Jesus looked.
Second of all, the fact that she comes from an atheist family shows that god prefers atheists to comunicate :P, so don't be a theist.
Third of all, your interpretation of Akiane kramarik visions is so biased that you could drown in your own bias.

Maybe her imagination or consciousness enables her to feel or see things normal people don't.
We have savants that make our geniuses look pathetic.
The power of the brain is still an unknown topic.

Claiming god out of unusual things is pure arrogance and stupidity.

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Ok so your saying that that

Ok so your saying that that picture if a lie, that she just randomly decided hey let me paint a picture of what I think Jesus looks like. No, the little boy who saw heaven, his family is Christian he was able to point out Jesus' picture, point out his dead great grandfather, his sister who was never born, I mean I guess that was all fake right

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You would have to be able to

You would have to be able to prove that the individuals in question had no access to pictures to influence their memory. Bad argument, just because they came from Atheist homes does not eliminate their exposure to seeing pictures.

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LOL....Jeff beat me to the

LOL....Jeff beat me to the punch.


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